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The Authority Based Business Mentoring & Coaching Program

The Authority Based Business Program

“My need at this time is how will I establish myself as an expert and, leveraging that, how can I move forward for the Green card.”

This client gets it. That is the actual quote from a client with whom we discussed this program. He could see the link between becoming a recognized authority and getting a green card. This remains the only visa category where: No labor certification is required. No job offer or permanent job position is required. Self-petition is allowed. All visas are current. This is what becoming an authority can do.

Once he becomes an authority, within the confines of his visa rules, he can build an authority-based business. Other clients have done this as well, under our guidance. Here is a big insight.

You must build your authority while you are employed. It is the fastest, most beneficial, and most effective way to do it. Done correctly, as we will teach in the program, you and your employer will benefit. You must set up the pieces of your business and business model such that they can be activated as soon as you leave your employer if that is your wish. If you spend time building your authority after you leave your employer, it is often a much harder process. It can take years to learn what is needed.

Building an Authority-Based Business (a business built around one’s expertise) has allowed me to both pursue my dreams while giving my family stability.

It goes without saying that building an authority-based business will work even if you do not need to worry about your visa status.

Many of our clients are the most driven, hardworking, and talented people in their entire country, let alone their organization. They often immigrated on their own and studied at good universities in the West, where they displayed outstanding academic achievements. They are willing to work incredibly hard and smart. They are the ones who are at our results clinics for hours on Saturdays or Sundays while all their colleagues and family members are having fun. They are spending their evenings and weekends honing the skills that will make them even stronger leaders.

They go home sometimes after a difficult day, week, or year, wondering if there is a better way. If they work so hard, shouldn’t they be rewarded more?

Yes, they should.

And they can.

Apart from a few exceptions, like having a family member who will ensure your financial security, there is no quick path to financial independence. And our clients are smart enough not to seek out those paths. They understand that if they work hard, focus their energy in the right direction, and get expert guidance, they can achieve results that others who traveled that path before them could achieve. 

While running your own business, there are no more limits on your success. You no longer have a boss who decides how much you should be paid, how many vacation days you can have, which opportunities you should pursue, and if you are allowed to go see your child’s school activity today. 

People who will not achieve their goals are not good at fighting the temptation to do nothing.

Our clients are different.

Right now, you may be thinking, maybe one day I will start my own business. My experience shows that one day, more often than not, means never. If you don’t start your business in 2023, in parallel with continuing your full-time job, you probably never will. 

Yes, maybe it will be financially easier to do this when you are older and your kids are all grown up, but every season has its pros and cons. One thing is for sure. You are never going to be younger than at this very moment. Which most likely means you are never going to have more energy and drive than at this very moment. And you are definitely never going to have more time on this earth to build something of impact… than at this very moment.

And 10 years from now, you may have received a few promotions, or at least a few marginal raises to help keep your compensation aligned with inflation. But you will likely still be working for someone else. And you will likely still be a replaceable tool in your organization’s toolkit, breaking your back for someone else and making someone else’s dreams come true.

Becoming an owner

Most of our clients are working for large companies and are very good at what they do. However, many of them do reach a point, especially after going through our mentoring programs like The MasterPlan, when they realize the possibilities of running their own business and being the owner and investor, rather than an employee, are significantly more attractive.

With that comes a question. How do you figure out the critical path needed to build a business, what business to build, where the mines are buried, which activities would be a waste of time, and which activities are on the critical path? And what do you not know that you do not know? Wouldn’t it be nice to have trusted mentors who have traveled this road before, and are still in the game every day, to guide you?

Most business people “Dabble” in their businesses. Our clients don’t want to “dabble.” They want our guidance and support so they can go through the process faster and get better results.

The truth is this: all business people that I know that did incredibly well did so because they learned from many who came before them, succeeded, and were WILLING and ABLE to share that knowledge in a systematic and effective way. And those people succeeded because they learned from those who succeeded before them and were WILLING and ABLE to teach what they knew. And so it goes on. 

