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How can you start using the title Published Author in the next 3-4 months WITHOUT writing an entire book

You probably already know the benefits of getting a book published and becoming a published author:

  • Build a stronger personal brand immediately.

  • Open the door to new opportunities.

  • Add to your signature, your bio, your articles and proposals.
  • A permanent marketing tool – most people do not throw books away, and they are always working on your behalf.

  • Pre-frame yourself to clients before they even speak to you. Your book shows your expertise.

  • Multiple authors are marketing you, every time they talk about your book.

  • Use it in your content marketing plan to get leads.

  • Instant Authority Boost.

  • A book is your most powerful business card.

  • Most people will never write the first book, you will have one to share in the next few months.

Imagine your client interactions if potential and current clients saw your thinking in a published book before they met you? Imagine the time you would save not having to explain your ideas and the value you could add to them? Imagine the fee premium you could earn? Imagine avoiding awkward meetings trying to establish your credibility? Imagine how many potential clients could find you and reach out to you?

It would be a different life as a recognized expert.

Becoming a published author or adding another book to your library of published books can be a powerful credibility boost and can help you build your professional and personal brand.

I could do it, so can you.

But when?…

If you are concerned that you do not know enough, don’t have a good enough profile, all of this may seem impossible to achieve …

… I understand.

Publishing an entire book on your own is very hard…

Not only you have to figure out how to structure and write a good book but you also need to be able to edit and proofread it, develop a design for your book, and one that looks good, layout the book for various formats like paperback and kindle, figure out how and where to launch it, market it, get reviews, etc… It is too much for most people and, in our opinion, a waste of time to learn and figure out if you are not planning to run a publishing business.

So crowd sourcing the effort and participating in writing just a chapter may be the opportunity you were waiting for.

To be in The Author Program you don’t have to be a professional writer, you don’t have to be a publishing or marketing expert. And you don’t even have to write the whole book.

Enroll in the Author Program

Click here to apply to participate in The Published Author Program.

Need to pay the base fee in installments, as per above? You can pay the base fee in installments here.

Add strategy call as optional add-on.

Add wordsmithing service as optional add-on.

What do you mean by crowdsourcing a book?

You have probably seen books written by multiple authors. A group of authors gathered together, and each author contributed a chapter.

All you have to worry about is writing 1 chapter, which can be as little as 2,000 words. In our case we generally aim for 15-30 pages of ~280 words each per author. And let everyone else do the rest of the work.

The organizer of the projects handles all the work and the costs for concept, structuring, editing, design, formatting, cover creation, promotion (marketing). It is incredibly cost effective for the authors because all those steps cost a lot of money and time, especially if you don’t know what you are doing.

Crowdsourcing the book this way allows you to get your name out for a fraction of the total cost of a book.

And then this book becomes the start of your elevated journey…

When authors finally decide to take action and publish their first book, their only regret is usually not starting sooner.

Publishing a book will allow you to have your own author page in Amazon library, with your published book there as a permanent fixture, permanent marketing and credibility boosting tool.

The book also helps you start building your online presence and standing.

People, like potential major clients who otherwise would likely ignore you, could start start mentioning that they “have seen some great work you are doing.”

The translation is: “I have seen that you are a published author, an expert in your field, I saw your Amazon author profile, and I am looking for an expert to help me.”

I do it myself. When someone reaches out to me I check out their profile, see if they published a book, what they look like.”

That is why especially your first book becomes such an important step up in your career.

What if I want to publish a mini ebook or a solo book?

We recommend to start from co-authored book. There are number of reasons including other authors promoting the book, we will be able to promote your book, the book will be on Firmsconsulting author page for additional exposure for your work, and it is a lot less work to write a chapter and cheaper to publish as a co-author. However, if you feel a solo ebook or a full book is the right option for you at this time, contact [email protected] to discuss if there is a good fit for us to work together to help you achieve this goal.

You need to spend your time wisely…

When you publish your first book you step up your level of credibility, influence and authority.

I spent many years waiting, and sometimes you need that extra push to take a step forward towards becoming an authority in your space.

That is why I want to introduce you to…

The Published Author Program (crowdsourcing a book)

Our Published Author Program will help you get your first book (or next book) published quickly, and painlessly. And it also allows you to learn how to leverage your position as a published author.

By joining The Published Author Program you can become a co-author in a multi-author book and have your book added to FIRMSconsulting page on Amazon, for additional exposure. Becoming a published author can help you:

  • You get Published Author Status
  • Gain authority and solidify your position as an expert in your space
  • Can help you charge premium fees
  • Share your expertise with potential clients and partners
  • Gain visibility, greater credibility, and respect with current and prospective clients. Use your book as your ultimate business card. There are few things that increase your authority in the eyes of your customers, employees, prospects or superiors as much as being a published author
  • Build your legacy. Help people who can avoid the mistakes you made. Share with your kids, your family what you did when you were not at home
  • Elevate yourself to the next level by participating in an international project
  • You create an entrance point for people you would otherwise never come across to get to know about you, your expertise, your products and offerings. Let the book open new doors and possibilities for you like bigger clients, speaking and consulting opportunities, and powerful network connections
  • Get additional visibility by participating in a multi-author book in your niche, with multiple co-authors promoting your book
  • You create a permanent marketing asset for your portfolio. A marketing asset that many of your competitors do not have
  • Myself and your co-authors will be marketing you forever after the book is published. And we will do it for free! Every time one of your co-authors sends someone to get the book, they will also be getting your chapter and information as part of the book.
  • By being a co-author on the book it shows you add value, you are an authority on the subject of the book.

  • All you need to focus on is on writing a great chapter. We will do all the other work to get it done.

