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You Will Have Results Or You Will Have Excuses

Do you want to succeed? 

You need to become an effective communicator. 

You need to be able to take an idea in your mind and present it in a way that allows people to understand, pay attention, consider the idea, and have confidence in your ability to execute the idea. 

Great communicators have the ability to hold the attention of the room, and subtly compel others to think or act in a particular way. 

They are able to earn trust and showcase credibility. 

They are able to present proposals effectively and have an engaging argument with someone when required. 

They are able to persuade.

They are influential. 

People listen when they speak. 

They are confident. And because people react to them with attention and serious consideration, the confidence level grows further and further.

Similarly, if you are not able to hold the attention of the room, you will experience people ignoring you and your ideas.

Do people’s reactions to you make you doubt your abilities more and more? 

Think about what it does to you. 

What will it do to you long term? 

If every day you lose a little more confidence in your abilities,
what will happen to you 5 or 10 years down the road?

Effective communicators are able to win.

Look around your organization. Now, count the number of people in positions of power who have strong communication skills but are very weak in technical areas that would be expected from someone at that level. 

They are winning because they have one skill that counts the most in the business world:

The ability to speak in a way that makes others listen and act.

They are the winners in the battle of ideas.

Will you be one of them?

Your inability to hold the attention of senior people or clients within your organization kills not only your ideas. 

It kills your career.

You miss out on opportunities daily. 

Effective communicators have positions of power. Yes, being a great strategist and great problem solver counts for a lot. But if people are not paying attention to your great ideas and insights, you are severely held back. 

You need to present yourself in a way that inspires confidence in clients and other influential players. 

If you can’t do it, you are pigeonholed as a “good workhorse for analyses” person who should not have important client-facing roles. Do not accept this.

6 months from now, you will have results, or you will have excuses.

Do you want a chance to discover EXACTLY what Michael and I only reveal to our highest-paying and most successful executive coaching clients in private?

Now you can …

Apply to join Speak Without Limits (aka Executive Presence and Communication coaching program).

This is not a beginner coaching program.

If you want beginner training, start with our monthly Premium membership or books like Succeeding as a Management Consultant.

This is an in-depth advanced coaching and training program, covering experience gained over decades of blood, sweat, and punishing work of:

  • being high-performing management consultants working with CEOs of major companies,
  • working with top communication and influence trainers in the world in their most advanced programs (5 and 6 figure fees per program),
  • serving as a banker managing a portfolio of over a billion dollars, and
  • coaching our executive coaching clients to positions of power within major organizations.

This is also not a coaching program that you can casually attend.

There are many moving parts to our methodology, and deep study is required.

It will be a combination of regular hot seats in a small group environment, one-on-one deep dives, and going through exclusive advanced training to master the skills needed.

Because of this, you need to go through the coaching program with the intention to show up and do the work required, while taking notes and applying approaches in your career immediately.

Implement and test, and think critically about the problems you are encountering in communication with clients or superiors.

We are giving you a “blueprint” for how you can completely change:

  • the way people view you,
  • how YOU view yourself, and
  • how much attention people are willing to give you.

But you still have to show up and do the hard work.

That’s why this coaching program is not for beginners and not for those who are “playing” business.

So if you need something easy, this ain’t for you.

Otherwise, apply NOW (VIP or Elite). We are starting next week:



CEO, FIRMSconsulting.com

Want to learn more about how FIRMSconsulting
can help your organization?

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