Kevin Coyne, ex-McKinsey Director

Introduction to Consulting Kevin Coyne, ex-McKinsey Director


This video interview is part of a series Firmsconsulting is conducting with our client mentors where we discuss ethical leadership, our central value.

Kevin P. Coyne is a co-founder of the Coyne Partnership. He is also a former director and co-leader of both McKinsey’s worldwide strategy practice and CEO transitions practice, and the host of TCO II.

Kevin went to the Harvard Business School after his junior year of college. He actually graduated from Rice University and Harvard simultaneously in 1978 and joined McKinsey directly from there.

Kevin’s career at McKinsey

Kevin was the youngest associate at McKinsey and one of the youngest principals appointed. During a 27 year career at McKinsey Kevin advised clients on a variety of issues and across a broad range of industries including banking, consumer goods, venture capital, industrial, telecommunications and the public sector. His primary area of focus was corporate strategy.

He has worked one-on-one with over twenty-five different CEOs on one or more of the following subjects:

  • setting the management agenda
  • corporate strategy
  • decisions to merge or sell the company
  • developing a new management agenda
  • building an executive team
  • integrated change programs

Civic leadership

Kevin has been an active leader in civic roles throughout his career. He served as an Executive Assistant and sole policy advisor to the Deputy Secretary of the United States Treasury, the second ranking department official in the Reagan Administration.

In that role he advised on Brazil’s economic growth, served as an intermediary between Britain and Argentina after the Falklands war and advised on opening Japan’s capital markets.

He recently co-led several pro-bono efforts, including the following:

  • setting up the Bush-Clinton Katrina Fund
  • leading the Atlanta and London Olympic Games committees on several initiatives
  • leading the team supporting former US President Carter on the Atlanta Project helping low-income citizens

Idea leadership

Kevin has co-written 6 Harvard Business Review articles, 12 McKinsey Quarterly articles and 2 bestselling business books, as well as many other articles across influential business publications.

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  1. That interview really impressed me. Great and very capable man with great values.

  2. I think he cried towards the end

  3. Really great interview. I especially liked the part on values and totally agree with what Kevin has said. I wish everyone had this type of conviction and perspective on the topic.

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