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Coaching Guidelines

A tailored advice session to help you transform your career

Private Coaching with Kris (Pilot)

We had a number of clients and customers requesting one-on-one coaching with Kris, our CEO. Kris decided to offer coaching to selected clients as a pilot initiative. You are welcome to apply for private coaching with Kris. Kris’s coaching fees are generally the same as Michael’s private coaching fees, but she decided to cap the fee at 997$ for 1-hour session during the pilot to help make it more affordable for FC Insiders. The fee per session for the pilot program at this time is as follows:

Career coaching: $997 per hour

Starting a business coaching: $997 per hour

Executive presence, communications & public speaking coaching: $997

If you would like to apply for a 1-on-1 private coaching session or a coaching program (joining as a long-term private one-on-one client) with Kris, do not hesitate to email us at [email protected] with 1 paragraph description of your specific challenge/goal you would like to accomplish and let us know if you are applying for 1 session or for a coaching program. When spots are allocated, preference is given to FC Insiders and our coaching clients from coaching programs such as The MasterPlan Acceleration Program, but new monthly Premium members are eligible to apply.

Recorded Advice Sessions Initiative with Michael (Pilot)

Michael currently has over three years waiting list for private coaching, so temporarily we are not accepting more applications for private coaching with Michael. However, we do have a new initiative that still allows Insiders to apply to get individual guidance from Michael.

To ensure this initiative is a win-win, the session is recorded and made available to the FIRMSconsulting community and/or becomes part of the Firmsconsulting training library.

Audio only option is available ($300 per session fee applies).

Don’t want to be on audio/video? If you prefer to submit your question in a written format (you are welcome to change some details and names, if needed) you can also do so. In this situation Michael will read your submission/question at the beginning of the session so our members can understand why certain advice is given and can better adjust the advice given to their particular situation. Then the rest of the session will be focused on providing advice based on information you provided in your written submission. Some Insiders asked us to introduce such advice session option for situations where they would prefer not to be on audio or video but rather submit their question in a written format. There is no extra charge for using this format.

Advice sessions fee:

A fee is charged to ensure the seriousness of applicants. The fees per session for the pilot program at this time are as follows:

  1. Executive, start-up, and career development, or case interviews for manager and up levels 1-on-1 advice session: $1797 (300$ add-on if you prefer audio only call)
  2. Case interviews 1-on-1 advice session (below manager level): $997 (300$ add-on if you prefer an audio only call)

Application criteria for advice sessions coaching is much less stringent, so it’s a fantastic opportunity for Insiders (long-term premium members) to get guidance from Michael. As we mentioned, we have a >3-years waiting period for private coaching with Michael and a very stringent selection process (e.g. referral from a prior private coaching client is mandatory). So this is a rare opportunity to do a 1-on-1 session with Michael.

This is also a significant saving compared to our current private 1-on-1 coaching fees with Michael.

To better understand the 1-on-1 private sessions, please follow Andrew's journey from senior manager to senior partner in 3-yrs and Amrit's experience increasing revenue 977% and profits 842% for his boutique strategy firm. Click To Tweet

Andrew generated >$30M in sales revenue, and Amrit grew his firm in one of the most competitive cities globally for consultants.

The duration of each advice session is 50 minutes. If you would like to apply for a 1-on-1 advice session with Michael, do not hesitate to email us to [email protected] with 1 paragraph description of your specific challenge and, if your application is selected, we will send you the required documentation to sign (our standard media release allowing us to publish the episode).

You can initially apply for up to 3 sessions, and after your first session, you can apply for additional sessions, subject to availability and your progress in the program. When spots are allocated, preference is given to FC Insiders and our coaching clients from programs such as The MasterPlan Acceleration Program, but new monthly Premium members are eligible to apply.

Thank you for being a part of the FIRMSconsulting community.

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