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This is an elite loyalty program for our most committed clients and contains the most advanced content. We value loyalty and believe it should be rewarded.

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We understand some of you may want early access due to pressing commitments. If you are a Premium subscriber and need immediate access to and the advanced content,  we may allow pre-payment of the outstanding months to by-pass the waiting period. To find out if this is possible please reach out to [email protected]

What do I receive as an Insider?

Resume’s submitted to elite tech, finance, and consulting firms.

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5-8 new episodes released weekly

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Eligible to be referred (you cannot apply directly) to our coaching programs

How do I lose my Insider status?

Insider status is lost when your Premium subscription breaks, ends, cancels or lapses for any reason.

Insider status can only be re-earned by re-subscribing to Premium and remaining a Premium member in good standing for another consecutive 6 full months.

We understand that sometimes there are billing problems outside your control. If this happens, you have time to fix the problem. 14 days to be exact. During this 14 day period access is blocked but you will immediately return to Insider status upon fixing the payment problems.

After 14 days the subscription is treated as “broken”,  access cannot be restored and all credits and/or access to Insider are lost.

To regain the Insider status, a member will need to activate their Premium subscription and remain an active Premium subscriber for another 6 consecutive full months after rejoining. During this time you will have access to but will lose access to

We are not going to be Ogres about the 14-day rule. If it takes a little longer we understand and will try to be reasonable. Just don’t disappear for a month. That’s not cool.

Once granted Insider status, a member will remain within the elite Insider group as long as they remain a Premium member in good standing: by not breaching our terms and conditions, values and expectations of professionalism at all times.

As a complimentary program, we reserve the unconditional right to make any changes, without notice, including, but not limited to, adding and removing programs, changing access conditions and discontinuing the loyalty program.

We reserve the exclusive, unconditional and non-negotiable worldwide right to deny an eligible member access to Insider for any reason. However, such action is usually related to a member no longer maintaining their good standing (see above).

I want to understand how the Apps and access will work once I become an Insider?

You can watch as much as you want, when you want to and how you want to. You can download content to your App and create your own lists.

The system remembers where you finished watching and you can continue watching between the App, Apple TV, and the website. We are constantly adding content with >5,000 episodes CURRENTLY available for Insiders. We have an enormous pipeline with >1,000 NEW episodes coming out. We already have another 500 additional episodes being planned and this keeps growing.

We will keep launching many changes this year and going forward, at no additional cost. Longtime members get access to additional content, our best content. Insiders are also the only eligible members to be referred to our 1-on-1 coaching services.

What if I invest to become an Insider but focus shifts from Insider to something else?

Insider is 2 yrs 7 months old. You can see our laserlike focus on this loyalty program through these milestones:

– Launched the first App in 2016
– Built new improved Apps and a new website in 2017
– Launched on Apple TV + Roku in 2017
– Built an additional 2 Apps for Bill Matassoni memoir + The Bill Matassoni Show in 2018
– 21 programs exist exclusively for FC Insiders
– An additional > 12 new programs are being developed just this year
– 1,092 episodes of content are queued for editing and release
– Launched the “21 Day” format so clients can see results faster
– Most new shows are shot in HD or 4K

In 2 yrs and 7 months, we have built this loyalty program significantly. Insider will also continue to be the flagship. We have not revealed all the changes coming to Insiders because we do not want to create expectations we may not be able to meet due to delays.

Everything we plan takes time to execute. We have no intentions of reducing our focus on Insiders, as this is our core group. If anything, the Insiders loyalty program is our primary focus ALONG with coaching. We believe it is only right to invest heavily in our most loyal members.

What are the new FC Insider programs planned for release?

This is exciting. We have many cool things happening. This is just a sample and there are others:

– Competitive Strategy with Kevin P. Coyne.
– Advanced Competitive Strategy with Kevin P. Coyne.
– How to Become a McKinsey Partner. Revealed for the First Time.
– The only advice that matters: that which McKinsey partners offer their own children.
– Fundamental Problem Solving as Taught by a McKinsey Partner.
– The Bill Matassoni Show: Season 2 with new insights.
– How Partners Sell >$5M Engagements: it’s not about insights.
– How to start, build and profitably run a boutique firm / smaller office of a large firm.
– How to Find Powerful Mentors that Matter.
– TCO 4: Assel, Francisco & Haris.
– …and there is much more coming

Will older programs be updated or refreshed?

