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Learn every single step of a strategy study through detailed maps with partner-led video/audio explanations

After diligently working through our streamed engagement videos, a member will be able to walk into any strategy / operations / implementation / BTO / big data assignment and complete the study with confidence.

We break down a strategy study into maps so you may follow each part of the study. Each step is presented as a video explaining the work done, why it was done, how it was done and best-practices. There is no more detailed and effective strategy training program anywhere in the world.


We focus on teaching fundamental skills. Therefore, if a study is set in sector x, anyone in any sector will learn the foundational skills to develop problem statements, hypotheses, structure analyses and lead a full consulting team anywhere in the world.

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Curated completed studies. No empty templates.

Problem statement. Hypotheses. Analyses Structure.

Watch the video and use the editable slides

Charters. Timelines. Project Logic. Expectations Exchange. Influence the client. Learn from the videos and use the slides in your work.

View interactive strategy maps
Follow a full McKinsey et al. Engagement
Market entry strategy study
Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study
Realistic Training
Analyses arranged by week so you can focus on the team and client using our detailed guides. On the right is an overview of the 1st eight weeks of the Corporate Strategy & Transformation Program. An ongoing program.
  • How do I retain the privilege of serving this client? 70 Days . 34 videos

    How do McKinsey and BCG partners write successful proposals? The partner could use two styles depending on his relationship with the client and the nature of the work proposed. This section shows the style used for new / competitive clients.

  • How do I stuff and structure this study? 70 Days . 10 videos

    Large corporate strategy transformation studies are not run like a typical 5- person case analysis. These large studies are both McKinsey and BCG’s specialization. Learn how studies with 15 to 20 consultants are staffed, managed, governed and completed to the highest standards.

  • Week 1: 17 April - 23 ApriL 5 Days . 15 videos

    What does Day 1 look 2 like on this study? Why interview Empire 3 Energy & Empire Int. leadership? Why have an initial 7 workshop with Empire Int. Supp. Services team? What should be the structure of the workshop? May I see the focus questionnaire? How should the project 11 room be laid out?

  • Week 2: 24 April - 30 April 5 Days . 39 videos

    1st Study Steering Committee Update: Introduction. What should be my strategy for this presentation? Who does the communications work if the partner is presenting? What should my pre-presentation strategy be? Do I require a decision from this meeting?

  • Week 3: 1 May - 7 May 5 Days . 22 videos

    Why is client training such a significant part of this study? Why set up change 3 management training for the client joint teams? How in-depth must the training be?

  • Week 4: 8 May - 14 May 5 Days . 104 videos

    MOST CRITICAL STEP IN THE STUDY: Executive Visioning Workshop.
    In this critical workshop we will teach you how to weave together insights from 5 areas to finish the two most important steps of a corporate strategy study: isolating the key question and choosing a market to pursue. This step teaches you how to develop critical insights when detailed numerical analysis cannot be used

  • Week 5: 15 May - 21 May 5 Days . 21 videos

    2nd Study Steering Committee Update. Do I need a pre- presentation strategy for this meeting? Why is the value analyses such a major part of this update?  Is value analyses a separate stream or a sub-stream of strategy?

  • Week 6: 22 May - 28 May 5 Days . 28 videos

    3rd Study Steering Committee Update. Do I require a decision from this meeting? Do I require a pre- presentation strategy?

  • Week 7: 1 June - 7 June 5 Days . 15 videos

    4th Study Steering Committee Update. How are tax, audit and IT issues taken into consideration? Do I require a pre- presentation strategy? Do I require a decision from this meeting?

  • Week 8: 8 June - 14 June 5 Days . 34 videos

    5th Study Steering Committee Update. Do I require a decision from this meeting? Do I require a pre- presentation strategy?

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