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Succeeding as a Management Consultant


Written for business leaders and consultants who are trying to solve significant problems and create measurable value. Readers can view the templates used in consulting studies and how they are used. All the foundational strategy and business analyses tools are taught along with the soft skills and practical tools to solve any business problem. This is the only book of its kind walking the reader step-by-step through a complete consulting study.

This book follows an engagement team as they assist a large company in diagnosing and fixing deep and persistent organizational issues over an 8-week assignment. Readers will learn how they successfully navigate a challenging client environment, frame the problem and limit the scope, develop hypotheses, build the analyses and provide the final recommendations.

We have placed the explanation of management consulting techniques within a lively and engaging storyline, which allows the reader to truly understand the challenges faced on consulting engagements, connect with the characters, and understand both how and why they debated elements of the study.

It is written so that the reader may follow, understand, and replicate a strategic engagement using the same techniques used by the leading firms, such as McKinsey, Bain, and BCG. To make the story realistic and useful, we have worked with one client engagement throughout the book. Using different examples and different clients to explain concepts would have made it difficult for readers to see the data linkages and development of the final recommendations. The client and engagement are fictitious. The data presented are also fictitious, but they are based on actual consulting engagements and the experiences of the author and the contributing McKinsey, BCG, et. al. partners at &

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  1. Felix,

    Not yet. Wistia does not yet support mobile devices.


  2. Hi Michael and team,

    Could this book be read or support iOS and Android device now? I’m interested in purchasing the book but my experience in reading books through Wistia was not great.


  3. Hi Sriram,

    This book is currently not part of the Insider program.


  4. Is this book available as a part of FC Insider materials / App ? Thanks.

  5. Hi William,

    We are undergoing A/B testing so this page may have been impacted. It should work now. Apologies for the problems this caused you.


  6. Hello – I’m trying to buy this but the purchase link only takes me to an empty online cart without adding the book in there. Any suggestions?

  7. Sorry Roshn. See the top right corner. I see the settings have changed the color so it is a little hidden. We will fix that soon.

  8. I don’t understand how to purchase this book. Where is the purchase link?

  9. Hi Jignesh,

    Please use the purchase link above.


  10. How do I buy it?

  11. Hi Larkland,

    Yes, the book can only, for now, be read on a PC or laptop. We are making adjustments and when we move the book to Firmsconsulting Insider shortly it will have a new interface, features etc.


  12. I would have preferred to read this book on a tablet but does not work on my android current…


  13. Hi Jeff,

    You will receive an email with the login details once the payment clears. It may take a few minutes to a few hours. It is an automated system that we do not control. Usually it happens in a few minutes but depending on your bank and country of location it can be longer. The other books are being moved to the Firmsconsulting Insider loyalty program and will only be available there from next year.


  14. I purchased the book but from where do I access? There is still no access.
    And where can I find other books in the series. Why other books are not available now?

  15. Hi Brandon,

    Yes, those changes have been made. We now release full studies with complete video and power point guides for each step of the study.

    You can see a study here.

    To see more studies planned, go to the “Strategy Executive Program” on the footer. The technology M&A corporate strategy study is available and the analyses library. We release new studies roughly every 3 months.

    Note, that material with the detailed study maps, PowerPoint and videos requires a separate subscription from the books. In other words, the executive programs contain more material and are more detailed.

    Hope that helps.


  16. Michael, were changes made as referenced on January 20, 2014? Also, would like to use your resources to explore additional models and approaches. Is this the best one to start with?

  17. Raja, this book is only available online since we do not use other channels. I would recommend waiting until March/April when we are rolling out some major changes to our strategy training material for consultants. Michael

  18. This book looks quite interesting. I was wondering if you could clarify if this is a paperback/hardcover/ebook?

  19. This is the basic edition. It contains just the books and 1 power point file. The other books contain detailed power point, excel, word, pdf, video and audio files so that you can track and follow the engagement as it is completed.

  20. Why is this book significantly cheaper than similar books in other industries?

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