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Empower your employees to become leaders who implement their ideas, with measurable benefits.

Your employees...

...stream our videos
...use editable templates
...adapt our tools.

Watch your ROI grow.

By ex McK. et al., partners .
>6,300 episodes + slides.
Delivered via stunning Apps.
Books, podcasts and videos.
New episodes weekly.
We teach strategy.

The world’s largest strategy streaming training website and Apps.


We have members in over 150 countries across every industry type, including senior executives and government officials.


We have loyalty in our subscriber base. Many non-student members remain with us for an average of five years.


We load between 5 - 8 new episodes weekly of exclusive strategy training programs

Learn from the Titans of Strategy

We produce exclusive strategy books, podcasts, videos led by eminent ex - McK, BCG partners like Bill Matassoni, Kevin Coyne etc.

Stellar ratings

A track record of client satisfaction over 10 years and counting

Five star ratings
for our iTunes channel



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Highly rated

Our Apps are highly rated by our customers

Changing lives and careers

Members share their success stories

Bill Graca, a FIRMSconsulting Insider and Principal Consultant at Slalom Consulting, discusses the impact he has brought to clients, with our learnings.

In-depth case studies

Client’s discuss the value of the program. A global reach.

Nersis Nersisyan, a FIRMSconsulting Insider and KPMG unit country head, discusses the benefits of membership


We want your experience as a FIRMSconsulting Corporate Partner to be as easy and rewarding as possible. Below you’ll find answers to the most common questions we receive.

If you have more questions, reach out to us at
[email protected]
We are here to help you.

Why should I partner with FIRMSconsulting?

The #1 reason high-performing employees leave is to gain advanced analytic, strategy, leadership and soft skills that will position them for a management role. They want to be leaders. They often leave to pursue an MBA or join a strategy firm to gain these skills.


We work exclusively with ex-McKinsey et al, partners to produce leadership and strategy training, the toolkits to solve problems and the guides to sell a complex idea.

How can FIRMSconsulting help you retain your high-performing employees?

Ambitious and high-performing employees will remain at your company if they learn the skills that help them become leaders. Our books, audio and video programs, slides and podcasts teach the skills of the most eminent strategy partners in the history of management consulting: Kevin P. Coyne, Bill Matassoni, Bill Schaninger, Rob Markey, Peter Dahlstrom, Tim Koller and more.


We teach employees how to increase the ROI on their careers by increasing the value they create for their employers.


We produce compelling content, and exclusive and engaging books, all taught by current and former senior partners. We teach the skills of the most elite strategy partners so that your employees need not pursue an MBA nor join a consulting firm, or a competitor tobecome a leader.


Many of our members report that FIRMSconsulting learnings were the significant driver of their success versus obtaining an MBA from a top school. Plus, we distribute our programs on modern platforms, including Apps, that allow employees to learn on the go.


All driven employees want to one day be a leader. We train employees to be data-driven, effective and empathetic leaders.

How do our platforms meet the needs of modern learners?

Employees expect learning to be compelling, entertaining, easy to apply and adjustable to their needs. They want mobile learning that mimics the experience of the most popular television streaming Apps. They want to have fun and learn at the same time. Millennials and Generation Z, the fastest growing segment of the workforce, don’t want learning to be a chore.


FIRMSconsulting teaches strategy, critical thinking, operations, implementation and soft skills using entertaining storylines that read like movies and partners who share their rich experiences with anecdotes to back the data-driven and deeply detailed content.


Employees want to learn while they are being entertained. They retain more and learning becomes a self-driven process.

How can we help your employees think strategically?

Some skills are always critical. They never change with time. The ability to think like a strategy partner will help all employees: identify problems, develop hypotheses, conduct focused analyses to solve a problem, write out compelling recommendations, influence colleagues and implement recommendations. Employees who have these skills always perform better and help their employers achieve their goals.


FIRMSconsulting allows all employees to learn the most advanced strategy and consulting problems solving skills without having to work at the top consulting firms. This gives employees and their employers an enormous competitive advantage.


All employees want the skills to be leaders. We give your employees those skills within your organization, so they don’t need to leave to find it.

What makes FIRMSconsulting unique?

Your best employees want to improve. They want to be better. They cannot benefit from programs that help the average employee. They want to learn from the best thinkers in the world and understand the detailed steps to improve.


FIRMSconsulting helps those high-performing employees set career plans, learn the skills to achieve the plan and understand how to get things done at the office. We help them become the best at their roles. We help them generate a 10x to 50x improvement in their careers. Employers ultimately benefit.


The best employees need exposure to advanced and specialized learning programs. They need programs dedicated to their needs.


We are living in a time of unprecedented change. And this change creates a pressing need for capability building and developing strong, competent leaders who operate with integrity. We understand our clients’ context, strategies, competitive landscape and how value is created.


FIRMSconsulting membership programs were designed to help our clients with leadership development and capabilities building at scale. Our focus is on transforming the growth curve of your organization by unlocking the potential of your employees.


We bring the insights and innovations gained from the decades of experience our partners have at serving the CEOs of leading companies world-wide. We craft targeted programs that are directly linked to the drivers of value.


For example, we have programs focused on helping your employees generate unique insights that will make a tremendous difference for your organization and clients. We also have carefully crafted programs on problem-solving, implementation, operations, building a new high-performing division within an established company, growing a successful company, growing revenue for your organization and much more.


We help your employees tackle their most pressing challenges and, as a result, deliver lasting value. Our training is in-depth and practical, focused on driving results and creating lasting value for your organization. Our goal is to transform individuals, companies and countries. Our programs are used by employees of leading companies such as Google, Amazon, McKinsey, Facebook, Accenture, Deloitte, major state-owned enterprises, leading banks, as well as by government officials and entrepreneurs in the United States and worldwide.

How much are the subscription fees?

Please contact [email protected]. The fees and subscription process are dependent on the needs of your company.

This sounds very useful for my firm. How can I apply?

Fantastic. Please apply below.