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Kevin P. Coyne

Ex-McKinsey Partner


Andrew’s Journey


The MasterPlan Program


Funding to Launch


A Preeminent Store


Ex-McKinsey/BCG Partner


8-week Studies


Tools and Strategies

01 / 01

Detailed methodologies and explanation videos to solve complex leadership / business problems

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01/ 05

Every problem in business has a precedent. Every problem has a recommended approach. There is even a recommended approach for creative and new solutions. There is a recommended approach for soft skills as well. We distill those methodologies for our members.


Whether it is a process to run a strategy workshop for a CEO, the letter to accompany a proposal or the approach to estimate an answer, this is what we teach. We present step-by-step approaches that have been used and developed by the most respected former partners in management consulting.


We teach methodologies that leaders can use when they are under intense time pressure to arrive at an answer with limited data.

01 / 01

Techniques and skills developed and used by partners to collectively advise >100 Fortune 500 CEOs

01/ 05

There is a difference between solving a problem alone versus with a team and/or in front of a senior executive. In the latter, which is how our members typically work, there is great pressure, intense scrutiny and the need to constantly communicate and put the audience at ease.


We teach best-practices that work in the real world. We teach the soft skills to implement them. We teach what is required to convince a factory of 1,000 employees to adopt new management skills all the way to the skills to convince a group of senior executives.


The best-practices a leader must follow are different from those of an analyst. We are purposeful in making that distinction and teaching both.

01 / 01

See how major business problems are solved: from proposals to meetings, hypotheses, analyses, client updates, final reports and implementation

01/ 05

Great leaders delegate. They lead. They don’t serve as a bottleneck. They inspire and motivate teams. Yet, a great leader must have the ability to critically understand and make decisions on products / services / analyses they have not conducted and where they don’t have the luxury of time to fully understand.


We teach our members how to understand problems and issues, and critically analyze them without having to pore over the data. We show them how the best work is done, in great detail, and the pressure points, drivers and levers that create the most value and how to influence them.


Leaders know what to ask, when to ask it and how to sift out the most important information.

01 / 01

Learn how ex-partners help CEOs and leaders to solve complex business problems when there are time and resource constraints

01/ 05

Strategy partners are the peers of CEOs. They counsel leaders. Many become CEOs. All our training is developed by ex-partners who weave in their life experiences.


They focus on the hard analytic skills, but more importantly, they help our members understand the context, broader organizational issues, and soft skills to convince leaders to implement their ideas.


They focus on the implications and help our members understand that the best analyses, by the best analyst, does not have much traction in the real world unless one has influence. And they teach our members to be influential and develop followship.

01 / 01

Advanced and robust templates to solve all types of business problems from starting a business, to growth issues, to turning around a failing conglomerate

01/ 05

All our editable presentations, workshop packs, proposals and letters are curated. We take the time to develop thoughtful material that transforms our members’ careers. Members can edit them and use them as needed.


Our members have access to the very same tools our partners use. They can use the studies we do, the proposals we create, the letters we write and the workshop packs we use.


Blank templates have limitations. There is little value in using a template that mimics that of an elite firm when the content is not of the same quality. That is why all our editable tools include content.

Exclusive Strategy Books

Learn from the Titans of Strategy

Turquoise Eyes

Turquoise Eyes started off the groundbreaking new genre developed by FIRMSconsulting that combines compelling narrative while teaching problem solving and critical thinking skills. Set after a bank begins implementing a new retail banking strategy, we follow Teresa García Ramírez de Arroyo, a director general in the Mexican government, who has received some disturbing news.


A whistleblower has emailed Teresa with troubling news about a mistake in the loan default calculations and reserve ratios. The numbers do not add up.


The book loosely uses the logic and financial analyses in A Typical McKinsey Engagement, >270 videos.


The book was written to draw in a larger group of readers who may not realize they have an interest, skill and gift in business strategy, largely because most business is taught using boring case studies or bland textbooks.


The sequel to Turquoise Eyes.


In Mavis’s dystopian world, starvation, sacrifice and poverty haunt a country trying to recover from The Great Patriotic War. Protected by a peacekeeping force, the nation struggles to coax profits out of a sprawling industrial complex to pay wartime reparations. In this world, the future of every citizen is decided on their sixteenth birthday during a single exam, The Selection. They either join Defense, Productivity or Leadership.


