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Our loyalty program; exclusively available through our Android + iOS + Roku + Apple TV Apps & website. FC Insiders will be able to access 30 additional planned training programs not available on, download videos to their Apps, access our executive recruiting services and exclusively apply to our coaching programs.

Firmsconsulting Insider is a status automatically conferred on active Premium subscribers after they have been enrolled for 6 consecutive months within the Premium subscription level. There are no additional fees for this elite loyalty level.


Download Firmsconsulting “Strategy Training” Apps:

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FC Insiders can login at no additional charge by using their password from the site.  The “Strategy Training” Apps and website will contain all 30 planned shows unique to Firmsconsulting Insiders as well as all the content on

It is impossible to buy immediate access to Firmsconsulting Insider. This is about rewarding the extremely loyal members who helped create and build Firmsconsulting over the last 6 years. This is for standing with us as we built a values-based business. The content released within Firmsconsulting Insider is unique. It does not exist anywhere on the website.

What do FC Insiders receive?

  • 30 advanced training programs led by ex-McKinsey, BCG et al senior partners (more below)
  • Strategy and executive recruiting support
  • Access to our internships at one of the most elite and largest West Coast tech giants
  • Our only clients allowed to apply to our coaching programs.
  • Access to our new Apps and Website: Android + iOS + Roku + Apple TV Apps &
  • Ability to download videos
  • Create playlists in Apps and website
  • Auto-play feature on Apps and website
  • Continue-watching feature between Apps and website
  • Content streamed in HD
  • All content is also available on the Apps + new website

30 Training Programs Exclusive to FC Insider

Click on the image below for more details on the training programs.Titans of Strategy contains over 8 different training programs all led by the most influential McKinsey and BCG former partners. Images without a link implies the program description is still to be loaded.

Big Data corp strategy option digital and IT strategy emba immigration program implementation_innovation division_feb 21 implementing an operations life after consulting market entry strategy 5 final maternity final mckinsey to PE partnership v4 power study 2 the master plan 2 the online start up 2 The Operations Study_feb 21 the turnaround titans of strategy


Executive Recruiting

Given that all our training is done by former senior partners of McKinsey, BCG et al, making us the only firm in the world to do this, we have the highest placement rate in the industry for McKinsey & BCG at ~78%. Alumni who have joined these firms have performed very well and thereafter go on to pursue successful post-management consulting careers.

Therefore, many elite organizations have expressed an interest in directly recruiting our clients. For the first time, we will now represent clients as a talent agent to introduce, negotiate and enter into promising careers.

Members who qualify must explicitly opt into the program.

How will this work: 

  • Submitan edited resume + URL to your Linkedin profile, in the exact format and to the standards prescribed in TCO, to
  • We will review and only accept submissions done to TCO standards.
  • Beyond the correct formatting, language and style of writing, we seek a strong profile where a candidate has made an impact at their current/past employer. If you have not made an impact, use this time to alter your current style of working to make an impact that can be captured on your resume.
  • Unfortunately, rejected applications will not receive any feedback/reviews due to the sheer volume of applications we  receive. Applicants should use the exhaustive materials we provide in TCO to adjust their resumes and prepare as needed. You may reapply a maximum of once every month. Keep in mind that editing a resume takes time and requires diligence to meet our standards.
  • Members whose resumes are selected will receive a prompt to opt-into the program, giving us legal permission to represent them as an executive recruiter. Your resume and cover letter, which we will request after your resume, may be shared with our target recruitment companies.
  • You are strongly encouraged to use the TCO material and prepare to interview using the solving-from-first-principles style we teach, irrespective of the company where you are interviewing.
  • Those interviewing for internal consulting/executive/P&L/operating positions should use the detailed study training programs on our site to understand how real engagements work. Real engagements are radically different from the more simplified case studies used in McKinsey & BCG interviews.
  • At the appropriate time you will need to undergo a background check on your grades, employment history and, where legally required, credit check.

