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Application Process Behavioural interview: Broad Buckets. The 3 Things You Need to Demonstrate for FIT


Preparing for the behavioural interview components/FIT of a consulting interview, can be daunting. Being asked to consider (and present coherently) personality traits/skills that you have not even known candidates should have!

mental math

Application Process Mental Math Practice: Round to the Nearest Dollar: Getting the Most “Bang for your Buck”


In case interviews, you may be asked to undergo mental math gyrations from Minute 1. In this article a member of FC community shares advice on how to improve mental math.

best business podcasts 2020

Opinion Best business podcasts in 2020


Today I would like to share a few of the best business podcasts with you.

corporate strategy development-4

Editorial Corporate Strategy Development


We focus on the first two steps in a corporate strategy development engagement. How a partner develops the overall viewpoint he will bring to the engagement, and the process to develop an objective function/problem statement.

how to start a business with no money

Feature How to start a business with no money


Even if you have zero dollars in your bank account at this very moment, you can find a way to generate revenue to help you grow your business. Do what you can with what you have instead of focusing on what you don’t have.

strategy workshop strategic planning

Partners Viewpoint What a Strategy Workshop Will Not Give You at the End


If you are building up to this big strategy workshop, and think that at the end of it you are going to get a strategy, that is not true. The strategy workshop helps you narrow down things but it does not create the strategy.

MBA Application MBA admission

Application Process The Fine Art of MBA Application


With nine (9) fully-funded offers, 5 out of which also included monthly stipends, from fourteen (14) applications to top 10 – 50 MBA programs in the US and Canada, I have learned that business schools' MBA application is a fine art that should be honed.

business ethics

Ethics & Values Business Ethics Principles


Strong values, the reputation of a person with strong business ethics principles, will always make you stand out and are vital for your long-term success and happiness in all areas of your life.

online business ideas 2020

Partners Viewpoint 8 Profitable Online Business Ideas in 2020


Let's talk about online business ideas to help you create some additional streams of income during the current downturn, and beyond.