Final Update: The application deadline is 8pm ET on 2 January, 2015.

Update: The application window has now been open for 24 hrs. Based on the applications received, please read this feedback and the comments below to help you with your applications. We place a significant amount of weight on your personal circumstances, family background, where you grew up, how you grew up, where you currently are etc. We like photos of you, photos of your life and any other supporting material. We need to understand who you are. Sending through MBA application style essays is not what we are looking for. We want to know you and do not really care about perfect grammar, brilliant insights etc. Just tell us who you are in a sincere way with lots of detail. Good luck!

The most effective case interview training program in the world, according to our subscribers, participants and our placement results for McKinsey and BCG, is celebrating its third season: The Consulting Offer III.

We could say many things to explain the impact of this program, but the 50% success rate of both Seasons 1 and 2 for full-time offers from McKinsey and BCG says it all.

The 50% of participants who did not receive offers from McKinsey or BCG are also much better off. They believe the program was a life changing experience, but  decided to use their new skill set and polished profiles in pursuing other career paths, usually internal consulting within Fortune 100 companies. One went into investment banking after declining an offer from McKinsey. We believe that without this change in direction, the success rate would have been even higher for McKinsey and BCG.

The third season will be grander, more effective and with improved training techniques as we are always looking for better ways to teach clients. It will not be a simple repeat of TCO I and TCO 2 with just the case questions changing. This is an immersive experience where we give you a complete career, skills, communication and image transformation.

This time we are going to get you into McKinsey and BCG, but also focus on building out your soft skills to ensure you are an outstanding management consultant who gets promoted in the minimum possible time. That is our goal for Season 3.

You have an opportunity to be a part of this great program. Not just to learn from it but to be in it, and to change your career trajectory by directly working with some of the most senior former partners of McKinsey etc. Where else can you receive this opportunity?

Here is the trailer to Season 2. As you can see, it was an opportunity of a lifetime for Alice and Michael, the participating candidates.

More importantly, based on feedback from our clients who worked through the program, the course changed their lives and allowed our subscribers to achieve the levels of performance they did not think were possible. That is why we want to continue building the program with a third, better, season.

If McKinsey and BCG have declined you before, and you are wondering if taking part in TCO III can change things for you, keep this in mind:

  1. Alice in Season 2 was previously declined at Bain and through TCO II ended up with offers from BCG and McKinsey New York City.
  2. Sanjeev was previously declined at BCG, Bain and McKinsey, and ended up at BCG Asia after TCO I.

Application Requirements: If you would like to apply for this career changing opportunity, this is what you need to do:

  1. Send your resume (any word format is fine)
  2. Send any cover letter you used (you do not need to create one for this application)
  3. Send us a short letter, mp3 or video explaining why you deserve this opportunity to be trained by some of the most senior partners. We want to hear what makes you special from all the other applicants. What is your background, what is your motivation and who are you as a person. This needs to be sincere and personal with details. This letter and supporting photos is the main document we will use to make a decision. You may include any photos or any other supporting material. The more material to help us understand your background, circumstances, life and family, the better.
  4. A photo of yourself
  5. Please send these to [email protected]
  6. There is an application cut-off. As soon as we find the candidates we will accept into the program, we cut-off applications. That could happen in a day, week or a month.

Are you eligible to enter?

  1. It is open to anyone anywhere in the world
  2. You need not be a US or Canadian Citizen
  3. If you are a student, preferably studying for an MBA
  4. We will consider experienced hires, undergraduates or advanced degree candidates.
  5. You could be applying to any office worldwide
  6. You must be applying to McKinsey, Bain, BCG or Roland Berger
  7. You should be in possession of a passport or eligible to receive one by early January 2015.
  8. You should be trying to interview around July 2015 – September 2015 so we can have an entire year to train you
  9. You can be applying to any practice

A couple of other things to note:

  1. Firmsconsulting bears the full cost of TCO III. Candidates successfully admitted into this program will not be required to pay for anything directly related to the program.
  2. The training will take place virtually, with likely in-person sessions in Toronto and Atlanta. This is similar to TCO II where the majority of the training took place virtually followed by a final session in Atlanta.
  3. We would want 50% Ivy League and 50% State school participants in TCO III. So do not be intimidated if you attend a non-target school.
  4. We are going to do deep-dives to work on your confidence, competence, commitment, case skills, communication, presence and courage. We will be holding a lot of discussions and sessions. We also will be talking to your friends, family, colleagues and peers as part of the program to better understand you and develop your training.
  5. We will be following a more immersive, exciting and invigorating format, improving on what we did in Season 2, to enhance the learning opportunity for our subscribers.
  6. We actively support minorities, females, LGBT and low-income clients. We encourage you to apply.