Mavis is assigned to a chemical plant to solve a productivity paradox and struggles with her colleagues as they race to meet the reparations deadline. Thrown into her new role, with little support, Mavis assembles a team and tries to understand why productivity is dropping. Mavis must figure out who her friends are, and how does Truman, a soldier who seems interested in her, fit into her life. Yet Mavis is burdened by having to leave her ill little sister behind. As Mavis investigates the problem, she discovers a conspiracy that threatens the nation just as unexplained sightings spike in the surrounding forest.

Succeeding as a Management

Readers can view the templates in consulting studies and understand how they are used. All the foundational strategy and business analyses tools are taught along with the soft skills and practical tools to solve any business problem. This is the only book of its kind walking the reader step-by-step through a complete consulting study.


This book follows an engagement team as they assist a large company in diagnosing and fixing deep and persistent organizational issues over an 8-week assignment. Readers will learn how they successfully navigate a challenging client environment, frame the problem and limit the scope, develop hypotheses, build the analyses and provide the final recommendations.


We have placed the explanation of management consulting techniques within a lively and engaging storyline, which allows the reader to truly understand the challenges faced on consulting engagements, connect with the characters, and understand both how and why they debated elements of the study.

The Strategy Journal

What if you had one tool that you could carry into meetings and write inside that guided you step-by-step to understand the problem, develop a structure, develop hypotheses, design the tests for the hypotheses, track your daily and weekly tasks, plan the message for your team and manager, manage the project, guide you through critical update meetings, calculate the benefits case to convince your colleagues and start the pilot implementation of your recommendations?


Now you do. The Strategy Journal is the field guide to our popular book Succeeding as a Management Consultant.

The Strategy Engagement

Follow a partner on an 8-week engagement as he leads a team to develop a unique insight for the client. This book attempts to give you a blow-by-blow and day-by-day account of developing an insight in a complex study. To see the messy steps involved. It was written in real time. The notes were written hours before an event happened or hours afterward, usually on the same day.


If you want to be a strategy consultant and be able to produce the analyses in this book, solve complex problems, and influence senior executives, we believe you need to know how messy it usually is.


There is rarely an objectively correct answer that stands out from all the options available to a client. A very good strategy often looks exactly like a very bad strategy. The results from a set of correctly structured analyses often tell us little by themselves. A new strategy for a client is about creating a new reality for a sector. We often don’t know how competitors, suppliers, and customers will react. We have to predict those reactions when we offer a recommendation.

Marketing Saves The World

Every now and then someone comes along whose treatment of the subject of management is both entertaining and insightful. That’s what Bill Matassoni has accomplished in his memoir, which covers his forty-year career selling what he calls “ephemeral things.” Bill, a former McKinsey and BCG partner, distills his life, loves, and lessons in this unique story of the evolution of the modern marketer.


He presents an entirely new way to think about unlocking value in market-spaces, not places. He recounts his adventures—and they are adventures—working for The United Way of America, McKinsey, BCG, Ashoka, and other organizations. In all of them, ideas were the product, and emotion was as important as reason. We learn about how Victoria’s Secret “democratized” luxury, why beer might become a nutritional product, how BCG tried to compete with McKinsey, and the growing impact of social entrepreneurs.


Marketing Saves the World teaches us how to find new dimensions of value that make the world better by enabling multiple stakeholders to win. It is about capitalism with a capital C. Says Bill, “Forget about sharing the pie. Make it bigger.

Turquoise Eyes

Can a bank stop a complex fraud before it is too late?


Our most ambitious book to teach critical thinking and productivity.

Succeeding as a Management

Written for business leaders and consultants who are trying to solve significant problems and create measurable value.

The Strategy Journal

The one book to solve mankind’s toughest problems.

The Strategy Engagement

The goal of this book is to help you think and develop an insight like a strategy partner.

Marketing Saves The World

What was McKinsey’s strategy that allowed them to leap so far ahead of the competition?

Market Entry Strategy Study

M&A "Country Champion" Strategy Study

Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study

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Chi Nguyen

EY/ Amazon

The most important factor in selecting FIRMSconsulting is the plethora of insights and information that are not available anywhere else. There’s no one size fits all rules but I learned from watching the various videos to understand what was the pros and cons of each approach, and subsequently build an approach for my own that I see fit. The program has been a self-discovery and self-improvement program for me. As a result of the changes, I was able to get a full-time offer from a large technology company that I never dreamt of getting.

Daniel Ramirez

NYL / Accenture

Working with FIRMSconsulting taught me to be much more deliberate about how I approach my career. Before I used to think that my career would normally happen. Because I was “good” I would have a “good” career. I have learned that if you plan the right way and work hard you can have an amazing career and have a much more significant impact in the world and the people around you. I would recommend FC to anyone interested in taking his/her career to the next level. The quality of the materials is top notch and there is really no better set of materials out there.

