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The MasterPlan Acceleration Program

“To each there comes in their lifetime a special moment when they are figuratively tapped on the shoulder and offered the chance to do a very special thing, unique to them and fitted to their talents. What a tragedy if that moment finds them unprepared or unqualified for that which could have been
their finest hour.”

Winston Churchill


VIP level (6 months + additional access/deep dive one on one coaching). Special price (conditions apply) $14,995: Apply for VIP Now

Elite level (3 months of access). Special price (conditions apply $5,995): Apply for Elite Now

Installment options are available (outlined below).

Unfortunately, many professionals are ignored, miss out on promotions, or feel they are on the wrong path and not living up to their potential. This results in feeling frustrated and under-appreciated. We have tested strategy tools and blueprints that allow our clients to stop being ignored, get promoted or start their own business, and find a greater career and personal fulfillment, and a higher level of contribution.

The MasterPlan Coaching Program is a group-mentoring program where we work personally with you to help you develop and start implementing YOUR MasterPlan. This coaching program is designed to help clients with the guided implementation of our most popular Insider program, the MasterPlan program. In the MasterPlan program, we cover the critical skills and strategies we developed for our most successful executive coaching clients and give you a blueprint to significantly alter your career.

Imagine the power of getting personalized guidance and coaching aligned with your unique situation, as you are developing your MasterPlan and start guided implementation.

We are putting together a small cohort of group coaching clients. This program makes coaching with us accessible to a broader group of clients.

As one client recently said:

If Michael had been my mentor from high school, I would be a President by now. Share on X

What makes this program different?

How did we train Andrew to go from senior manager to senior equity partner in 3 years? How did we help Fei outperform her peers at a major PE firm? How did we coach CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies? How do we simultaneously manage so many studies to such high quality of insights? Why do we take on such punishing work?

In the span of few years, on top of everything else we are doing as part of FIRMSconsulting’s core priorities, we also have co-founded an electric car start-up in China, a luxury brands business in Europe, a news business, and we also co-own a precious metals mine.

These ventures are core to our mission of teaching business strategy in a compelling manner. Because we meticulously track the development, tactics, strategies, meetings, finances, and trials and tribulations of every single business, to produce detailed training programs.

I get asked this question a lot: How do we achieve so much and to such high levels of quality while remaining so energized? This program answers these questions. We will help you build YOUR master plan.

We designed this program to completely reinvent and revive your career. This is a program about doing big things. Things that you would not believe were possible.

We have condensed all the key lessons from our most popular programs and, based on member feedback, provide more advanced tools and techniques.

Productivity is not about how much you can do to a high level of quality. That is a myth that harms your career. To be successful in life you should not build a career around your competitive advantages in life. That may lead to very average career. Too much planning may paralyze you. Too much education may paralyze you.

You need to know when is enough and move forward.

You do not need a fancy degree, or any degree, to be successful in business. You just need to be in a career or pursuing an idea. Success comes from doing a few things consistently well.

Tatiana had a Wharton MBA and struggled to get her business moving until we completely changed the way she managed herself, then her team, and finally her business.

This coaching program will be hard but if you stick to it your results should be no different from that of the clients above.

This program explains how we keep our performance high and how we help clients keep their performance high, and it is based on us having personally advised CEOs of multi-billion dollar companies.

Maintaining a high level of performance is NOT about simply having the problem-solving skills of a McKinsey, BCG et al. partner. It is about MORE than communication and leadership skills. If you want to operate at our level, and the level of our most successful executive clients like Andrew, Richard, Fei, Chetan, and Tatiana, and CEO clients, then you should try to get in and be a part of this rare opportunity to not only watch The MasterPlan Program but to personally work with creators of the MasterPlan program and get individualized guidance and coaching applicable to your personal situation.

It can literally change your life.