Below we share some photos from Season 2 – a taste of what Season 3 could be like. We look forward to your application.

If you have questions or comments, please do so in the comments below. It is difficult to respond to the many individual questions emailed in. To submit an application, please do so by emailing your full application package to [email protected]

We took over the largest conference center at the luxurious Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, Atlanta in the great state of Georgia.

The Consulting Offer 9

We spent an entire day converting the room into an elegant production set.

The Consulting Offer 8

Candidates went through every aspect of a McKinsey final round interview, including the closed-list dinner.

The Consulting Offer 7

They received personal one-on-one mentoring from former McKinsey and BCG senior partners. Kevin P. Coyne who co-led McKinsey’s Worldwide Strategy Practice led Season2.

The Consulting Offer 6

Non-participating guests, in this case from the Harvard Business School, watched the entire event and had an opportunity to have detailed discussions with the candidates and coaches while watching the entire session live.

The Consulting Offer 5

The coaching, discussions and mentoring continued well after the camera’s went dark, which speaks to the commitment of the ex-partners like Coyne & Boricki who led the program in Season 2.

The Consulting Offer 1

The Consulting Offer 3

The Consulting Offer 4

All of this culminated in the world’s most successful case interview training program. Now back for a 3rd major season.

The Consulting Offer 2

Training by ex-McK, BCG et al. Partners

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21 responses to Taking applications for The Consulting Offer III

  1. Hi Rashi,

    Applications are now closed. We will open applications for TCO 4 later this year. We will send out an email when that is done.


  2. Hi:

    I just learned about this program. Are you still accepting applications?


  3. S

    Thanks for the prompt response !

  4. Yes S Chhabra,

    Invites have been going out since 22 December and will continue to go out until 28 January 2014.

    At that point, decline letters will also go out.


  5. S

    Michael – Have the first round of invites already gone ?

  6. Hi Ulukman,

    Yes, we will continue taking applications until we place the closing date on the website. We plan to close off applications sometime in January 2015.


  7. Hi Micheal!

    I’ve just learnt about this wonderful opportunity. Are you still taking applications?

  8. Michael, thanks for clarification.

  9. Hi Mat,

    No – having the subscription will have no impact on whether you are invited for TCO III interviews, and ultimately admitted.


  10. Hi Michael,

    would subscription to TCO I&II (past or present) affect one’s application to TCOIII?

    I believe it might, as it affects the level of knowledge/skills a person has.

  11. Hi Kevin,

    Thanks for the message. We want to know more about you only. We are not interested in your writing style or the clever prose used for university applications. There is actually no such thing as an average story. The more details you have, the less average it becomes.

    A lot of the applications are simply copying and pasting, with slight adjustments, essays used for university applications. We are not looking for that. Those essays try too hard. We are not trying to see how you managed to find the meaning of life from flipping hamburgers at MacDonalds over summer. Those types of essays tend to focus on one event and are too philosophical. We want to hear about all the key events but go light on the interpretation. Leave the interpretation to us. Give us an honest and detailed portrayal of your life and it will not be average since no one is average.

    I cannot comment on whether or not you should apply since I do not know anything about your background. My advice is to consider the answer above and make the best judgement call. You have seen the wide range of participants from Season 1 and 2 so it is reasonable to conclude that there is no one “type” for whom we look.


  12. Bonjour à tous,

    Thanks for offering this valuable opportunity.

    I have only one question also regarding the ‘short’ letter.
    Do you intend to know more about the person or to check how he organizes his letter and how articulates each part of her/his story?
    Indeed, if I believe that my background, story, etc. are ‘average’ to compete against other candidates’, no matter how brilliant it could be written, then I may conclude there is no point for me to apply to TCO III.


  13. Hi Jojo,

    It is always okay to ask questions. Here are the answers:

    1 – We will start notifying applicants on a rolling basis for their first of 3 interviews to be selected. It will happen over the next few days and continue all through December and early January.

    2 – You will receive an email notice.

    3 – It would not be possible, as much as we would like to. We have far too many applications to provide feedback. TCO 1 and TCO have ~180 applications and while we do not know how this application round will go, we think it is reasonable to expect the same amount.

    Hope that helps.