Our programs are in-depth with some consisting of over 600 episodes. So there is definitely more to come with existing programs. The following programs will continue to receive new updates

– Big Data Study.
– IT Strategy Study.
– Corporate Strategy & Transformation Program Study.
– Start-Up: Electric Car.
– Start-Up: Digital Luxury Brands.
– Andrew’s journey from Senior Manager to Equity Partner in 3 yrs.
– The Turnaround Study.
– Rebuilding a Consulting Practice.
– Partnership. Memoir.
– …and some others we will reveal later

Can you release content faster?

Whoa! Hold on there. Thanks for the vote of confidence in our ability to ramp up, but we release 5-8 new episodes of content a week on average. That amounts to between 260-400 episodes of in-depth, exclusive and advanced training approximately 30 minutes/each in length released per annum. Some are 1.5 hrs in length.

There are very few organizations releasing so much content in a year.

That is a lot of new content. If you JUST became Insider today and started going through all the programs we already published it will take a long time. It takes time to watch, understand and apply everything we teach. For example, the Tech Merger Strategy Study where we teach the basics of how to run ANY engagement is ~280 episodes and takes most clients 1 full year to watch and start applying. Andrew’s journey in learning to sell multi-million dollar engagements is only on episode ~200 of about 600. Our goal is to get our clients to take action and see results.

That means watching carefully and deliberately. Binge watching does not work when it comes to learning. Trying to watch everything in 2 to 3 months is not even possible and not recommended. Clients who try this typically miss key insights, miss out on their social life and do not learn the thinking approach we teach.

Most of the content is not relevant to me. What do I do?

If you want to be successful and move ahead of the curve, the content is for you. Here are just a few reviews for the App for Insiders. There are many more similar reviews we receive, that stand as a testimony to the advanced training and real impact of the programs. You will see that we have a wide variety of clients. Things work best when clients share our strong value system and commitment to solving tough problems that matter to the world.

All the content is relevant to everyone if you really think about it! If you are in industry or a partner in a boutique firm, a banker, research PhD etc. you may want to ignore the case interview training. Yet, you need to know the basics of calculations, building frameworks and solving problems before you can tackle the advanced material in Insider.

In fact, in one episode Kevin Coyne mentions that the main assumption he makes in the Insider content is that viewers have the basic problem-solving skills taught earlier. If you do not have those skills, the Insider content is a little harder to understand. 

Think about the Andrew program. It is about building an innovation practice at a major professional services firm. You would likely ignore this if you do not care about innovation nor work at a professional services firm. Yet, to become a partner one must be able to sell between $4MM to $15MM worth of work.

The program with Andrew is about how we taught him to sell. It is a program about sales and it is incredibly detailed with ~200 episodes loaded so far and more to come. It just so happens to be set in the innovation function for a professional services firm but the skills are relevant to every single subscriber.

The biggest mistake clients make is jumping into the advanced Insider content too soon. It will just not make much sense without the foundational skills. Its like taking the most advanced MIT course on aerodynamics, taught by a star professor, but without first learning calculus. You will not understand everything, you may not enjoy it much and you will probably not get the greatest return for your career. 

Every program we teach has three parts: (1) We must teach some technical/functional skill like strategy, sales, operational improvement etc. (2) It must be set in some sector like mining, banking we can discuss the details to make the program realistic. (3) It must be set in some part of the world to show you how to manage the communication.

So if you see a program called “Entering the US Banking Market”, remember it is a market entry program and it does not matter if you are not in banking. As long as you can learn from one of the 3 areas you are fine. And everyone can learn from one of the 3 areas. And even if you do not care much about market entry in the USA for banking, it is still extremely valuable to see how we structure, plan and execute analyses, manage the client, write up slides, conduct focus interviews etc.

There is incredible value but you just need to have a plan to learn. Figure out what you want to learn, locate it and then focus on it. If all that fails, start with the Tech Merger Study. There is nothing like that program anywhere in the world. Without understanding the skills in that study, the Market Entry Study & Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study will be very hard to grasp. Those two are more advanced.

