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We invest only when invited and do not solicit opportunities.


We deploy ex-McK, BCG, et al. partners to build the business.

Record the process

We record the entire process.


We publish the recordings as training videos/podcasts/books/slides.

Streaming Media

Those streaming videos/podcasts/books/slides comprise the media side of our business.

Building Real Businesses

Electric Car. Digital Miner. Luxury Atelier. Digital Bank. And more.

+6,300 VIDEOS

of training available to our members worldwide


curated study slides, proposals and more.


distributed worldwide and ranked top 5-10 for strategy


number of downloads and streams for both our podcasts and members-only content


reported by members over a 5-year period when self-reporting changes in salary divided by membership fees


on teaching advanced strategy by ex-McK, BCG et al. partners

Do you aspire for more than what society had intended for you?


Find the toughest business problem


Fix the problem


You’ll be promoted

We choose to work with /ɡo͝od/,[noun] people who understand that making a difference requires noble intentions and commitment.

We are not a business. We are a philosophy. We believe ethical business is the highest professional calling. This is our core value. We believe investing, problem-solving, strategy, communication and leadership, are arts requiring creativity, judgement and fundamental critical thinking skills. Our library of strategy training is the world’s largest OTT strategy streaming training platform.


We publish exclusive books, and through +450 podcasts host the #1 ranked channels for strategy and management consulting. We are unique in only using ex-McKinsey, BCG et al., partners to produce all our content.


Through >6,300 episodes across +49 programs partners teach you how to transform your career by solving complex strategy, operations, implementation, leadership, career, start-up, digital etc. problems.


Our most popular programs run >270 videos offering an unparalleled level of guidance and granularity.

We are not a

“We are very lucky to have our members. These people are very special. Many of them are self made. Nothing was handed to them. They worked hard all their lives, studied and succeeded, and now they’re rewarding themselves with the ability to be even more successful. They are very nice and modest people.


Being a part of their inner-circle is just an enormous privilege.”


Kris Safarova
Presiding Partner

To find and nurture the next generation of leaders who will make a lasting values-based impact on the world by solving mankind’s most pressing problems, and to build the Firm which attracts the finest educated professionals by constantly embracing the cost of our values.

Battle-tested knowledge

We apply our extensive consulting experience to take over, launch and/or grow meaningful businesses. We capture all our steps, insights, analyses and lessons and you can follow us along. Our training is underpinned by a rigorous understanding and testing in the real world. We move beyond analyses and exhibits to understand the psychological, emotional and institutional barriers that prevent leaders from leading and businesses from growing. Our work is not theoretical. All our work is original thinking.


We do not summarize and repackage knowledge from other sources. We study issues, trends, economics and best practices to produce tools our members can use at 8 am on Monday morning to excel at their careers.


Our work is published extensively in videos, podcasts and books and used by leading organizations around the world, including by elite consulting firms.

We don’t just teach.
We don’t just advise.
We don’t just invest.
We are operationally involved.

Advanced Strategy & Leadership Training

Aspire for more than what society had intended for you.

Most of our programs, all hosted by ex-McKinsey, BCG et al. partners, teach the skills to solve tough business problems, transform troubled businesses and accelerate careers. We teach the fundamental skills to solve complex problems and generate real and measurable improvements in businesses and careers. Below is only a sample of our programmes.


The Bill Matassoni Show, Kevin Coyne on Competitive Strategy, How to Become a McKinsey Partner: 1st Time Ever Revealed, etc., are part of the Titans of Strategy Series. This groundbreaking series of 12 programs and counting teaches how the most eminent partners in the history of consulting solve problems. All shot in 4K, often within iconic landmarks.


We help executives to transform their careers and achieve significant career goals. We document each tool, technique and plan, every meeting and every obstacle along the way. These programs usually run over 2 to 4 years and consist of >500 episodes per executive. You can follow the work we did for Andrew to help him become a practice leader and senior partner, from a stalled career at a senior manager level, within 3 years at a major international professional services firm.


We rapidly grow businesses. We document every step of the process so you can understand what we did and replicate the process either in your own business or while building a new business at a large company. We launched a Digital Luxury Start-Up, an Electric Car Start-Up in China, a Digital Gold Miner and a Cosmetics/Skincare business.


Having worked with numerous successful executives around the world, we also distill the lessons from some of our most accomplished client successes into 10-episode programs where the insights can be implemented in under a month. We call these the 21 Day Format and these include the programs on Deep Insights, Finding Mentors, Rebooting a Stalled Career, How to Sell In Consulting, , How to Be Productive & Get Big Things Done and the most in-demand program ever, The MasterPlan program.

