A case interview is the interview process management consulting firms like McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte S&O et al use to screen and hire applicants. Case interviews test the interviewees’ ability to solve business problems in a structured and logical way, using business judgement to draw conclusions and offer recommendations when all the required information is not available.

Ex-Partners of the major firms like McKinsey et al are best placed to train case interviewees since partners make the final hiring decision in the final interview. We use ex-McKinsey, BCG et al partners to train our clients. FIRMSconsulting is unique because we are the only case interview preparation service worldwide to use ex-partners. Recruiters, business analysts, associates and engagement managers do not make the final hiring decision. They only screen resumes and conduct early case interview rounds.

On this site you will find ex-partners training real people like Felix, Sanjeev, Rafik, Samantha, Alice Qinhua Zhou, Michael Klein, Jen Nwankwo, Zach Steinfeld, Assel etc. for case interviews, video/audio recording the entire case interview training process and placing them at the major firms. We deliberately pick participants with tougher profiles: previously declined, lacking brand name schools, limited business knowledge, away from the workforce for years, older profiles etc.

You can watch the video recordings and learn alongside them. We call this program The Consulting Offer and we have placed participants at McKinsey, Bain or BCG. The placement rate is much higher when we include the placement numbers for other great firms like Deloitte S&O, Strategy&, Roland Berger etc.

We teach from first principles. We do not recommend memorizing frameworks and we teach all our clients the ability to develop bespoke frameworks for each case. Our goal is to help you not only receive an offer, but to be a successful consultant whom will go on to have a great career beyond McKinsey or BCG.


The majority of our programs, all hosted by ex-McKinsey, BCG et al. partners, teach advanced strategy. We teach the fundamental skills to solve complex problems and generate real and measurable improvements in your career. Below is only a sample of our strategy programmes.

The Bill Matassoni Show, Kevin Coyne on Competitive Strategy, How to Become a McKinsey Partner: 1st Time Ever Revealed, etc., are part of the Titans of Strategy Series. This groundbreaking series of 12 programs and counting teaches how the most eminent partners in the history of consulting solve problems. All shot in 4KHD. Within iconic landmarks.

We produced detailed videos breaking down every step of a typical study. Each study documents every analysis, every meeting and all the training required to understand the work done and complete studies to the level of the leading consulting firms. Each study contains 250 to 400 videos explaining each step, and our most challenging studies exceed 600 videos, and over 2,000 slides once they are completed. Studies include The Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study, A Typical McKinsey Engagement and the Market Entry Study. There are more.

We are retained by executives to transform their careers and achieve significant career goals. We document each tool, technique and plan, every meeting and every obstacle along the way. These programs usually run over 2 to 4 years and consist of >500 episodes per executive. You can follow the work we did for Andrew, to help him become a practice leader and senior partner, from senior manager, within 3 years at a major international professional services firm.

We partner with long-term clients to launch businesses. The goal is to create training programs to show you how to apply the skills of a strategy partner to plan, launch and build a business towards sustained profitability. We document every step of the process so you can understand what we did and replicate the process either in your own business or while building a new business while employed at a large company. We launched a Digital Luxury Atelier, an Electric Car Start-Up in China, a Digital Gold Miner and a Cosmetics/Skincare business.

Having worked with numerous successful executive coaching clients around the world, we distill the lessons from some of our most accomplished client successes into 10-episode programs where the insights can be implemented in under a month. We call these the 21 Day Format and these include the programs on Deep Insights, Finding Mentors, Rebooting a Stalled Career, How to Sell In Consulting and the most in-demand program ever, The MasterPlan program.


Case Interviews + Strategy

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Case Interviews Intro.

Watch Felix, TCO Season 1, prepare for her case interviews with McKinsey, BCG & Bain (recorded over an 8-month period).
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Kevin Coyne, ex-McKinsey Partner, How to be Influential & Make an Impact
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Case Interviews: TCO I: Watch Rafik Prepare for Cases
The Bill Matassoni Show, ex-McKinsey Partner
Kevin Coyne, ex-McKinsey Partner, How to Solve Big Problems
Kevin Coyne, ex-McKinsey Partner, Teaches Competitive Strategy
Kevin Coyne Teaches How to Become a McKinsey Partner, 1st Time Revealed
DETAILED: Market Entry Strategy
DETAILED: How McKinsey et al Runs an Engagement: ***Recommended***
DETAILED: Corp. Strategy & Transformation Study
Building a New Practice: Andrew: ***Recommended***
Partnership: Becoming a Partner before 30
How to Develop Big Insights
How to Find A Great Mentor
How to Sell, While Facing Discrimination
How to Reboot a Stalled Career
The Turnaround & Restructuring Study
The Start Up: Building a Digital Luxury Brand
The Start Up: Building an Electric Car
Implementation of an Operations Strategy
(Re) Building a Consulting Practice
Big Data & Machine Learning Strategy Study
Digital & IT Strategy Study
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