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To find and nurture the next generation of management consulting leaders who will make a lasting values-based impact on the profession by solving mankind’s most pressing problems, and to build the Firm which attracts the finest educated professionals by constantly embracing the cost of our values.

Firmsconsulting difference: We exclusively use principals and the most distinguished former partners, including former McKinsey and BCG worldwide practice leaders, to train our clients – no other firm in the world does this. We have a highly selective admissions process and publish factual, independent, and at times challenging views on management consulting. Yet, our single greatest point of difference is our value system on which we never compromise, and impart to all our clients.

Our Heritage: Firmsconsulting was founded in 2010 and is defined by the seven values through which the Firm is run. We have successfully placed ~1,000 professionals across 38 countries into McKinsey, Bain and BCG, and we continue to guide their professional development.

We insist the Firm be held to higher standards than the clients we serve at McKinsey & Company, Bain & Company and the Boston Consulting Group. We further insist our clients at these firms be held to the same high standards and routinely prescribe behavior.

We follow the ‘15/85’ guideline whereby we accept no more than 15% of applicants. We eschew advertising, participation in media endeavors or undertaking sponsorship to build our brand. Our focus on our clients’ best interests, we never disclose client identities, has resulted in 92% of our relationships developed via some form of referral.

Our Firm is recognized around the world for our commitment to the representation of our clients’ interests. We will tell you the truth as we see it even if it strains the relationship. We believe a trusted advisor puts the needs of his client before the revenues from said client.

We have played a central role in how consultants are hired, how consultants are trained and how consultants manage their careers. We are not, and will never strive to be, the largest Firm defined by revenue or other financial metrics. Our goal is to be the Firm of choice for clients with respect to their most important career decisions. We exist for the sole purpose of cultivating and curating a discrete network of influential leaders in business, government and academia.

We greatly value discretion and operate on a principled belief that client relationships are best cultivated by non-solicited referrals.

Our singular focus on career advisory means we forego short-term revenue enhancing distractions while purposefully seeking to reinvent our core business for our clients benefit. We believe that maintaining a true partnership of the finest educated and trained ex-partners is the single best manner of ensuring today’s partners focus on one consistent management philosophy: ensuring the Firm they transfer to tomorrow’s partners is in a more enduring condition than that which they inherited.

Kris Safarova, Managing Partner

[email protected]

Kris is a partner responsible for managing the firm and cultivating the network of McKinsey, Bain, BCG et al former-partners who develop our online on-demand video/audio training. She is also responsible for all corporate and government client relationships and is the executive producer of all content on the site.

Kris holds the unique distinction of being hired as a business analyst at a major international consulting firm, at age 26, despite not possessing a university degree. She was thereafter promoted twice within 17 months of joining the firm. She led strategy studies in Europe and Africa where she presented to CEOs, boards and billionaires.

After consulting Kris completed a BComm from UNISA, cum laude, and a Richard Ivey MBA, with Distinction, where she was editor of the Public Sector Review. Kris thereafter became a banker on Toronto’s Bay Street where she was promoted within 6 months of being hired and eventually left as a Director in corporate finance.

Kris served as a master classical concert pianist and an official music ambassador of the Russian Federation, and holds a diploma in classical piano from DG Shatalov State Musical College.

See Kris’s full biography here.

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