You did not figure out the English language on your own. You learned it and you can build on it by figuring out how to use it in creative ways. In the same way, you will NEVER live long enough to learn everything you need to know about business on your own, trying to figure things out by trial and error. 

This is why this program was created. To help those clients who are ready to start a path towards becoming owners. It doesn’t mean they are immediately resigning and working on their business full-time. I started my business while working full-time. So can you, provided you manage all the contracts and agreements you may already have in place with your employer and other parties if applicable.

You may be wondering, what is an authority-based business? You can also call it Expert Based Business. I came up with this description of the kind of business we have been building here at FIRMSconsulting for over 12 years. It is a business built around founder authority. It is also the type of business that is lower risk, has higher margins, is extremely mobile, and very rewarding. And our clients, given that we work with some of the most driven and talented people in the world, are a great fit for the kind of people who should be building authority-based businesses.

We will be sharing the FIRMSconsulting system, which we also use with clients with whom we are building start-ups, on how to go through each step of the initial business-building process. Building a business allows you to achieve financial stability and freedom if you put in enough time, effort, and work into it.

This program will show you how you build an authority-based business step by step, with a long-term view.

Now with an authority-based business, as with many other career paths, there are 3 skills that you CAN’T outsource. You can’t delegate it. You can’t decide NOT to develop those skills.

Those skills are:

#1 – Ability to speak.
#2 – Ability to write.
#3 – Ability to think.

We assume that you have foundational knowledge and ability in each of those skills. And we teach all of those skills in our other programs. For example, we cover “the ability to speak” in depth in Speak Without Limits / Executive Presence and Communication coaching program, which you can apply for. We cover the ability to think and write in The Masterplan mentoring program, The Consulting Sales Rainmaker Program, and Insider & Legacy).

Program Levels

The Authority-Based Business program requires at least a 12 months runway. If it was easy to build a business, many more people would have one. The 12-month program is broken into 2 phases. Phases 1 and 2 lay out the initial foundation for a business.


VIP level FULL YEAR participation (phases 1 and 2). 12 months of results clinics with Kris and Michael, monthly 1:1s with Kris, and other training and resources described below is $29,997. Apply for VIP FULL-YEAR participation now. Apply for VIP FULL YEAR Now.


VIP phase 1(6 months + additional access / 6 x 55 minutes deep dive 1:1 mentoring sessions). Includes initial steps of the program. The special price (conditions apply) is $14,995. Apply for VIP Now.

VIP level phase 2 – After completing phase 1 (first 6 months), if there is capacity you may be offered an opportunity to extend to phase 2 (not guaranteed, subject to availability). You can secure participation in phase 2 by selecting VIP full-year participation above.

Recommended add-on: Optional highly recommended add-on (6 additional 1:1 55 minutes deep dive sessions with Kris). This, in combination with the base VIP participation, allows for 2 x 1:1s per month. Add-on cost: $5,997. Add this add-on.


Elite level (3 months of access. Initial steps in building a business). Special price (conditions apply $5,997): Apply for Elite Now.

Installment options are available (outlined below).

An expert path to Immigration

As someone who immigrated 3 times in my life, I am part of a group that I call professional immigrants. Meaning, I am really good at navigating the steps needed to pick up my life and move to another country where I don’t know anyone, and build a professional career. I can also call myself a professional immigrant because I am considered to be highly skilled and highly educated. I worked at top consulting companies in the world, where I received accelerated promotions. I was a corporate finance director at a top-3 Canadian bank where I managed a portfolio of over 1 billion dollars and received an accelerated promotion. I run a very successful business that influences strategy thinking and management consulting around the world.

I moved for a better life four times. I first moved to Moscow, which is hard to do without the right residency permit even though I am Russian. That was not a successful trip at all but I kept at it. In fact, it was harder than any of my 3 moves to another country. I then moved to Africa. I moved to North America. And within North America from Canada to the USA. And I also moved between cities within some of those countries. For example, in the US I lived in Las Vegas, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

I had no relatives in any of those countries, no mentorship or guidance. I had no friends to meet me at the airport and no community on which to rely. When I first immigrated my pianist diploma was not even recognized and could not even be found in the educational certification database. It was as if I did not have any education and I had to start from scratch.