In other cases clients just want to learn the IT strategy approach, for example, taught in that program. I get why that may be the case. Yet, we truly want you to succeed in the long-term. It is far more effective to learn the underlying way we think so that you can develop your own approaches. If you do not learn this, you will spend a large chunk of your life searching for the best approaches. We recommend taking the time and learning to think like us. 

Does the App work in every country?

The Apps work in all countries where US companies are allowed to do business by the US Commerce Department. That is all but a handful of countries worldwide.

I saw a negative review about or a review on a shady site – should I believe it?

We love our clients and work very hard for them. We believe in them. We deliver what we promise and we have a good reputation. Don’t let a few unreasonable clients turn you off. We would not be working with coaching clients over many years, growing rapidly as we have and work with such prominent ex-partners unless we were always true to our word.

Unfortunately, the web is filled with some people who like posting unfairly awful anonymous comments. Lets be fair. Our prices are high for a premium service with unique content and great results. How many companies do you know that publicly allow you to watch them work with real clients like Alice, Jen etc. and see the results at the end? We feel the returns vastly exceed the price but many people are simply complaining about the price because everyone wants really low prices or more than we agreed to provide.

Lets unpack some of the complaints you may have seen. You don’t need to take our word below. Go ahead and test us. Apply to our coaching flagship program that pays for everything. If we really cared about money we would immediately accept your application and convince you to work with us. Also, test our subscription programs and see the value for yourself.

I want a refund. Our no refund policies are clearly stated everywhere. We once had a client who successfully received a BCG offer. He had used up almost all of his coaching time. He thereafter asked for and received expensive content at no cost. Yet, he did not like the fact that we were away working with another company, even though we communicated multiple times well in advance we would be away. He also demanded detailed email responses even though we always communicated up front this was not part of the program. His demands for a refund were not even close to being fair.

I am a TCO coaching client and unhappy with the service. This is an easy one to debunk. You can only participate in TCO (where we record everything), be a coaching client (where we record nothing), or subscribe and watch people who participated in TCO and were recorded. These are three separate services. The name of every TCO participant is public. They are Assel, Daniel, Chi, Nerses, Ritikha, Sizan, Jen Nwankwo, Zach Stein, Alice Qinhua Zhou, Michael Klein, Felix, Sanjeev, Samantha & Rafik.  If someone says they were a TCO client and their name is not one of the above, then they were not in TCO. If someone says they were a TCO client and they mention paying to become a TCO coaching client, they were not in TCO. TCO is free for participants.

If a client complains about TCO they are actually a tiny minority of coaching clients who want the same service as Felix. Yet, coaching coaching clients are not in TCO and in the contract we send them it is clearly communicated what they will receive. There is no ambiguity.

Our services work and many people want them. Some clients like signing up for relatively cheaper coaching services and then demanding the unlimited sessions and email support that Alice etc. received. That’s not right.

Our paid coaching clients think highly of us. Read over 100 detailed testimonials.

Participation in TCO is a success. It would not running over 5 seasons with so many successful placements like Alice, Jen, Assel etc unless it worked. In every season we have placed at least one person into MBB. This is something you can see for yourself as we teach them and you can listen to each participant talk about the value of the program.

Our subscribers love the content. See their letters, video documentaries and reviews on our Apps (iOS and Android)

They did not respond to my emails. Actually we are pretty famous for our rapid email responses, often even after hours. See our reviews on iTunes and for our Apps. Even read client letters we post on the website and the video documentaries with our real clients. In fact, we are one of the few companies in the world where the principal partners respond to emails and not call center staff. Can you think of any organization where the principals respond to comments on the website?

When clients sign up we always indicate we do not offer email support but will respond if we have time. Some clients forget that this courtesy service is just a courtesy. If we responded to every email by offering useful and customized advice we would never sleep. Worse, if we respond to emails without thoughtful advice and it is implemented and fails, we get blamed and those who asked for advice get derailed.

Therefore, if we cannot respond thoughtfully, it is better not to respond. We understand some clients like to send emails since they can save money on coaching calls. But it is not fair to expect and demand something the contract explicitly said was never offered.

They were not available. Here’s the thing. We also take time away. We are human. We have other clients and commitments. However, we plan our time away. We email our clients in advance, and multiple times so, explaining the dates we are taking time off and if they need anything they need to book it in advance before we leave or after we return.

