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Gain access to FC’s private knowledge management system and download the very same files we have used in our consulting studies, winning >$1 million consulting proposals, bestselling books, flipcharts, and the consulting skills training programs on StrategyTraining.com.

There are three ways to access our knowledge management system

    1. $2,988 / year. Online read-only. The Consulting Vault.
    2. $9,997 / year. Download PDF copies. The Consulting Vault Pro.
    3. Price per document. Download editable PPT files. Digital Downloads.

Full Consulting Studies

    1. Tech M&A Merger Strategy Study (222 slides): more
    2. Market Entry Strategy Study (252 slides): more
    3. Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study (679 slides): more
    4. Competitive Strategy Study (116 slides) (Editors Choice)
    5. Operations Strategy Study (355 slides) (Editors Choice)
    6. Digital & IT Strategy Study (148 slides)
    7. Market Entry Screening & Ranking (304 slides) (Editors Choice)
    8. Mechanization Optimization Business Case (98 slides)

Consulting Methodologies

    1. Organization Design (6 slides)

>$1 million Consulting Proposals

    1. Proposal Template
    2. Feasibility Strategy Proposal
    3. Digital & IT Strategy Proposal
    4. Infrastructure Sustainability Proposal
    5. Pandemic Forecasting & Quantification Proposal
    6. Beer Pricing E6
    7. FDS DSM Funding Proposals E6
    8. Marketing Proposal E6
    9. Portfolio Optimization E6
    10. Store Rationalization Proposal E6
    11. Presentation Skills Training v7
    12. Critical thinking, problem solving, strategy and internal communication improvement training V6
    13. Manufacturing Quickstrike E1
    14. SAP Change Management Proposal E2
    15. Industrial Team-Based-Org. Rollout Proposal_E2
    16. Industrial Team-Based-Org. Rollout Proposal. Detailed_E2
    17. Knowledge Pack. Developing a CPG Product_Marketing Strategy E2
    18. FIFA 2022 Marketing Sponsorship Strategy_E2
    19. Business Transformation Proposal_E2
    20. Tech M&A Phase 1 Proposal_E2
    21. Phase 1 Turnaround & Transformation_E2
    22. Reorienting the Business Around Customers_E2
    23. Corp. Strategy & Transformation One Finished
    24. Corp. Strategy & Transformation Two Finished
    25. Corp. Strategy & Transformation Implementation
    26. Retail Banking Strategy Update & Way Forward
    27. Retail Banking Strategy Update & Way Forward Implementation
    28. Creating a Product Team – The Forum
    29. Implementing the Product Team Model – The Forum
    30. Implementing Portfolio Management Proposal
    31. Sell on Proposal

Consulting Layout Guides

    1. Consulting Project Client Update 1
    2. Consulting Project Client Update 2
    3. Consulting Project Client Update 3
    4. Consulting Project Client Update 4
    5. Layout Guide 1
    6. Layout Guide 2
    7. Charter
    8. Timeline
    9. Project Logic
    10. Model Architecture
    11. Problem Statement & Decision Tree
    12. Metric & Target Drivers and Levers
    13. Hypotheses
    14. Analysis Plan
    15. Storyboard
    16. Expectations Exchange
    17. Model 1-page description
    18. Model economic engine architecture
    19. Model process
    20. Study Staffing & Structure
    21. Study Governance
    22. Project room layout
    23. Issue Maps
    24. Weekly Update Meetings
    25. Focus Interviews
    26. Shadow Study
    27. Benchmarks
    28. Case Studies
    29. Financial Analyses
    30. Mid-point Review
    31. Team Temperature Check
    32. Benefit Chart
    33. Opportunity Chart
    34. Quick Wins
    35. Implementation Plan

Consulting Flipcharts

    1. Strategic Project Prioritization Workshop
    2. Strategy Scenario Planning Workshop

What does each engagement contain?

While each engagement is different—averaging between 150 and 500 slides—they are all structured as a series of updates to the client so our members can see how the engagement developed. FC Insiders will be very familiar with our unique approach to structuring engagements from StrategyTraining.com. Each engagement contains most of the following sections, though there will be some differences between engagements.

Executive Update 1

      1. Objectives
      2. Timeline
      3. Engagement logic
      4. Analysis structure
      5. Executive Summary
        1. Focus Interviews
        2. Focus Groups Interviews
        3. Initial Hypotheses
        4. Initial Business Case
          1. Financial decomposition
          2. Benefits levers
      6. Supporting Appendices

Executive Update 2

  1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
  2. Executive Summary & Initial Findings
    1. Top-down business case
      1. Financial review
      2. Value gap analysis
      3. External benchmarking
      4. Internal benchmarking
      5. Total opportunity
  3. Stream findings
  4. Stream hypotheses

Executive Update 3

  1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
  2. Bottom-up benefits case & Initial recommendations
    1. Finding per stream
    2. Opportunity charts
    3. Benefits charts
    4. Cumulative benefits
  3. Implementation Plan
    1. Engagement plan, logic, timelines and resourcing
    2. Stream charters, timelines and resourcing
    3. Pilot

Executive Update 4

  1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
  2. Recommendations
  3. Pilot implementation
    1. Initial quick-win results
    2. Next phase of the pilot

What does each proposal contain?

Elite firms can, and usually do, produce simpler proposals. The brand recognition of the firm typically leads to the sale, not because the proposal is unique. Our proposals are different because we have many boutique firm clients who need proposals with distinctive methodologies to differentiate themselves from larger firms. Therefore, where possible, our proposals contain:

  1. A distinctive approach/methodology
  2. Timelines
  3. Suggested pricing/resourcing based on a premium practice in the US

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