At StrategyTraining.com we believe in the power of logic, reason and a compelling narrative to teach our clients to solve mankind’s toughest problems. We work with only the most eminent BCG, McKinsey et al ex-partners to produce exclusive, distinctive and engaging strategy, operations, case interview and implementation digital audio+video training programs that teach clients in over 150 countries to solve the most pressing problems facing mankind: restructuring a national power utility to avoid blackouts, building an electric car start-up, helping a foreign bank enter the competitive US market to serve the underserved, and many more programs. We teach fundamental skills to structure problems, develop hypotheses, develop business cases, think like a strategy partner, develop a career plan, influence leaders etc.

Motivated and armed with our training and focus on ethics, our clients are tackling problems that matter to the world. They make a difference because they aspire for more than that which society had intended for them. They do not confuse aspiration for ambition. They choose the latter. They act.


Imagine if Netflix was dedicated solely to teaching strategy, operations, implementation, case interviews etc., through engaging and original programs. That is us. You pay a monthly fee to access thousands of episodes and use them as much as you want.

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The Consulting Offer

Watch ex-McKinsey, BCG partners et al teach case interviews to place 6 real candidates at McKinsey, Bain & BCG
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Unlimited access to The Consulting Offer and Executive Program
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Executive Program

Learn strategy, operations and implementation skills without working at the elite firms
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TCO Intro

Watch Felix, TCO Season 1, prepare for her case interviews with McKinsey, BCG & Bain over an 8-month period
$ 57
/user/month (billed monthly)
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Kevin Coyne Teaches Competitive Strategy *
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Building an Innovation Division *
Partnership: Becoming a Partner before 30 *
Corp. Strategy & Transformation Study *
How to Develop Big Insights *
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The Start Up: Building an Electric Car *
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EMBA/Experienced Hire Case Interviews *
Insights from Case Interview Coaching *
TCO IV: Watch Assel Join McKinsey
TCO I, Case Interview Coaching Solutions
M&A Tech Merger Study
1st 90 Days in Consulting: Henri St-Pierre
Business Case Analyses Training
TCO III: Watch Zach join the Big 4
TCO III: Watch Jen join MBB
TCO II: Watch Michael Prepare for Cases
TCO II: McKinsey Senior Partner Kevin P. Coyne
TCO I: Watch Sanjeev join BCG
TCO I: Watch Felix receive an offer
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TCO I: Watch Rafik Prepare for Cases
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