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Billybobish , 09/10/2014

Great Resourc

Had a 11 hour car ride, so I listened to these podcasts. I am planning on going through management consulting recruitment and I found these very useful and interesting!!

superleo60 , 12/07/2015

Simply brilliant!

This podcast, in my opinion is the absolute best in telling its listeners what to expect in the world of management consulting. Michael delivers the hard truths about management consulting as well as a lot of wisdom from his own experience as a partner. If you are a person who wants to break into this ultra-competitive field of work or someone looking to improve their case interview skills then you can never go wrong with this podcast.

pschuit , 03/27/2018

Great Podcast 

Extremely informative podcast broken down into bite size segments that are easily digestible. I really like the specificity of each episode; it’s very easy to navigate the large number of available podcasts and find a relevant/interesting topic.

TraeeeDoggg , 07/19/2018

Tremendous Podcast! 

Great podcast! I have listened to every episode thus far and Michael does a great job of sharing his unique insights about management consulting.

Jetty10 , 08/15/2014

Excellent training

This team has put together a thorough and comprehensive training to understand the field of management consulting. By leveraging real world industry experience, you will learn all aspects of consulting – from how to interview and address cases – to developing your skill sets. This work is an absolute necessity for any one who is serious about learning to become a successful management consultant.

Jim Fiene , 01/07/2017

Entertaining, engageing, education

Firmsconsulting has created a tremoundous free resource in this podcast for consulting career searches and professionalism. I have leveraged the insight and tips from Michael throughout my career transition into consulting. The podcast mixes humor and humanity into the education when Micahel tangents onto his own life or passions. This is a fantastic podcast to use in your search, and easy listening for a workout or commute

harishchandras , 12/17/2014


Michael and Firmsconsulting are by far the most useful case interview guides in the market. Further, the general business/strategy advise and musing of Michael are really valuable on their own rights. I have been following his advice for quite sometime now and can assure prospective candidates for a much improved chance at getting into MBB by following Michael’s advice. He was instrumental in my successful entry into McKinsey. Thanks Michael and keep this going!