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FC Insiders Update January 2021

FC Insiders Update January 2021

Over the last 3 months we moved to monthly FC Insider updates, versus weekly. As an example, in November we launched the entire Competitive Advantage with Kevin P. Coyne program (44 episodes plus 13 additional Q&As).

In December and January we launched:

– How to Solve Big Problems with ex McKinsey senior partner Kevin P. Coyne (full program was released)
– How to be Successful, Influential and Make an Impact with ex McKinsey senior partner Kevin P. Coyne (full program was released)
– How to become a McKinsey partner with ex McKinsey senior partner Kevin P. Coyne (53 out of 56 episodes were released)
Lessons from Start Ups (4 episodes were released)

And more is coming, including Advanced Competitive Strategy with Kevin P. Coyne is scheduled to be released by the end of March and 2 new seasons with Bill Matassoni, ex McKinsey and BCG senior partner, are scheduled to be released by the end of May. Plus a number of other programs/updates to current programs.

FC Insiders will remain our number one focus. And a lot of the work we do (e.g. SCR-Advanced, books) is done to serve FC Insiders.

Our Advanced Knowledge Management System/SCR-Advanced was launched after multiple requests, over many years, from FC Insiders to find a way for them to have access to our slides including studies, proposals, templates etc. To keep costs unchanged for all FC Insiders we introduced this new service as an optional add on and only FC Insiders are eligible to apply. This is an incredibly expensive offering for us, with heavy ongoing costs, so introduction of SCR-Advanced is not a departure from our efforts to serve FC Insiders but a way to give selected FC Insiders who asked for this service more resources and tools to succeed at a higher level and save a lot of time.

Over the last few years another consistent top request from FC Insiders was requests for written supplemental materials/books. It takes a lot of resources to create and publish such materials. So to avoid raising the price for all FC Insiders we launched written materials as books to a broader FC community to subsidize the cost that otherwise FC Insiders would need to cover to make such offering sustainable. This way FC Insiders can get access to books at a very affordable price.

And our books are gold mines. They are packed with incredible value versus most books I buy or get as a gift these days. We are not messing around. If we are doing something we do our best to do it right. The books we released so far include:


As of this moment all of our books are available in Kindle format at a special price of $9.99. This is an incredibly affordable price, especially given the value, even for poorest developing countries.

Monday Morning 8 a.m. was introduced to offer weekly guidance to FC Insiders on insights from what is happening around the world. This is another common request from FC Insiders, who missed a version of this we used to have on the old FIRMSconsulting.com website.

We made this FC Insider newsletter and corresponding audio episodes available to a broader FC community, but it is designed for FC Insiders. And that is why you see so many references to various FC Insider programs and SCR-Advanced resources, as we are guiding FC Insiders and SCR-Advanced members where to dive in if they would like to learn more about a specific topic/approach/skill.

FC Insiders also have seen many new programs being launched but not completed yet. This occurs because we are trying to accommodate requests from all FC Insiders. It is a diverse group from managers at top consulting firms all the way to senior partners at top consulting firms and even executive board members of major organizations. Some FC Insiders run their own consulting firms. Others are executives within giant, most elite technology companies or other major organizations. So because of the diverse make up of FC Insiders they have various interests and needs. So it takes time to populate all the programs until completion but we are tirelessly working at it and you can see it in the amount of new content we release for FC Insiders on a monthly basis.

So while we are doing a lot things to serve our entire community, FC Insiders are our hard core most loyal group who are our primary focus, and we are developing a lot of resources for them and finding a way to make such new resources accessible in a way that does not raise a price tag for all FC Insiders.

You may ask why are FC Insiders our primary focus given we are a private equity firm and building multiple high income potential businesses (higher income that FIRMSconsulting educational resources can ever offer)? Because the mission of FIRMSconsulting is to solve mankind’s toughest problems. And there is only so much impact we can do through those other businesses. Our greatest impact is made through FC Insiders from all over the world being armed with skills to get meaningful results and change the trajectory of their organizations, industries, families, countries, and the world.

Thank you FC Insiders for your trust and for putting in the work required to not only learn but apply and get meaningful results. We value each and every one of you very much and can’t wait to see the big things we will do together in 2021!

This is an excerpt from Monday Morning 8 a.m. newsletter, issue #10. 

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