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Want to become a Bestselling Author?

Want to become a Bestselling Author?

I hope this message finds you well. I am reaching out to share an exciting opportunity that may align perfectly with your expertise and passion. I am in the process of organizing a co-authored book project, with the theme centered around “Success Habits.” This project guarantees that you will become a bestselling author.

Over my adult life, I went from being a concert pianist to a management consultant working for 2 major consulting firms across multiple continents and serving top executives from major organizations, to a banker in Canada managing over a billion-dollar portfolio, to entrepreneur operating within 1% success level. I self-funded my MBA degree from the most prestigious school in Canada, graduating on the Dean’s list. But none of these achievements gave me the kind of opportunities that I got once I started publishing books.

Only once I became a bestselling author people I dreamed of meeting, such as board members and chief executives of influential organizations, started reaching out to me. Yes, I worked with this caliber of people as a management consultant and banker, but in the capacity of my employment. Never because they randomly found me and were reaching out to me cold.

I wanted to create a very affordable way for anyone to become a bestselling author, where I can put together many authors from our community with small chapters on relevant to people topic, and help everyone involved get a book (or another book) added to their name, and a bestselling author status added to their resume.

The chapter topic, Success Habits, will work for everyone since the concept of success habits is universal, transcending various fields and disciplines.

It is also the kind of topic people love reading about because all of us want to be more successful, and learning the biggest success habits of other people is one of the most effective ways to identify some things we can improve for ourselves.

Your contribution would not only enrich the book with your valuable knowledge but also position you as an authority in your field, forever immortalizing your status as a bestselling author. And if you are already a best selling author, or a published author, you will have another good book to add to your Amazon author page.

Here’s what you can expect from participating in this project:

Bestselling Author Status: We have a proven strategy to ensure our book reaches bestselling status on Amazon, providing you with the guaranteed prestigious recognition of being a bestselling author.
A Platform to Share Your Expertise: Your chapter can become yet another door through which people find out about you and enter your world. At the end of your chapter, you are welcome to promote another book, your website, your courses, your free gift, or your coaching services. I recommend offering a gift that gives an incentive for people to join your community/newsletter. If you don’t have a lead magnet or a landing page or don’t know how to set up the delivery of your lead magnet, you can work with our NonTechies League team, and we can set everything up for you well before the book gets published at an affordable price (add-on).

Marketing Asset for Your Portfolio: This book will become a permanent marketing asset for you, creating a lead magnet and content asset that attracts people to your work. You will get your chapter professionally designed and laid out in PDF format, which you can use as a free gift to incentivize people to enroll in your newsletter/as a reader magnet. Again, if you don’t have a newsletter set up, or landing page set up, or a website set up, the Non-Techies League team can set it up for you at a very affordable price (add-on).

Collaborative Promotion: Your co-authors, including myself, will be promoting the book, ensuring that readers we bring are introduced to you and your work.

Authority by Association: Being a co-author in this book will elevate your professional standing by association, showcasing your contribution to a valuable resource.

Knowedge. You will learn how to use the book to help you build your business or career. There is a special training I have available for co-authors that covers how they can use the book to help build their personal brand and business or career.

Exposure to my reader base. The book will be published on my author page which means exposure to my reader base. The book will also be promoted in my newsletter.

I am fully committed to making this project a success and would be honored to have you join us on this journey. If you’re interested or have any questions, please feel free to hit reply to this email. I would love to discuss this further and explore how we can collaborate effectively.

To ensure we maintain momentum and meet our publishing goals, I am aiming to finalize our list of contributors as soon as possible. I understand the importance of your time and commitments, and I assure you that we will work together to make this process as seamless and rewarding as possible.

Limited Time Bonuses:

In addition, I also would like to add surprise bonuses to make sure you are set up for success.

Bonuses are applicable for all co-authors, including if you enrolled before reading this.

Bonus 1: 1 year access to Book to Profit mini-course. At least $197 in value.

Bonus 2: 1 year access to Dream Clients for Coaches mini-course. At least $197 in value.

Bonus 3: Special training I have available for co-authors that covers how they can use the book to help build their personal brand and business or career. At least $297 in value.

Total bonus value $691.

If you are not sure how it will all work, all you need is to write 1,500-2,000 words chapter, and share your bio, link you want to share at the end, etc. And I will guide you on how to put these items together. And we will handle everything including design, layout, coordination, light proofreading, and all work related to the launch of the book and getting you a bestselling author status.

I do want you to benefit from this as much as possible while also making it sustainable so my business has the resources to continue helping you on your journey.

The investment to participate is $1,297. But for everyone in my community, for a limited time I am offering a $300 discount, so you can lock in your spot at $997 ($300 discount already applied) in case of upfront payment: Enroll Now

And you are still going to get a discount, just a slightly smaller one, if you want to pay in 4 payments at $275 per month or 8 payments at $155 per month.

I am looking forward to the possibility of working together to create a great book and get you a bestselling author status.

Take care,

Kris Safarova

If you need more details about the project, here it is:

– You supply your 1,500-2000-words chapter, which is ready to publish. We do the rest.
– If you need to have a longer chapter or you need help with writing or heavy editing, please email us and we will do our best to figure out the way we can help with a tailored offering.
– We guarantee the Amazon bestselling title for all participants (the book will reach #1 bestseller in at least 1 category. The last book, How Leaders Get Things Done, reached #1 bestseller in 3 categories simultaneously. And as of today it is #16 in Managerial Skills category versus all other books on Amazon).

Additional details:
– This is a fast-track ability to become a published author and have a bestselling author status behind your name, which you can then leverage to sell other books, build your business or elevate your career.
– The book is planned to be published by the end of the year. We will want to find great co-authors to collaborate with and do a good job with book design, layout, marketing plan, etc. Plus co-authors will need sufficient time to write a chapter without having to rush.
– This first book in the planned series will be themed around achieving success/success habits.
– All authors will receive guidance on what and how to write, what input we need, and what the deadlines are.
– Once you send us your 2,000-word chapter, bio, and photo, it goes into production.
– You can start using the title published author in the next few months WITHOUT writing an entire book.
– You will get training on how to use your book to grow and help grow your business/career.
– You can add an optional strategy call with me at $497. It is a 30 min strategy call with me to figure out what to include in your chapter. Another optional add-on is wordsmithing at $777 or 4 payments of $215. You send us content you want to include in an audio or written format and we write it in a chapter format, trying to retain your voice.

Enroll Now: Payment in Full or Payment in Installments

I will leave you with screenshots of some of our bestselling books.

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