Objectives of the program:

  • More clarity on the Massive Transformation Purpose (MTP aka vision)
  • Develop a MasterPlan/the critical path/blueprint for your career and life
  • Start a guided implementation of your MasterPlan with our coaching
  • 6 months (VIP)/3 months (Elite) challenge towards the result YOU want to accomplish, with milestones and accountability
  • Identifying your assets (competitive advantage vs. comparative advantage)
  • Help you understand and break down limiting beliefs, limited mindsets, old patterns, and bad habits that may be holding you stuck
  • Dealing with personal circumstances and how to have a balance between career/business growth and personal life/taking care of your health/family/community
  • Getting results
  • A support system and an opportunity to establish a life-long network, and potentially friendships with other accomplished professionals in a deliberately small select peer group

It’s an opportunity for an elevation in your position, getting consistent guidance and support on your journey, gaining clarity on the vision, learning from other accomplished professionals.

This program was co-designed with some of our closest clients. Here are paraphrased descriptions of this program from our clients that you may find helpful. However, please don’t allow those descriptions to limit what this program can do for you …

  • “It’s a group of people that want to create some very large change in their life. They either do know what it is or don’t know what it is. They don’t want to waste tons of time figuring out things without guidance and mentorship. There’s a bunch of learnings that are out there and coaching that can help them avoid making the wrong moves for them. And then once they are somewhat clear on where they want to head towards, of course, there’ll be nuances they go about learning, helping them avoid the pitfalls that often they would have fallen into along that change.”
  • “It’s not going to be a program for too junior of a person… Looking at our career as if it’s four quarters of a sports game. And starting at the age 25 to 35, that’s the first quarter. And age 35 to 45, that’s the second quarter. 45 is halftime… and 55 is the end of the 3rd quarter and 65 is game over. Now, that sounds a little harsh, but just looking over 10-year spans, this is probably a program for somebody who’s approaching that halftime. Still has a third quarter, fourth quarter. How we can use the experience gained from the first half of the game to be able to really create a high magnitude impact in the 3rd and 4th quarters of the game.”
  • “A way to get structure, encouragement, and action towards your big life’s goals.”
  • “Learn and apply MasterPlan Program tools to launch something big in the next decade. You’ll identify your purpose; pick your unique 10 filters to evaluate every opportunity; identify your role models; and make big progress in your Phase 1. Plus you’ll get support from FC partners and motivated, mid-career Insiders who are also launching something big.”

Step 1: Read the full details below.
Step 2: Apply for VIP level (6 months + deep dive one-on-one coaching). Apply for Elite (3 months).

A unique 4-part structure

THANK YOU to our FC Insiders for Your Feedback!

You asked to introduce a focused career coaching program. You asked for mentorship opportunities.

We listened.

Here’s the 4-part structure we’re going to use to make the MasterPlan coaching even BETTER than any one-on-one program we ever offered …


  • We also call these results clinics.
  • Exclusively for MPC Members.
  • Guaranteed personalized attention from Michael/Kris.
  • Interactive SPG/touch-point with Michael/Kris, giving individual feedback to participants as they progress through the critical path outlined in the training program, with a goal of progressing towards their goal.
    • You will complete steps of the critical path leading to your goal.
    • We review your progress/material submitted/your questions during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd results clinic of the month, and provide personalized feedback.
    • You have an opportunity to get your individual questions answered during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd results clinic of the month.
    • Have a decision to make? You can get our perspective to help you make the decision. If you are stuck with not knowing the best approach to follow, you can get guidance in the SPG.
    • You can call in from a hotel room, airport lounge, or your home office. We will select a time that is the best compromise for the whole group.
    • Regular SPG calls allow you to have consistent feedback as you are progressing through the critical path outlined in the training program.
  • Can’t attend some sessions live? Submit your questions to review, we’ll answer it during the results clinic session and you’ll get our feedback in the VIDEO REPLAY.
  • Watch us mentor other participants, and learn from them and alongside them.
    • You will see the feedback we offer them and see the progress they make.
    • You are not just learning from your feedback, but from all the members on the call – shorten your learning curve.
    • This is of greater value than you may realize and real breakthroughs often come from an idea triggered by listening to feedback for another participant.
  • Troubleshoot your most pressing career issues and goals.
  • Ensuring participants do not get stuck or stagnate. Clients said they need bi-weekly or at least monthly interaction with us to use our formidable tools and methodologies to help them maximize the results they can achieve. The duration of the sessions depends on what participants need. We break our overall executive coaching group into multiple small groups to ensure high impact sessions for each participant.

