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Eminent Partners
Ex-McKinsey & BCG
Never before Published
Exclusive to FIRMSconsulting
Decades of Experience

Exclusive strategy, leadership, and career insights taught by some of the most influential former partners in the history of Bain, BCG, & McKinsey.

Exclusive Concepts

The partners discuss the behind-the-scenes thinking that went into solving complex business problems.

Stunning 4K programs
The Bill Matassoni Show, Season 1
Kevin Coyne, Competitive Strategy
Kevin Coyne, How to Solve Big Problems
Coming 2020
Kevin Coyne, Advanced Competitive Strategy
Kevin wanted to leave heartfelt advice and guidance for his daughter, Krista, for the future when he is no longer around
Kevin Coyne, How to be Influential & Make an Impact
1st Time Ever Revealed
Kevin Coyne, How to Become a McKinsey Partner
Coming 2021
The Bill Matassoni Show, Season 2
With Bruce Nelson, Bill Novelli and Nicholas Gertler
The Bill Matassoni Show, Season 3

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