Ioana Moga


I want to do great work, solve important problems and have an impact, so I want to learn as much as possible to be able to do all of that. One thing I like about FC is the fact that they teach you not only techniques to solve problems, but also techniques to improve your communication and soft skills. It’s crucial to know how to communicate effectively and be good at building relationships with people, regardless of the industry you work in and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn about this from ex-partners.

Denise Harris

Wells Fargo / Lundbeck

Before FC, among my peers, I used to get comments on being "the smartest" person in the room. Support for my ideas was limited. Now, according to my boss and others, I am considered among the most “influential” persons in the room. I prefer the latter. You should do business with FC because they lead with integrity, are highly skilled and experienced. They are the best at what they do and they care about client needs above all else.

Bill Graca

CGS Advisors

Would I recommend FIRMSconsulting? I think the answer is absolutely. And here’s why. This is you investing in your future. This is you investing in your growth as an individual, as a human being. This is like an MBA or a doctorate of consulting, advising, problem-solving, and it’s you investing in yourself. And so, would I make the investment again? Absolutely. Would I recommend anybody to make the investment in themselves? Absolutely. Am I convinced that this is the best material out there? 100%.

Nersis Nersisyan

PwC / KPMG Country Leader

It’s a great resource and I would definitely recommend it to anyone who wants to achieve success in their career to work through the materials that they have. On another side, and take this as an anecdote, I would not recommend FIRMSconsulting to a competitor who competes with me because, I mean, it provides an enormous competitive advantage. So to describe FIRMSconsulting a good analogy is to use Fight Club. So the first rule of the Fight Club is not to tell anyone about Fight Club.

Great App !1y ago


Great App - Amazing ease of access and usability.

Simply the bestDec 16


The greatest pace to learn strategy and transform your career!

My actual comment on a video1y ago


“ Simple comment: This is pure gold. Period. Option # 1 Live your life like everyone else and gain wisdom by the time you’re done. Option # 2 Subscribe to FC and learn from Michael & Co. while you’re still in the game. This comment belongs on iTunes where people that’re NOT insiders can see it. “

Life changing2y ago


Pearls of wisdom and insights from former management consulting partners. Step-by-step coaching via audio and video formats that will crystallize your thinking and hone your approach to tough problems. The complimentary material provides a wealth of information that convinced me to sign up for the Premium tier several months ago. The ability to now download content offline via the new app is a godsend before boarding long flights. Thank you Firmsconsulting for the incredible and unique content you have made available to us all!

Huge upgrade2y ago


This application is a huge upgrade over the previous version. The most important aspect - the content - is up to par with the firm's golden standard. This is a goldmine of knowledge that can help anyone think more effectively, be a better leader, and accelerate their career. Thank you to the FirmsConsulting team - this is a much better way to engage with the content, as it's easier to listen while traveling.

No excuses! Get Training.2y ago


This is a great app to access the FirmsConsulting content on the go and the ability to watch content offline makes me want to commute over driving. The only downside of downloading is the videos takes a lot of space on my phone. It would be good if there was an option to download lower quality video to take up less space.

Wow!2y ago


I have been a subscriber to the content provided by Firmsconsulting for quite some time. The content is invaluable to developing practical skills in the formulation and implementation of corporate, business, and functional strategies in firms. This recent update is a refreshing new opportunity to consume this outstanding content. As a professional that is constantly on the go, I'm thrilled to have the opportunity through this redesign to consume both audio and video content and download it for offline consumption. What a great refinement! This feels like the Netflix of strategy skills content!

Great AppAug 6

[email protected]

FC produced a massive amount of content: over 5,000 video training sessions. This app makes it easy and convenient to efficiently navigate this plethoric cornucopia of some of the best thinking on strategy.

John Richardson IIIAug 24

John Richardson III

This is the best career training available. We are a global business society. This training has been one of the best choices I have ever made in my life. This is an investment in your future that will pay you forever. I am forever grateful to these awesome people.

Billybobish , 09/10/2014

Great Resource Had a 11 hour car ride, so I listened to these podcasts. I am planning on going through management consulting recruitment and I found these very useful and interesting!!