Even the paid legal help was often a nightmare which ended up costing me time and money to fix. Yet, I had to do it because I had to take care of several family members. When I started my journey, there were times when I did not eat lunch to save money and wore older clothing with holes, including shoes. I still remember the burgundy shoes I had in Africa with holes in the sole. No one could see the holes, but I could feel them.”

H1B / green card:

Quitting is often not any easier. Moving back to our home countries is often a difficult option. Many immigrants study in the West, like me, and often take on expensive student loans. They need to stay and work in the West to pay down these student loans since their employment prospects in their home countries do not pay enough.

In the US, the H1B visa is a lottery. It’s a competitive process where most will not get a visa. Those who do get it often need to stay with their employer. Their employer may or may not file a green card application. The green card approval may take up to twenty years. I read that 200,000 Indians will die of natural causes before their green cards are approved.

Think about that. 200,000 talented and generous professionals who are very hardworking, and making tremendous sacrifices to care for their immediate and extended family, will not live their full lives.

Many cannot buy homes for fear of having a firesale so that they can leave the country within the time limit, should they lose their jobs, to avoid being banned. For this reason, I rented for a long time. By renting, and not buying, we give up the primary method to build wealth: equity growth in a home. We have to build wealth with the best option often out of our reach for a very long time. Children may age out of the process. Spouses often cannot work. It’s tragic that most H1B holders who lose their jobs did not do so due to poor performance. Technology companies, for example, simply changed their strategies and decided to cut costs in the face of rising interest rates.

I believe my life was painful and I do not want others to go through that. What changed everything for me was picking a skill, becoming an authority in that skill, and building a series of businesses around that skill, with the right business model. In my case, it was business strategy and leadership. Just this year I was recognized as one of the top 30 business thinkers in the world alongside the likes of Gary Hamel, Tom Peters, John Kotter, etc. My books are used all over the world, including as prescribed reading at universities. I am a Wall Street Journal, USA Today, and Amazon bestselling author. My articles have been featured pieces in journals. My videos and podcasts are streamed in over 150 countries. People seek me out.

I am the business. It’s not like I own a restaurant and someone else could run the restaurant, and cut me out. The value of the business is my name and this is a significant advantage. I am the brand. I am the product.

Since my business is built around me and my primary skill, it is highly mobile. This makes me highly mobile. I could live anywhere in the world. I can travel anywhere in the world. I can give my family the support they need. When my father lost his job, my mom needed special expensive treatment and pills, and my brothers and sister needed care, it was not difficult for me to support them. I even invested in my fathers’ business and could afford to take that loss. I take care of my extended family monthly to ensure they can afford good food and other things to make their life comfortable and more enjoyable.

As an immigrant, I will always have some worries. I have lived in a world where everything collapsed or when a currency plunged overnight. So, I know what is possible. A dystopian world for me is not what I experience when I watch an HBO show. I lived in a dystopian world when the Soviet Union collapsed. I can never forget that. Yet, I now have the ability to plan for this and be prepared. I am not tied to an employer and I am not spending my weekends trying to understand if a performance review committee is going to promote me. I do not hope for a bonus or salary. I have control over my time and what I earn. I can, and often, turn away clients. I could never do this with an employer. I work where I want to work and how I want to work.

Most importantly, many professional immigrants told me they are making all these sacrifices so that their kids and future generations have a better life, and their families at home have a better life. It is tragic to think that millions of the most ambitious and talented people who took the risk of moving are willing to effectively put their dreams on hold for others.

Imagine the difficulty of doing this alone, by yourself.

We have systems for everything we do; developing our unique intellectual property, books, podcasts, coaching, slides, videos, and more. We have spent time over more than a decade trying different things to know what works. If you do this alone, it would take many years and a lot of money to know what works and does not work. You would have to research every step for every task. Often pay for a guide, test it, see if it works, try another guide, and repeat the process. Then once it works you have to perfect it. Perfection is an iterative process when you are working alone.