Our Heritage

We exclusively work with the most distinguished partners, including former and current McKinsey, BCG et al. worldwide practice leaders. We have a curated content production process and publish advanced, exclusive, and leading training programs. Yet, our single greatest point of difference is our value system on which we never compromise, and which impart to all our members.


Founded in 2010, we are defined by the seven values through which the Firm is run. Each day our programs are streamed in >150 countries and mentor thousands of members worldwide in leading organizations like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Morgan Stanley, Goldman Sachs, DE Shaw, Blackstone, TPG, KKR, Google, Netflix, Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, GE, Ford, General Motors, Tesla, The World Bank, Deloitte, PwC, KPMG, EY, The Office of the President in 5 countries and more.


Our focus on our members’ best interests has resulted in most of our relationships developed via some form of referral. We greatly value discretion and operate on a principled belief that relationships are best cultivated by non-solicited referrals.


Our Firm is recognized around the world for our commitment to the representation of our members’ interests. We will tell you the truth as we see it, even if it strains the relationship. We believe a trusted advisor puts the needs of his client before the revenues from said client.


We have played a central role in how leaders are hired, how leaders are trained and how leaders manage their careers. We are not, and will never strive to be, the largest Firm defined by revenue or other financial metrics. We are values-based, and not value-based. Our goal is to be the Firm of choice for members with respect to their most important decisions. We exist for the sole purpose of cultivating and grooming a network of influential leaders in business, government and academia who are working on solving the world’s most difficult problems.


Our singular focus on helping our members solve complex problems means we forego short-term revenue enhancing distractions while purposefully seeking to reinvent our core business for our member’s benefit. We believe that maintaining a true partnership of the finest educated and trained partners is the single best manner of ensuring today’s partners focus on one consistent management philosophy: ensuring the Firm they transfer to tomorrow’s partners is in a more enduring condition than that which they inherited.

Solve mankind’s toughest problems.

What we do

We believe in the power of critical thinking, creativity, and storytelling to teach our members to solve mankind’s toughest problems.

We believe in the power of critical thinking, creativity, and storytelling to teach our members to solve mankind’s toughest problems. Our mission is documenting our investments to produce original long-form content to empower a loyal, hardworking, inspiring, well-meaning and ambitious worldwide audience to solve the most important problems and, as a result, make a positive and meaningful impact on the world.


Our members make a difference because they aspire for more than that which society had intended for them. They do not confuse aspiration for ambition. They choose the latter. They act.


We provide a full range of content development, financing, marketing and distribution services for wholly owned educational programs, documentaries, feature films, and podcasts teaching business strategy, problem-solving, critical thinking, communication, leadership and entrepreneurship streamed in >150 countries 24/7 through feature-rich Apps and websites.


At any given time >1,000 unpublished episodes are in post-production. Our digital properties include StrategyTraining.com and FIRMSconsulting.com. Our apps include Strategy TV, StrategyTraining and Bill Matassoni A Memoir.


In addition, we own some of the world’s most popular business strategy and case interview podcast channels with >4.2 million downloads and counting, and the world’s largest business strategy OTT platforms with >6,000 episodes of original programming distributed on iOS, Android, Roku and Apple TV.


We have financed, packaged or distributed more than 45 premium programs through our wholly owned OTT platforms, including The Electric Car Start-Up, The Digital Luxury Atelier, The Gold Miner, Competitive Strategy with Kevin P. Coyne and The Bill Matassoni Show.


Our programming is analytically and conceptually deep, in that we dig into the numbers and details to help you understand the economics at work, and help you replicate our thinking. The US Marketing Entry Study and The Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study, with >270 videos each, are programs used worldwide to understand the nuances of restructuring a retail bank and turning around a troubled power utility.


In the scripted space, we create original content combining entertainment to deliver business teachings. Our publishing arm releases original books on strategy, business and critical thinking, such as Marketing Saves the World by Bill Matassoni, McKinsey’s former senior partner and world-wide head of marketing, Succeeding as a Management Consultant, Mavis, Turquois Eyes, The Strategy Journal and more.


We teach business and critical thinking skills to children and young adults, with original and entertaining novels and programming merging entertainment and business training. We believe children and young adults will have a formidable advantage in life if they start learning to think like a strategy partner early in life. STEM skills should be complemented with critical reasoning skills. It should be strategy, science, technology, engineering and mathematics.


We invest in and have exposure to the world’s fastest growing market segments and market geographies, including the BRICS.