  14. Hi Michael,

    Just had a couple of process related questions if that’s ok;

    – Given that you indicated that you’d assess applications on a “rolling basis”, is there an approximate timeline that we can expect a decision by?

    – Would you notify the applicants that didn’t make the cut or should we assume that if we don’t get notification by a certain date?

    – Would you consider providing high level feedback for the people that don’t make it to TCO III? I realize that might not be possible given the volume of applications you’re likely to receive but was just curious.

    Thanks. Looking forward to the process.

  15. Hi Jen,

    You always ask the toughest questions! Here is my advice. This is based on the applications we have already received so I think these answers to your questions will help.

    1 – For the short letter, the length is not important. We received a 4 page letter and we liked it a lot! Why did we like it. The letter contained incredible detail. The applicant discussed growing up in Lagos, Nigeria and what it was like helping her grandmother, going to school, applying to Wharton etc. Yet, the detail is what set it apart. She added in the names of people, names of places, times, numbers, brands etc. You could visualize what she was writing about. That is what we want. if you can convey that in 1 page or half a page, do it.

    Other applicants have simply taken their essays for MBA or undergraduate and used it as the short letter. The problem here is that it has no real details. The facts are important. Be rich in facts.

    2 – Ivy League is used as a colloquial term here. We are counting elite schools from outside the US as part of this group. So people from Cambridge, Oxford, Ivey etc., are all being grouped here. Tsinghua is also being grouped here. In total, we have 20 schools in this group.

    We think it is a fair system because the majority of interested applicants will be from these 20 schools and probably another 30 others. It is not about getting numeric balance based on the absolute number of schools but about getting a balance based on where the likely applicants will originate. In TCO 1 and 2, 80% of applicants where from the US Ivy Leagues. If we see many more applicants from outside the Ivy League we may change this.

    3 – We determine minority based on the region where you are studying, but also your past. So you must be a minority as defined by US rules if you are studying in the US. That said, this is why we are looking for the personal letter. If you had a particularly difficult life, and are not a racial minority, we consider your economic status and factor that in. We are quite prepared to go outside the rules here.

    Hope that helps.


  16. Michael, thanks for this incredible opportunity. I have a few questions/comments.

    1) How would you define “short letter” in terms of maximum word count for the amount of detail you expect?

    Opening eligibility to candidates worldwide is a terrific idea. I have two comments in regards to this change:

    2) I think that a natural next step would be to make the final pool of participants institution agnostic. Assuming the literal definition of Ivy-League, 50% of participants would be drawn from only 8 US schools, while the other 50% would be selected from the other hundreds of schools in the US, and thousands of institutions worldwide. By not changing the “50% Ivy League and 50% State school participants in TCO III”, it essentially becomes 50% Ivy-League, 50% Rest of the World. This unconsciously creates a different brand of inequality.

    3) I’d be interested to see how you would now define “minority”. Certainly, an interest group that might be considered underrepresented minority in the US, would not be a minority group in other parts of the world.

  17. S

    Thank you Michael !

  18. Hi S Chhabra,

    We agree with you. Quite a few other foreign readers wrote to me and made a similar case – the program such a significant life-changing opportunity, it should be opened to everyone.

    We have changed the requirements above. We look forward to your application.


  19. S

    Michael, I had been looking forward to this opportunity from a loooong time. Would highly appreciate if you could consider candidates from outside US.
    1. I think it would present an opportunity to discuss challenges that candidates face when they apply to other offices.
    2. I’m sure candidates outside US are equally willing and eager to participate in the program.
    3. As you yourself mentioned that it’s a life changing opportunity and I would highly agree to you upon that, it would be highly appreciated if everyone gets an opportunity.

  20. Hi Albert,

    Thanks for the question and comment.

    Your are right. TCO 1 and 2 was not open to the public for applications since our network of clients was, and still is, large enough for us to get a very healthy list of applications. About 150 and 180 applications where received for the earlier seasons.

    However, since TCO 2, lots of readers asked that we open it and given them an opportunity to submit an application. We promised to do so.

    I think you should apply. Every applicant is different and we will consider these requests on a case by case basis.


  21. Interesting that you’re opening up TCO3 with a public appeal for applications, I don’t think that was done for TCO1/2.

    This is something I’d be interested in but I probably won’t apply for 2015 interviews as I probably need another year at least to complete my PhD. I made it to final round BCG this year but was declined. Others PhDs I know that received offers were already defending their thesis, so maybe I applied too early.

    Would this be too long of a runway for me to be considered for TCO3?

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