Think of something as simple as sending out emails to clients. That is a large part of building a business. You will have to learn how to write emails that work. You must choose a definition for what is a successful email. Build systems to grow your email list. Build systems to send out emails. Build systems to automate the process. Build systems to take clients on a journey of working with you. Respond to emails. That is just for emails. There are many things you will need to master. It quickly becomes overwhelming, tiring, and costly. The cost of trial and error is enormous.

I know because I have been through this. Working with Michael and I will greatly compress the learning curve.

While we will work together to lead this program, Michael will focus on how to package your authority for clients. Think of the way we explain and teach strategy, for example, versus others in this space. We have a unique way of doing it. We could have done it in other ways but we made a choice to do it this way. He will also focus on legal issues, financial issues, and business models. I will focus on finding the area where you will have authority, the business side, and everything else. In this program, you will build businesses like us, with us.

Who is right for this program?

This program is for you if any of the below are applicable:

  • You want to be an expert in your field.
  • You want to build a business and business model around being an expert.
  • You need/want and willing to work to create semi-passive to passive income.
  • You care about your level of contribution, and you want to make a positive impact in the world.
  • You tend to feel you are not well compensated for your level of contribution and the value you create.
  • You don’t feel particularly happy with people bossing you around.
  • You are interested in exploring an expert immigration path.
  • You want to be the CEO of your own business and ultimately create something that can be a part of your legacy and may even be passed over to your children.
  • You want to achieve a higher level of composition/income for yourself and your family.
  • You know you can do big things in your career and business if you can get guidance from people who are in the trenches and who already did what you are trying to do and helped other people achieve the goals you have.
  • You are willing to work with us to help you build a business around your expertise.
  • You are aware that it is a long-term play, and you are not expecting to get rich quickly with little work.
  • You understand that building your business around your expertise takes time. And you are willing to put in an honest effort and work with us to help you get results.

A unique 4-part structure

THANK YOU to our FC Insiders and Legacy Members for Your Feedback!

You asked to introduce focused career mentoring programs. You asked for mentorship opportunities.

We listened.

Here’s the 4-part structure we’re going to use to make the Authority Based Business mentoring program even BETTER than any one-on-one program we ever offered …


  • We also call these results clinics.
  • Completing during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd week of the month. Weeks may shift but we have 3 SPGs per month.
  • Exclusively for mentoring program members.
  • Guaranteed personalized attention from Michael/Kris.
  • Interactive SPG/touch-point with Michael/Kris, giving individual feedback to participants as they progress through the critical path outlined in the training program, with a goal of progressing towards their goal.
    • You will complete steps of the critical path leading to your goal.
    • We review your progress/material submitted/your questions during the 1st, 2nd and 3rd week of the month (weeks may shift but we have 3 SPGs per month), and provide personalized feedback.
    • You have an opportunity to get your most critical question answered during the results clinics.
    • If you are stuck with implementing the steps in the program, you can get guidance in the SPG.
    • You can call in from a hotel room, airport lounge, or your home office. We will select a time that is the best compromise for the whole group.
    • Regular SPG calls allow you to have consistent feedback as you are progressing through the critical path outlined in the training program.
  • Can’t attend some sessions live? Submit your questions to review, we’ll answer them during the results clinic session and you’ll get our feedback in the VIDEO REPLAY.
  • Watch us mentor other participants, and learn from them and alongside them.
    • You will see the feedback we offer them and see the progress they make.
    • You are not just learning from your feedback, but from all the members on the call – shorten your learning curve.
    • This is of greater value than you may realize and real breakthroughs often come from an idea triggered by listening to feedback for another participant.
  • Troubleshoot your most pressing business development issues and goals.
  • Ensuring participants do not get stuck or stagnate. Clients said they need bi-weekly or at least monthly interaction with us to use our formidable tools and methodologies to help them maximize the results they can achieve. The duration of the sessions depends on what participants need. We schedule 1-2 hours dependin gon the size of the group but it is not uncommon for sessions to go way over, and sometimes all the way to 4 hours. The duration is impacted by number of participants on the call as our goal is to set up programs designed for sufficient support to help clients get results.

