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EB1A Green Card – An Alien of Extraordinary Ability

Here is the latest client on a path to green card approval. You can be next.

How? There are 2 options.

#1) One is you can work through the new EB1A Green Card – An Alien of Extraordinary Ability online program available to Insiders and Legacy members, as well as the shorter program, USA Immigration/Citizenship Best Practices From Our Most Successful Clients, also available to Insiders and Legacy members on StrategyTraining.com.

#2) You can apply to work with us one-on-one over 1 year or so period to help you work toward qualifying for An Alien of Extraordinary Ability green card or a similar self-sponsored green card. An important side effect of this work is you will be implementing steps that can help you progress significantly faster in your career.

Option 1 – Online Program

You can learn about the earlier released shorter program here. In this section let’s zoom in on a new mega program we are releasing for Insiders and Legacty members: EB1A Green Card – An Alien of Extraordinary Ability program.

Not one client with whom we have worked to secure their EB-1A or another self-sponsored green card met or was on the path to meeting the extraordinary ability green card requirements when they engaged us. Not a single client. This is important to understand. Therefore, our role was not one of helping them explain their achievements or merely compiling documents. We had to help them create and achieve those things that would meet the conditions for the green card. The point of this program is that…

With a concentrated and guided one to three-year focus, most clients can meet the requirements as well.

Including you.

In our experience, there are three strategic mistakes made in the process.

First, the requirements for an EB-1A green card or a similar self-sponsored green card are significant. There is a reason it is the most coveted and rare type of green card issued. It can take anywhere from a year and more to meet the requirements and document the proof. If you do not meet the requirements right now, you could meet the requirements in a few years with the right strategy. The mistake is to assume that if you do not meet the requirements right now, you will never meet the requirements. And if you never start trying to meet the requirements, you never will. Many, therefore, are unwilling to put in a few years of concentrated effort and end up waiting most of their lives.

Second, many believe trying to meet the EB-1A requirements is a distraction. They assume it will detract from their careers and their careers will suffer. Doing the work to meet the EB-1A requirements, in the correct way, will lead to a significant improvement in your career. We have seen this with all clients. We believe one of the best ways to help our clients was to lay out the process used by some of our most successful clients to secure an EB-1A green card.

Third, many make the process more burdensome and complicated than it needs to be. This is the main reason they tire out and drop out. Most don’t follow the specific requirements and add their interpretation. Many adopt a volume strategy to show how much they have done, rather than becoming, and proving they are an expert in their field.




There was little inherently special about Priya* when we started working with her. She had not attended an Ivy League school. She had not graduated first in her class. She was not published. She had no patents. She was not working in an elite firm. She had not been promoted rapidly. Yet, in just under three years we turned her into a publicly recognized expert in her field who was sufficiently impressive to be granted an alien of extraordinary ability green card.

Follow Kris & Michael as they help Priya (BSc. Economics, LLB & MBA) earn a coveted EB-1A green card within 3 years, in a way that directly led to her promotion to equity partner. Well ahead of the typical >15-year wait times. This is one of our detailed mega programs where we cover all the steps, every meeting, dinner, document, coffee chat, obstacle, plan, tactic, pilot, proposal, family issue, client push-back, strategy, success, failure, etc. to guide Priya through the process. We will review all the critical documents submitted. At the end of the process lasting 3 years, Priya is both promoted to equity partner at her professional services firm and relocates to the US to join another company, in her dream role.

Because it takes time to follow everything we did with Priya and repeat the steps in your application process, we encourage you to work slowly through the program. Rushing and assuming you know what to do, often leads to failure. There are many nuanced steps we took to reduce the amount of effort needed and compress the timeline to just over a year of work, followed by the time to apply and obtain Priya’s green card over an additional year. Many of the things we do are counter-intuitive, yet very logical and we explain why we did it.

As the program begins Priya, 32, is considering her career options. She graduated from respectable schools and works as a lawyer at a multi-disciplinary professional services firm focused on corporate transactions. She has done well at her firm but she is worried if she can ever be promoted further, or if she can manage the increasingly demanding hours. She worries if she stays longer, she will lose her last opportunity to make a jump to McKinsey or BCG. She is also worried about being single, does not like the choices around her, and is under pressure from her parents to marry soon. Priya had to work hard to get where she was, yet she did not believe she had made much progress. In her mind, if getting here was so difficult, how would she ever get to the next career level and balance out her largely neglected personal life?

In speaking to her, we realized that Priya had a hidden true dream. She wanted to live and work in New York City. Yet, she believed it was such an impossible dream that she had not raised it with us, and wanted to focus on a more realistic lesser dream: finding a way to accelerate her career. This is common to most people. They give up on their true dreams because they decide it is impossible. They no longer want to think about it or try to achieve it. They bury it. They convince themselves it is out of reach and continuing to think about it will just hurt them and waste time. They are not even receptive to the possibility of the dream being within reach. They do this with their lives, careers, and relationships. Given her background and nationality, Priya’s most likely route would have to be through the EB-1A process. It is the only green card not requiring a corporate sponsor, existing job offer, and labor market opinion.

Option 2

One-year executive coaching program where you can work with us in a small group environment, with a hot seat format, where we will guide you along the critical path of dramatically increasing your chances of becoming eligible for EB-1A or a similar self-sponsored US green card. Since qualifying for that card requires extraordinary achievements in your career or business, this process is not a distraction from building your career but a fuel to accelerate your career. See Priya’s story above as an example. We have very few seats for executive coaching and manage it as multiple small groups with which we work in parallel. In your application, please provide sufficient information for us to evaluate if joining forces is a mutually good fit for us. Specifically, please indicate if you are an Insider, Legacy member, The Strategy Control Room member, or if you previously were a coaching client.

To apply for a 1-year coaching program, email [email protected].

If you are an Insider or Legacy member (you can enroll as Insider or Legacy member here) and have preferences for the upcoming EB-1A – An Alien of Extraordinary Ability program, please email those to [email protected]. It will be used as input as we are preparing this program for you.

Editor’s Note: What we teach is unique. It is valuable. It cannot be found anywhere else. The knowledge, skills, strategies, and technical understanding required to repeat these successes in your career would take the average professional years, if not decades, to acquire and that’s assuming you find the right opportunities. We compress all of that learning into these mega programs: (1) Getting Andrew Promoted to Equity Partner Within 3Yrs, from Senior Manager, (2) Corporate Strategy & Transformation of a Major Industrial Company, (3) Merger and IPO of a National Tech. Champion, (4) Turnaround at a Major Financial Institutions Group, (5) EB-1A Green Card – An Alien of Extraordinary Ability, (6) Rolling Out AI + Cloud at a Fortune 500 Company. $30MM / Year Contract and (7) Innovating an Industrial Giant: $42 million single project feeThey are developed over many years and given detailed explanations, they each often exceed 250 episodes/program. We are proud to make these available to our clients. As always the programs have two objectives: (1) Show you what we did to radically accelerate the clients’ career, and (2) what we did to create significant value within the company by solving a critical, and often strategic, problem.

Please note that we are not immigration lawyers and clients must use common sense and consult legal counsel when making decisions. We simply share our experiences of what worked for Priya, and similar clients.

*Client’s name was changed to protect the privacy of this client.

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