Things to note:

  • To be a part of this program, a FC Insider needs to unquestionably display behaviour aligned with Firmsconsulting’s values.
  • We are only working with the most elite financial institutions, consulting firms, technology companies and industrial concerns. Since most FC Insiders are current consultants and ex-consultants, we are focusing just as much on post-consulting careers should you chose to leave consulting. We are also focusing on senior management positions.
  • Target companies include JP Morgan, Goldman Sachs, Bank of America, Uber, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Apple, McKinsey, BCG etc.
  • On a case by case basis we will consider major PE and VC firms provided the admitted applicant has the necessary profile for these firms.
  • We may add other firms, like Pharma companies, for example, as we either develop relationships or find suitable roles for specific client profile.
  • We will aim to place members into strategy, executive, internal consulting, operating and roles with an P&L.
  • Tier-2 companies, smaller firms etc., are not planned to be a part of this program. We are interested to work with firms making an impact and for roles that align with our values.
  • Our goal is to place high potential candidates into the most influential roles in the most elite firms. It is about having the right people in the right firms to tackle the most pressing problems.
  • Like everything offered as part of the FC Insider loyalty program, this is a complimentary program with no additional fees. We, as a result, reserve the exclusive, unconditional and non-negotiable worldwide right to make any changes at any time and/or decline an application.

Finally, we have spent much time developing this service to avoid any conflicts of interest. We can never stray from our values simply to generate more revenue. That is the kind of short-term thinking that kills firms. You can rest assured that our primary clients remain individuals, like yourself, who use our services.

How do I become a Firmsconsulting Insider?

As a complimentary program, there are no additional fees for eligible Premium members.

To be granted Firmsconsulting Insider status a Premium member must have been a Premium member for the prior 6 consecutive months.

For example, if a Premium member was subscribed for 3 consecutive months, cancelled and thereafter subscribed for 5 consecutive months, the member will not receive Firmsconsulting Insider status since they were not subscribed for 6 consecutive months.

If a Premium member was subscribed for 10 consecutive months, for example, they will gain Firmsconsulting Insider status after the 6th month, but if they cancelled on the 10th month they will lose the Insider status in that 10th month. If the member thereafter subscribes for another 4 consecutive months they will not regain Firmsconsulting Insider status until they remain subscribed for 6 consecutive months.

If their subscription breaks, ends, cancels or lapses for any reason, the member will lose Firmsconsulting Insider status until renewal of the membership and a 6 month waiting period as an active member.

Accounts on hold due to billing problems have 14 days to rectify the problem. After 14 days the subscription is treated as “broken” and access ends. To regain the Firmsconsulting Insider status, a member will need to activate their Premium subscription and remain an active Premium subscriber for 6 consecutive months after rejoining.

TCO and Executive Program (EP) members wishing to upgrade to Premium to earn Firmsconsulting Insider status could do so immediately or wait until their TCO/EP subscription is up for renewal. In either case, please cancel your TCO/EP subscription in your account and thereafter subscribe to Premium. If you choose to subscribe to Premium before your TCO/EP subscription ends, the site will not credit you for the unused time nor does it automatically cancel your TCO/EP subscription.

Once granted Firmsconsulting Insider status, a member will remain within the elite Insider group as long as they remain a Premium member, and does not breach Firmsconsulting’s terms and conditions, values and expectations of professionalism.

As a complimentary program FC reserves the unconditional right to make any changes, without notice, including, but not limited to, adding and removing programs, changing access conditions and discontinuing the loyalty program.

Firmsconsulting reserves the exclusive, unconditional and non-negotiable worldwide to deny an eligible member access to FC Insider for any reason.

Why was FC Insider created?

Firmsconsulting is very fortunate and very grateful to have had a loyal group of clients, many of whom have followed us since the very first year. We started with just one client and through referrals created the firm that exists today. We exist because of their generosity and sincere interest in our work.

We have for a long time thought about a way to reward extremely loyal clients. This led us to create a special membership level called “Firmsconsulting Insider.” And to show you we are serious about this being a reward, access to this level cannot be bought. It can only be earned over time.

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