You deserve the best possible preparation to change your career.

Learn from former McKinsey, BCG et al former senior partners and practice leaders.

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  • 0. Introductory Session

    Explaining the series and how to use the sessions.

    Video Length: 28 min.
  • 1. Session #1: Bloomberg estimation and brainstorming cases

    Learning how to handle estimation cases: the format to follow, how to complete the critical sanity check, how to communicate with the interviewer and how to handle yourself when making a mistake. Learning to handle brainstorming cases. How far should a decision tree go, how much time can you take to think, how to communicate with the interviewer and how to structure your decision tree.

    Video Length: 51 min.
  • 2. Session #2: Mont Blanc luxury watch case

    Discussing the mindset required to effectively learn from TCO I & II. Examining what is more important than your ability to solve a case. Understanding the cost structures of businesses and what makes a business viable. Discussing the cost-volume-profit curve. Discussing the economics of needs and wants. Mont Blanc luxury watch case.

    Video Length: 74 min.
  • 3. Session #3: Market Entry Cases

    The difference between clarifying information vs. asking for more information. Understanding how to solve market entry cases. The 1st thing to consider when doing market entry cases. Mastering estimation as part of a case. Discussing licensing, outsourcing, white labeling, greenfield investments and acquisitions.

    Video Length: 77 min.
  • 4. Session #4: CVP and MCC

    Discussing OEM and ODM. Semiconductor chip manufacturer case. Discussing commodity suppliers’ behavior, including market signals, price wars and driving weaker suppliers out of business.

    Video Length: 69 min.
  • 5. Session #5: Spanx

    Learning how to solve investment cases using back-of-the-envelope calculations and the cost-volume-profit curve. Mastering estimation cases.

    Video Length: 69 min.
  • 6. Session #6: WHO disease management case

    World Health Organization disease management case. Solving cases on sensitive matters. The importance of definitions when solving cases. How to deal with vague cases. Guidelines to keep in mind when solving cases. Discussing answer first cases, cases involving hypotheses and conversational cases.

    Video Length: 62 min.
  • 7. Session #7: China VMS Data Exhibit case

    Learning to solve data intensive cases: how to read graphs, how to develop hypotheses from graphs, how to come up with the data required to test your hypothesis and how to tie all graphs together. We learn a 4 step process when solving any data case. We also learn how to communicate insights and recommendations in a professional and succinct manner.

    Video Length: 60 min.
  • 8. Session #8: McDonalds boutique restaurant case

    Discussing which 2 consulting firms will likely be the strongest players in 30 years and why. Strategy case on large fast food US chain. Learning to solve cases where there are no numbers and no generic structure. What to do if you get stuck in a case and don't have a framework.

    Video Length: 52 min.
  • 9. Session #9: Soybean Case

    Discussing written cases. How to discuss articles you are reading and handle sensitive subjects / discussions related to politics. How to do cases where you have almost no business knowledge, in this case we are looking at production, storage and shipment of biofuel developed from soybeans. Discussing red flags when interviewing Tier-2 consultants. How to use TCO skills and apply it in an internship or consulting role. What differentiates great consultants from average consultants.

    Video Length: 68 min.
  • 10. Session #10: L’Oreal Chinese market for skin care case

    Learning the steps for trends analysis in a case. L’Oréal Chinese market for skin care lightening product case. Estimations. Learning to use business judgment to make intelligent assumptions in a case.

    Video Length: 68 min.
  • 11. Session #11: Tesla case

    How is the elimination decision made? Learn how to discuss articles you read. Continue to learn how to discuss trends. Tesla charging stations vs. better battery case. Learning to understand the case by simplifying situation to something you understand. What you should focus on when dealing with a high fixed cost business. How to analyze new technology companies. Understanding the difference between a company’s mission and steps required to get there.

    Video Length: 58 min.
  • 12. Session #12: USPS turnaround and corporate strategy

    Completing a trend analysis. Learn how to discuss articles you read. United States Postal Service turnaround and corporate strategy case. How to approach turnaround cases for a state owned company? Discussing the role of government.

    Video Length: 66 min.
  • 13. Session #13: Bitcoin investment case

    How to discuss articles? How to discuss trends. Bitcoin 20 million investment case. How to approach an operations case?

    Video Length: 70 min.
  • 14. Elimination call

    Elimination call

    Video Length: 18 min.
  • 15. Session #14: 10 Drills

    Working on 10 drills. How to take notes during case interviews?

    Video Length: 64 min.
  • 16. Session #15: LAFD

    Increasing productivity of the Los Angeles Fire Department. Solving productivity case without an income statement/balance sheet. Productivity cases for a cost center and where more output is not a success.

    Video Length: 56 min.
  • 17. Session #16: Luxury Watch Operations Case

    How to discuss articles you read? How to discuss trends? How to speak about your internship/work experience? Luxury Swiss watch manufacturer operations case. How to dig deep into a case to determine key criteria, which may not be immediately obvious, that should guide your analyses.

    Video Length: 49 min.
  • 18. Session #17: Resume Editing Part 1

    First edit of Zach’s resume.

    Video Length: 47 min.
  • 19. Session #18: Resume Editing Part 2

    Second edit of Zach’s resume.

    Video Length: 24 min.
  • 20. Session #19: Resume Editing Part 3

    Third edit of Zach’s resume.

    Video Length: 20 min.
  • 21. Elimination Rationale

    The subtle but critical reason Zach’s presence in TCO III ended.

    Video Length: 11 min.

You deserve the best possible preparation to change your career.

Learn from former McKinsey, BCG et al former senior partners and practice leaders.

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You deserve the best possible preparation to change your career.

Learn from former McKinsey, BCG et al former senior partners and practice leaders.

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