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Trend Analysis

Trend Analysis

This is advice I give to one-on-one case coaching clients, and you can see them on our website—people like Peter, Richard, Tatiana, Amrit and Andrew. The first thing I tell people when they’re thinking about personal strategy in life or in business is that a trend is your friend.

When I was a partner, I’d work with young, bright analysts and business associates. Many of them were looking for this very deep insight that would change the world. What I wanted was for them to do some trend analysis and tell me what the trend is.

Next, it’s one thing to know what the trend is, but it’s another thing to know how to make money from the trend. Yet, you need to ride the right trend first. That’s the starting point.

An example of this is cloud computing. Many companies saw the trend—Amazon wasn’t the first. Microsoft and Google saw it. Even for companies that saw that trend, they’re struggling because how do you win once you know what the trend is? It’s a market dominated by Amazon and Microsoft. Even if you recognize what the trend is, you need to know how to compete.

If you’re an FC Insider, you can watch our programs about Tatiana and the luxury brand startup. If you’re an FC Insider with access to our Advanced Knowledge Management System, you can see slides on how to segment markets. Once you know how to do trend analysis and can identify what the trend is for your market, you need to position yourself for that. I see a lot of instances where people look for insights, but they don’t ask themselves a very basic question: What is the trend going to be, and what are we going to do to benefit from the trend?

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