TraeeeDoggg , 07/19/2018

Tremendous Podcast! Great podcast! I have listened to every episode thus far and Michael does a great job of sharing his unique insights about management consulting.

mkduran , 11/03/2018

Not just for aspiring consultants This podcast is great for anyone that wants to think more effectively, solve problems, engage others in a professional manner, and especially for those who work at any level in business. In other words, this is for nearly everyone. I expected this to be a podcast strictly about case interviews but was delighted to find so much content that applies to business in general and conducting oneself professionally. The title of the podcast and brief description may actually do it a disservice because this has a much broader appeal and is far more interesting than those would suggest. Cheers to Michael.

RayTL , 08/12/2014

Firmsconsulting I have been watching and learning management consulting case interview skills taught by Michael Boricki from Firmsconsulting. I have to say Firmsconsulting offers the best of all case interview training programs available. The skills and way of thinking I learned from this program is unparalelled and are probably only available in the top tier strategy consulting firms after you join the firm. Being able to learn these skills prior to sitting down with the interviewers provides a golden opportunity not only to wow your interviewers but also help you acclimate to the real consulting environment quickly after you join the firm. I'd recommend this program to anyone who's interested in a career in management consulting.

superleo60 , 12/07/2015

Simply brilliant! This podcast, in my opinion is the absolute best in telling its listeners what to expect in the world of management consulting. Michael delivers the hard truths about management consulting as well as a lot of wisdom from his own experience as a partner. If you are a person who wants to break into this ultra-competitive field of work or someone looking to improve their case interview skills then you can never go wrong with this podcast.

Jetty10 , 08/15/2014

Excellent training This team has put together a thorough and comprehensive training to understand the field of management consulting. By leveraging real world industry experience, you will learn all aspects of consulting - from how to interview and address cases - to developing your skill sets. This work is an absolute necessity for any one who is serious about learning to become a successful management consultant.

harishchandras , 12/17/2014

Amazing! Michael and Firmsconsulting are by far the most useful case interview guides in the market. Further, the general business/strategy advise and musing of Michael are really valuable on their own rights. I have been following his advice for quite sometime now and can assure prospective candidates for a much improved chance at getting into MBB by following Michael’s advice. He was instrumental in my successful entry into McKinsey. Thanks Michael and keep this going!

Uchechi , 08/12/2014

Comprehensive. The podcasts from Firmsconsulting allow me to feel more confident in my approach to case preparation and understanding the dynamic and expectations of top firms. I feel more prepared to take on case interviews during recruiting season.

pschuit , 03/27/2018

Great Podcast Extremely informative podcast broken down into bite size segments that are easily digestible. I really like the specificity of each episode; it's very easy to navigate the large number of available podcasts and find a relevant/interesting topic.

Jim Fiene , 01/07/2017

Entertaining, engageing, education Firmsconsulting has created a tremoundous free resource in this podcast for consulting career searches and professionalism. I have leveraged the insight and tips from Michael throughout my career transition into consulting. The podcast mixes humor and humanity into the education when Micahel tangents onto his own life or passions. This is a fantastic podcast to use in your search, and easy listening for a workout or commute.

Pezz , 08/12/2014

Extensive and Valuable resource This treasure trove of podcasts offers aspiring, young and even more seasoned consultants a great resource to expand their mindset and professional understanding. By tackling subjects such a wide range of topics Firmsconsulting manage to make some challenging and often discussed topics digestable but also more than just a scratch the surface type approach typically found from other sources.

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Analysis and insights alone don’t make a leader. Leaders implement their ideas and bank the benefits. Leaders get results.

Competitive advantage in your career

Developing a sustainable competitive advantage in your career is challenging. A career competitive advantage is not about being good at just one thing.

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Corporate Strategy Development

Corporate Strategy Development What is a corporate strategy? Is corporate strategy different from the business unit strategy? Is the process a corporate strategy development process is the same for a business unit? Corporate strategy is the most challenging of all strategy engagements since engagements lack an objective function, are less quantitative than one would assume, […]

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What is productivity and how can it be increased? Every company wants to raise its productivity. We all want to raise our personal productivity. Most businesses understand the importance of productivity and believe they have a plan in place to improve it. We often assume doing more, producing more or completing more tasks increases our […]

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Our clients explain how Insider membership helped them deliver significant results

“An immediate return on investment.”

Nerses Nersisyan, a FIRMSconsulting Insider and KPMG unit country head, discusses how he transformed his career.

“This was a game changer for me.”

Bill Graca, a FIRMSconsulting Insider and strategy consultant, discusses how he better serves clients and solves their most challenging problems.

“I became influential.”

Denise Harris, a FIRMSconsulting Insider and Pharma executive, explains how she led her team to the #1 title across the USA.

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