What are the Dates?

You tell US!

Vote on time and day of the week options. Approximately Saturday or Wednesday at 10 am PST on most weeks, so you can take the call in private and without stress. We will pick the best compromise time for everyone, including Michael.

$36,000 VALUE for VIP FULL YEAR / $18,000 VALUE for VIP/ $9,000 VALUE for Elite. Tuition fee for this program? See below


  • Authority Based Business transformation critical path taught as training lessons.
    • This Authority-Based Business approaches/methods/steps reveal the critical path we developed for building a business over 12 years of running FIRMSconsulting.
  • Replays. Full program is released over 12 months of mentorship (VIP Full Year). Shorter mentorship periods (VIP and Elite grant access to a portion of the program relevant for that particular level.
  • A clear outcome. Building an authority-based business so you can start gaining momentum and set a strong foundation for a business with a long-term view.
  • Complete your work for each step and use small private group coaching sessions (results clinics) and 1:1s to accelerate your progress and results.
  • Additional 9 months of access to the training series and replays of all small private group coaching sessions after the coaching program ends, in case you need a refresher.

$15,000 VIPs FULL YEAR/$7,500 VIPs/$3,500 Elite. VALUE. Tuition fee for this program? See below


  • Elite: 1 x 55-minute strategy session with Kris.
  • VIP: monthly 55-minute deep dive practice and strategy call with Kris (6 x 55-minutes strategy practice/strategy sessions during the duration of the program). An optional add-on with an additional 6 sessions package is strongly recommended.
  • VIP FULL YEAR: monthly 55-minute deep dive practice and strategy call with Kris (12 x 55-minutes strategy practice/strategy sessions during the duration of the program). An optional add-on with an additional 6 sessions package is strongly recommended.

$6,000 VALUE for VIP/$1,000 VALUE for Elite (without add-ons). Tuition fee for this program? See below


  • Critical path downloadable resources to help you work through the program effectively.

$3,000+. VALUE. Tuition fee for this program? See below



360 Days (VIP FULL YEAR) / 180 Days (VIP) / 90 Days (Elite) of Personal Mentorship with Michael/Kris to help you transform your career.



(3) ONE-ON-ONE STRATEGY SESSION(S) WITH KRIS (monthly 1 x 55-minutes deep dive strategy call for VIPs FULL YEAR and VIPs (plus optional add-on at an extra fee for additional 6 sessions is recommended)/one 1 50=5-minutes session for Elite)


Like-Minded Community & Support

… To help you get even Bigger Results and Faster Results…


Small Private Group Coaching Sessions/Career Clinics ($36,000 VIP FULL YEAR/$18,000 VIP/$9,000 Elite)

Training Program of the Entire Career Transformation Process ($15,000 VIP FULL YEAR/$7,500 VIP/$3,500 Elite)

One-on-one strategy session(s) with Kris ($12,000 VIP FULL YEAR/$6,000 VIP/$1,000 Elite)


Exclusive Community (Priceless! At least $2,000)

Downloadable Resources ($3,000+)


$68,000 VIP FULL YEAR/$36,500 VIP/$18,500 Elite. Tuition fee for this program? See below

Tuition fee

The tuition fee for The Authority Based Business coaching program VIP FULL YEAR is $68,000.00+ $29,997 per member for qualified and approved FC Insiders and Legacy members. Options for lower levels (VIP 6 months and Elite), as well as installment options, are explained below.

This price does not reflect the value and ROI.

