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Growing a Boutique Consulting Firm

Growing a Boutique Consulting Firm

This new series follows the partners’ journey after he left the firm and is headhunted to turnaround a large yet struggling boutique consulting firm.

This series is a continuation of the hugely popular training programs  Partnership.Memoir and Rebuilding a Consulting Practice. Expect the usual detailed discussions on strategy, tactics and methodologies.

It helps to also watch “Designated Survivor,” at least Season 1 Episodes 2 & 3 to understand the dynamic at play and also read “Teaching Elephants to Dance,” by Lou Gerstner. Focus on the challenge of getting things done when subordinates fail to act on priorities and are, frequently, openly dismissive. That is a recurring theme.

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Each part of the program will follow our 21 Day format.

Each part of the program will be 10 episodes. This new format allows us to achieve 4 goals.

1 Taking into account very busy schedules of FC Insiders, we want members to be able to finish the entire program in 21 days.

2 We want members to apply what they learned from the program and start achieving results within 21 days (the recommended time to complete all 10 episodes). You need some results within 21 days to build your momentum and thereafter continue building on that success.

3 We want to focus on one powerful skill in each program so you can quickly notice an improvement if you follow the advice.

4 Each program uses a former executive coaching client as a case study to show you how other clients have implemented these skills.

Not yet released. The content is exclusively available to Firmsconsulting Insiders.

Before starting this series, please read these articles since the series is a continuation from these articles.

Image from Tom Brown under cc, cropped, added text.

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