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Drowning in mediocrity

Drowning in mediocrity

One important point to consider when building your career or business is the consistency of your brand. One company that inspires me when it comes to brand consistency is Disney. Simple things like painting fence posts at Disney World are considered marketing by Disney and approached accordingly. They understand that every detail contributes to the overall perception people have about the Disney brand.

When I was in banking, I had a colleague who went from Toronto, Canada, to Orlando, Florida, every chance he got. He spent his honeymoon there, and his every vacation was spent there. How many businesses have this kind of customer loyalty?

Another example is McDonald’s. I haven’t been to one in a while, but when I was a teenager, it was the only restaurant I could sometimes afford to visit. I was always impressed by how clean their bathrooms were. And it is by design. They saw their clean restrooms as a critical part of marketing. They focused on creating an environment where customers would feel well taken care of and valued. They wanted to be a place to which customers would want to return.

Many of us have businesses that are primarily, if not completely, digital. If you are in corporate world and you are building your professional brand, your professional brand is often in large part digital. We don’t have a store, we have a website. We don’t have customer restrooms and tables and chairs, we have LinkedIn profiles, published articles, published books, and apps to make consumption of our products more pleasant and convenient for customers.

Our clients and customers (internal and external) live in a world filled primarily with useless noise. They are sick and tired of being bombarded with superficial content, lacking any substance or value, and often even lacking the truth.

A big part of the consistency of a professional brand is creating meaningful significance. Standing for something. Remaining humans in the world powered by AI (while, of course, still using the tools available not to become extinct).

Aligning your product or your professional brand with a larger narrative.

Deciding what your professional brand or product stands for.

For example, StrategyTraining.com stands for powering every ambitious, well-meaning business professional to have a career (and level of contribution) beyond what they thought was possible for them. We are the intelligence that powers consultants and business leaders all over the world to have a bigger impact and a bigger life.

Ask yourself today, what does your professional brand or product stand for?

Noteworthy Highlight

This was a challenging program because we were attempting to drive significant improvements through a single person: Abhi – a mid-level executive who, by his own admission, suffered from a lack of confidence and the inability to motivate and lead teams through his still developing speaking, writing, and critical thinking skills. Therefore, we deliberately chose a strategy that required Abhi to learn as few new skills as possible. If you are an Insider or Legacy member watch the program here.

I will leave you with these thoughts: Your colleagues and clients are drowning in a world of noisy mediocrity and nonsense. Be a professional brand or business of substance. Offer real, substantial, unique value. Genuinely care about your clients and customers. Even a small effort every day to move in this direction will, over time, set your professional brand/business apart because most of your competitors are not doing this.

Those are just some of the thoughts that come to mind when I think about the importance of brand consistency.

Now, let’s pivot to an opportunity that directly benefits from these principles of brand consistency: the chance to co-author a book on Success Habits at a participation fee affordable for any business professional. This project is not just about adding ‘published author’ to your list of accomplishments (if you are not an author yet). It’s an opportunity to add a bestselling author status to your resume that you can use for the rest of your life. It is an opportunity to share your expertise, grow your brand, and connect with a wider audience.

By contributing 1 easy to write chapter to this book, you’ll be able to reach an engaged readership, including the business professionals who subscribe to this newsletter and countless others (through our Strategic Scale newsletter for business owners and through the Amazon reader base we have). If you join, all you will need to do is to submit your small chapter and bio. And we will do all the work required to put together this book and get it to number 1 bestseller status, so you can gain bestselling author status that you will be able to use for the rest of your life.

While chapter spots are available, join here: https://www.firmsconsulting.com/bestselling-author/

If you would like to work with me on this, the investment to participate is $1,297. But for everyone in our community, for a limited time, I am offering a $300 discount, so you can lock in your spot at $997 ($300 discount already applied) in case of upfront payment: Join Now

And you are still going to get a discount, just a slightly smaller one, if you want to pay in 4 payments at $275 per monthJoin with Installments to join us on this exciting journey.

Thank you for being a dedicated and hardworking person. The world needs more leaders like you.

Take care,

Kris Safarova

P.S. If you are a senior manager, executive, or running a successful business, you may also be very interested in another co-authored project we have. That book has much larger chapters and impressive co-authors including Bill Matassoni, former McKinsey and BCG senior partner, and former McKinsey head of marketing and head of McKinsey Quarterly. The book is designed to focus on leadership. Leadership allows writing about anything related to your professional career/business. Anything you accomplished, any expertise you have can be highlighted from the perspective of leadership lessons. Learn about this second co-authoring opportunity here.

P.S.S. Prior co-authored books went to number #1 bestseller on Amazon in multiple categories. Some screenshots here.

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