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What is the CEO’s role?

What is the CEO’s role?

The CEO’s role is to be the top executive of of a company who is responsible for key decisions such as overall strategy, managing overall operations. Here are some key responsibilities of a CEO:

The CEO’s role is to determine company’s business model.

The CEO has to define and adjust as needed company’s strategy. What is company’s mission, vision and strategy.

The CEO has to define standards. Standards for your people and for your product. And for us at FIRMSconsulting, for example, standards for our people extend to standards for our clients. It’s about integrity and quality. And CEO’s role is to ensure the company operates in line with these standards. You have to lead by example. As with children who learn not from what you say but from what you do, so are employees within the company.

The CEO’s role is to motivate and solve the role of a politician in negotiating and maintaining/growing relationships with suppliers, distributors, collaborators, partners, and strategic allies.

The CEO’s role is to be an effective communicator. You have to keep on reinforcing important messages. When you say it, they say it.

The CEO’s role is to ensure financial success of the organization.

What attributes will enable the CEO to carry out the job?

What are some of the ingredients of being a good CEO?

Optimism. You need to be positive about the future of the company. No one will want to follow you otherwise. You cannot be Eeyore, a pessimistic and gloomy donkey belonging to Christopher Robin in Winnie the Pooh.

Thoughtfulness. You have to take the time to study. So your decisions are thoughtful.


Focused. What are a few things the company, the people need to be focused on.



Strong problem-solving skills.

Curiosity. You need to want to learn about new things. Especially given the speed at which change is happening around us these days. You have to continue to learn and grow. One of the key reasons I see why leaders fail is they stop learning.

Vision. It is the CEO’s role is to possess a strong vision and direct efforts of the organization towards acomplishing that vision.

Taking over the reins from another CEO

When you are taking over a company that you revere, as a new CEO, you are in danger of viewing it as sacred, and so you are afraid to make any changes to it. But you can’t do it. It has to change with the times. As a new leader if you don’t change the company with the times, it will die.

You have to continue to uphold the company and its people to the standards set. But you have to do it in ways that are aligned with the changing times.

Final thoughts

So, in summary, the CEO’s role is very dynamic and broad and needs a variety of skills such as problem-solving, strategic thinking, relationship building and financial management skills. The CEO is the person ultimately responsible for the success of the company.

What is next?

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