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Welcome to the “Leadership Coaching” Podcast, a weekly show that features an online coaching call with someone just like you.

Critical project problem?
Challenging strategy issue?
Struggling to lead a team?
Career has plateaued?
Managing through turmoil?
We solve these problems.
And more…

New Pilot Initiative. Limited Slots. As many of you know, we have a long waiting list for our flagship 1-on-1 private coaching sessions with our ex-partner coaches, like Michael, (>3 years) and a stringent selection process, whereby we only accept applications referred by alumni and admit <5% of applicants. However, we launched a pilot initiative for shorter advice sessions to help our clients who need targeted advice. A  few spots are now available.


You are welcome to apply for a 1-on-1 advice session with Michael (regarding any aspect of your career: helping you develop your career plan, Michael’s input on a specific career challenge you are facing, solving a challenge business problem getting advice on growing/starting your own business, preparing for interviews, etc.).


To ensure it is a win-win, the advice session is recorded and made available to the FIRMSconsulting community and/or becomes part of our training content. Additionally, a fee is charged to make this more of a win-win for both parties and ensure the seriousness of candidates.


This is a very rare opportunity to do a 1-on-1 session with Michael. If your application is approved, you may request additional sessions after your first session and subject to availability.

Each week a partner will do a targeted coaching call to address one of the most critical questions you have.

Simple process

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    Click the button below to email us about your custom coaching call. Please provide as much information as possible about the problem and what you hope to achieve.

    Here are the full submission guidelines

    Apply for Coaching
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    You don’t need to do anything in this step.
    We will review your emails and decide if your question is a good fit for our podcasts.

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    We will contact you if you are a fit.

Tom Morkes, 04/01/2018

great podcast
gread podcast,quality content. I think michael is a great host, and recommend this podcast highly!

Armyguyinkorea, 10/16/2018

Fantastic mind food
I have enjoyed this podcast for some time now. Great insight on the unpacking of a complex problem set. Keep up the great content!

MattMcWilliams, 09/15/2015

Wow…The Strategy Skkills Podcast is flat out awesome. Good Production quality. Easy to liste. Very Impressed Michael. Keep bringing it.

Corwin Az, 08/05/2016

Top Flight Strategy Training
For some who is interested in corporate strategy either as a current consultant or headed in the direction; this is very best podcast I’ve found to strategy.

Ranked top 5 in most countries.
Advice from partners who have collectively counselled +100 Fortune 500 CEOs.

More than half of all Americans have listened to a podcast, and just over one third tune in on a monthly basis.