What are the Dates?

You tell US!

Vote on time and day of the week options. Approximately Saturday or Sunday 10am PST on most weeks, so you can take the call in private and without stress. We will pick the best compromise time for everyone, including Michael.

$36,000 VALUE for VIP and $18,000 VALUE for Elite. Tuition fee for this program? See below


  • Career transformation critical path taught as training lessons.
    • This career approach/method/steps can be applied to all careers from strategy to operations, to digital, to start-ups, to government. While we are known for helping clients become senior rainmakers in consulting, our executive coaching clients very successfully applied our approaches outside of consulting.
  • A clear outcome. Designing YOUR unique MasterPlan and critical path and starting guided implementation so you can start gaining momentum.
  • Complete your work for each step and use small private group coaching sessions (results clinics) to accelerate your progress and results.

$7,000. VALUE. Tuition fee for this program? See below


  • Elite: 55 minutes strategy session with Kris.
  • VIP: monthly 55 minutes deep dive strategy call with Kris (6 strategy sessions during the duration of the program).

$6,000 VALUE for VIP and $1,000 VALUE for Elite. Tuition fee for this program? See below


  • Critical path downloadable resources to help you work through the program effectively.

$3,000. VALUE. Tuition fee for this program? See below


180 Days (VIP)/90 Days (Elite) of Personal Mentorship with Michael/Kris to help you transform your career.



(3) ONE-ON-ONE STRATEGY SESSION(S) WITH KRIS (monthly 55 minutes deep dive strategy call for VIPs/one 55 minutes session for Elite)


Like-Minded Community & Support

… To help you get even Bigger Results and Faster Results…


Small Private Group Coaching Sessions/Results Clinics ($36,000 VIP/$18,000 Elite)

Training Program of the Entire Career Transformation Process ($7,000)

One-on-one strategy session(s) with Kris ($6,000 – six 55 minutes strategy sessions – VIP)/$1,000 – one 55 minutes strategy session – Elite)


Exclusive Community (Priceless! At least $2,000)

Downloadable Resources ($3,000)


$54,000/$31,000.00. Tuition fee for this program? See below

We are creating 2 levels to make the program more accessible. Pricing:

Apply for VIP: 6 months of access to coaching and guidance plus deep dive one-on-one coaching (monthly 55 minutes deep dive strategy call during the duration of the program). We are offering a special price for clients who are willing to support us with a video testimonial if they find the program valuable. And if you pay upfront there are additional savings. The upfront price under this special condition for VIP is $14,995. However installment option is also available (below). Apply Now.

Installment options for VIP:

Option 1:

Payment of $4,997 this week.


6 payments of $1,995 by 10th of each month during 6 months period.

Option 2:

Payment of $2,997 this week.


6 payments of $2,450 by 10th of each month during 6 months period.

To apply for VIP with an installment plan complete the application here and then once you are on the payment page use the link above to make a payment using an installment option of your choice.

Apply for Elite: 3 months of access to coaching and guidance as described above. We are offering a special price for clients who are willing to support us with a video testimonial if they find the program valuable. And if you pay upfront there are additional savings. The upfront price under this special condition for Elite is $5,995. However installment option is also available (below). Apply Now.

Installment option for Elite:

Option 1:

Payment of $1,995 this week.


3 payments of $1,650 by 10th of each month during 3 months period.

To apply for Elite with an installment plan complete the application here and then once you are on the payment page use the link above to make a payment using an installment option.

We are filling in the seats now. If you are inclined to embark on this journey apply above. If you have any questions email [email protected].

Terms and conditions apply. If for any reason the seat can’t be allocated, we will initiate the refund within 3 business days.

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