Some forget and get upset when we cannot be reached during these times. Lets switch this around. Is it okay if your clients or boss ignored your pre-planned and well communicated vacation/trip and demanded you respond to irregularly timed emails while you were with your family? I think not. Should you carry around a laptop during a desert trip on the off chance someone from the office chooses to ignore your time away and wants advice?

Should you plan every trip to be around wifi just in case someone wants help. You can see how weird this becomes and why we communicate the off times.

Its a scam. The values stuff is bogus. The last time we looked, in a scam the scammer makes it as easy as possible to take your money. Have you tried to sign up and immediately pay online for our coaching? You cannot do it. You need to be eligible to apply, then you need to prepare an application, submit transcripts, go through interviews – if you receive an offer to attend interviews – and then wait for a feedback letter which encourages you to consider other services.

We even explain all your mistakes and how hard it would be. Our feedback letters are a turn-off because they are realistic and not sales tools. After all this we decline the majority of applicants.

Can you imagine how many people don’t even bother applying for coaching since they cannot pay immediately and need to go through an assessment? Can you imagine how many people do not subscribe since it takes too long to reach Insider status? We would make far more money if we allowed every client to have immediate access to our content and join our coaching programs.

We run a business of the highest standing where we make it difficult for you to give us your money, choose to work with a few clients, post videos of our real verifiable clients and their results, and spend a fortune on the largest iTunes channel for consulting for which we charge nothing, plus build expensive free Apps. That’s a very weird scam. What about the sites who take your money without knowing if you can succeed and then farm the work out to junior people?

The price is high for me. May I get a discount? 

I get it! I was born in the emerging markets and could barely afford KFC for lunch. I had to count my change to buy food and even then it was only the mash potatoes I could afford. While we fully appreciate individual circumstances, and value every single client, we believe quality education is an investment, and we measure value and not the cost.

We only work with ex-partners and our training programs are extraordinarily detailed to the point that consultants from McKinsey and BCG use them extensively. Our content is unique and effective. Lowering our prices reduces our ability to invest in such training programs. In the long-term, everyone loses with this approach because we lack the resources to produce better training. When looking at the price, we believe comparing the ROI is more important than the costs.

Members who diligently use our training show great progress in their careers. In fact, our subscription programs are already subsidized heavily by our coaching programs.

Will prices increase after subscribing?

No! We do raise prices but existing members always have their prices locked-in. Your subscription price will only change if you cancel/stop your subscription or if there will be a billing issue not resolved in a timely manner. In that case, you will need to resubscribe at the increased price.

All our subscription programs are heavily subsidized by our coaching service. Shooting in HD and/or 4k, around the world, with talented partners, with innovative new shows takes a lot of time and other resources to prepare, shoot, edit etc. Shows are planned years in advance and prepared over years. The Andrew program was done over 3 long years.

The Apps and new training programs we are planning/working on are even more advanced. We are trying to get our pricing in line with the level of care and quality we currently offer and want to offer in the near future. Based on feedback from clients, the returns more than make up for the costs.

We hope the above information answers your questions. If you have questions about this offer or FC Insider not covered in this email please do not hesitate to reply to me directly.

Life, like strategy, is a matter of choices we make. At the end of the day you will need to make the right choice for yourself. I know that if I had access to FC training earlier on in my career I cannot even imagine what a difference it would have made in my career and life. I would have done everything possible to become an FC Insider.

Yet, I can see the difference it makes for long-term FC clients every day and can confidently recommend that the Premium membership/FC Insider status is an investment that truly makes a difference, if you are willing to put in the work required. If you have doubts, see what clients like Bill Graca say about the benefits of FC Insider. An interesting fact is that most FC Insiders are multi-year clients in that they have been clients for many years.

Why was Insider created?

This is about rewarding the extremely loyal members who helped create and build the firm over the last 8 years. This is for standing with us as we built a values-based business. The content released within Insider is unique. We are fortunate and very grateful to have had a loyal group of clients, many of whom have followed us since the very first year. We started with just one client and through referrals created the firm that exists today. We have for a long time thought about a way to reward extremely loyal clients. This led us to create a special loyalty program called “fInsider.”


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