  • What is the value of charting your own future?
  • What is the value of getting on a path towards financial freedom and personal freedom?
  • What is the value of securing financial security, and in some cases even financial peace, for you and your family?
  • What is the value of being able to create owner roles for your children so they never have to beg for a job?
  • What is the value of being truly independent in your career and business?
  • What is the value of contributing to the world at a higher level?
  • What is the value of leaving a bigger legacy?
  • What is the value of securing a seven-figure income, and beyond, if you are willing to work hard and understand it is a long-term play?
  • What is the value of being the go-to person for clients in your niche to fix their most important issues?
  • What is the value of being referred by industry leaders due to the quality of your work?
  • What is the value of feeling you are finally getting closer to living up to your potential?
  • What is the value of not depending on your bosses to promote you and increase your compensation, or give you opportunities for growth?
  • What is the value of being the CEO of your own firm and building a system to establish a sustainable successful business?
  • What is the value of expanding what you believe is possible for you?
  • What is the value of getting yourself into position of selecting clients you want to work with?
  • What is the value to be guided personally by me and Michael, not some low level coaches that are usually going to guide you in most coaching programs like this. One person sells the program, but they are not accessible. Here are we are not delegating work with our clients to low level coaches to have bigger margins. Kris and Michael personally work with clients as part of this program.

However, we are trying to make this accessible for as many FC Insiders and Legacy members as possible.

We are creating 3 levels to make the program more accessible. Pricing:

Apply for VIP FULL year participation (12 months):

12 months of access to coaching and guidance plus deep dive one-on-one coaching (monthly 55-minutes deep dive strategy call with Kris during the duration of the program). We are offering a special price for clients who are willing to support us with a video testimonial if they find the program valuable. And if you pay upfront there are additional savings. The upfront price under this special condition, without the add-on, for VIP FULL YEAR is $68,000.00+ $29,997. VIP FULL YEAR Now.

Apply for VIP (6 months):

6 months of access to coaching and guidance plus deep dive one-on-one coaching (monthly 55-minute deep dive strategy call during the duration of the program. Optional add-on at an extra fee for another 6 sessions is strongly recommended). We are offering a special price for clients who are willing to support us with a video testimonial if they find the program valuable. And if you pay upfront there are additional savings. The upfront price under this special condition, without the add-on, for VIP (6 months) is $36,500 $14,997. Apply for VIP Now.

Recommended add-on: Optional highly recommended add-on (6 additional 1:1 55-minute deep dive video sessions with Kris). This, in combination with the base VIP participation, allows for 2 x 1:1s per month over 6 months period. Building a business is a lot of work so this additional time will help us go more in-depth and get further along the critical path. Some additional steps will also be provided for you to do between the sessions to further amplify the results of the training. Add-on cost: $18,500 $5,997. Add this add-on.

An installment option for the base fee is also available (below).

Installment options for VIP:

Option 1:

Payment of $4,995 this week.


6 payments of $1,995 by 10th of each month during 6 months period.

Option 2:

Payment of $2,995 this week.


6 payments of $2,450 by 10th of each month during the 6 months period.

To apply for VIP with an installment plan complete the application here and then once you are on the payment page use the link above to make a payment using an installment option of your choice. If you select the installment plan the team will bill your card on file as per installment schedule.

Apply for Elite:

3 months of access to coaching and guidance as described above. We are offering a special price for clients who are willing to support us with a video testimonial if they find the program valuable. And if you pay upfront there are additional savings. The upfront price under this special condition for Elite is $68,000.00+ $5,997. However installment option is also available (below). Apply for Elite Now.

Recommended add-on: Optional highly recommended add-on (6 additional 1:1 55-minute deep dive video sessions with Kris). This, in combination with Elite, allows for 2 x 1:1s per month over 3 months period, plus one extra session. Building a business is a lot of work, so this additional time will help us go more in-depth and progress further along the critical path. Some additional steps will also be provided for you to do between the sessions. Add-on cost: $5,997. Add this add-on.

Installment option for Elite:

Option 1:

Payment of $1,995 this week.


3 payments of $1,650 by 10th of each month during 3 months period.

To apply for Elite with an installment plan complete the application here and then once you are on the payment page use the link above to make a payment using an installment option.

We are filling in the remaining seats now. If you are inclined to embark on this transformational journey apply above.

If you submit your application please email [email protected] to let us know you submited your application so we can make sure it is reviewed promptly. If for any reason the seat can’t be allocated, we will initiate the refund within 3 business days.

Terms and conditions apply.

Want to learn more about how FIRMSconsulting
can help your organization?

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