It’s not about getting wealthy through selling books. As you know these days many people pay to get someone to get their free book. It’s about building your professional BRAND! It’s about solidifying your position as an expert in your space, so you can set yourself up for earning higher fees, getting opportunities you never had before and making a bigger impact.

The ROI potential. 

What is the value of having a powerful “business card” that actually works for you?
What is the value of high-paying clients reaching out to you?
What is the value of being positioned as an expert within your organization?
What is the value of enhancing your firm’s reputation and brand?
What is the value of growing your business?
What is the value of skyrocketing your standing in the eyes of your current and future clients?
What is the value of your superiors starting to see you as “the guy” they need for the most important projects?

Don’t focus just on cost.
Think like a business person. It is about Return on Investment.

Why this works so well for you

Co-authoring a book with us will change your status and exposure

You will become a Published Author.

Global Distribution

Our book will be distributed globally through all the publishing channels we use to distribute our bestselling books.

A Lead Generation

You determine where readers should reach you and you may even provide a lead magnet and link to it on your site to build your email list or your contact details if you are looking for consulting clients.

Permanent Marketing Tool

We call it perpetual marketing. This book will forever work on your behalf to build authority and leads for your career and business.

Power of your Co-Authors

Witness the power of multiple co-authors promoting this book, and in turn you, reaping the benefits.

Increased Exposure

All the authors promote, and create exposure. But also, every single new lead for one of your co-authors, outside of the book, becomes a potential lead for you because of your association via this book.

What to do next…

Enroll in the Author Program

Click here to pay the base fee for the program, to apply to participate in The Published Author Program.

Need to pay the base fee in installments, as per above? You can pay the base fee in installments here.

Add strategy call as optional add-on.

Add wordsmithing service as optional add-on.

If we can’t accept your application we will refund your payment within 3 business days. We will try to accept every application from a member in good standing who displayed a high levels of professionalism.

Any questions? Email [email protected]

Send us bio 

We will need very professional, high quality bio. Don’t have one yet or need help? That is what we are here for!

Confirm chapter topic and submit your chapter 

Start brainstorming your chapter topic. Your chapter needs to fit well with the rest of the book, and attract people to your profile, products, consulting services, other books or future books. We have an optional strategy session to help you with the idea, when needed. We all have an optional wordsmithing service (additional fee applies). Get the FC team to provide wordsmithing service, where your knowledge and experience are captured and then our team does the required wordsmithing to structure it into a cohesive chapter (at extra cost).

Let us do the rest

We will update you on the launch dates, give you promotional materials for social media and email. Then seat back and let us handle all the editing, design, formatting, and marketing work and expenses. You will soon be adding a Published Author to your resume!

Our publishing experience 

Over the last few years, as we published multiple books and have seen it become an effective way to help many people around the world that otherwise would never come across our resources, as well as seeing it becoming a powerful marketing tool for our company, we have received requests from some of our most beloved customers and clients asking if we could offer a service to help them become published authors too.

bestsellers published author

So the Published Author Program, like many things we do, was requested by FC Insiders and our coaching clients.

We are the number one publisher in the strategy and consulting space, with our book “The Strategy Journal” being #1 Amazon bestseller for many months. Succeeding as a Management Consultant is another #1 Amazon bestseller, so you’re in great company when you collaborate with us.

This is a pilot program so we may only intake participants this one time. If you want to participate reach out to us at [email protected]

experts published author program

Here’s the deal:

  1. You get a chapter in our multi-author book. Your book will get extra visibility by being exposed to our readership base. There’s no royalty for co-authors. It’s not about getting rich through selling books. It’s about building your BRAND!
  2. You write. We take over all the remaining work.
  3. You have valuable experiences and knowledge to share but don’t have the time. Get the FC team to provide wordsmithing service, where your knowledge and experience are captured and then our team does the required wordsmithing to structure it into a cohesive chapter (at extra cost).
  4. You don’t know what to write about? Apply for an optional service (at extra cost) to get Kris to do a strategy call with you to help you pull the right knowledge and experiences to share from your head so you can position yourself in the best way in your chapter.
  5. We take care of book cover design, typesetting, interior layout, distribution etc.
  6. You get to include a bio (up to 200 words) for your chapter with information about your firm or yourself, including your contact email address and a website link if you choose to do so (recommended to help you build your professional brand).
  7. We will publish it internationally on Amazon.
  8. We will write an international press release about the book.
  9. Before the book launch you will have an opportunity to purchase physical copies of the book at cost price.
  10. We will design multiple posters for the book launch for you to use on social media.
  11. The book will be released to the entire FC community.
  12. Where there is a good fit, selected co-authors maybe invited to be interviewed for one of our podcast channels, ranked top 2-10 for careers in multiple countries. Have a chance to appear on a podcast along with business legends like Ram Charan, Bill Matassoni and Kevin P. Coyne.
  13. Bonus: One masterclass on how to use your book to grow your business (value = $1,500)

How long can my chapter be?

We are aiming for 15 average book pages per author. If your topic requires more pages please email [email protected] and we will try to do our best to assist you.

How many authors will be in the program?

We are aiming to have about up to 10 co-authors.

How long will it take for the book to get published?

We are aiming for 6 months release date.

Can I write with a co-author?

Yes, you can write your chapter with up to 2 other co-authors, in which case you can split the cost between co-authors for your chapter.

What if I can’t write or don’t have the time to write?

We offer guidelines to help you with the outline.

So, no need to worry!! We also offer optional wordsmithing service at extra cost (we interview you to capture your knowledge and experience and we then do the required wordsmithing to prepare your chapter, trying to include all the knowledge and experience you wanted to share with the audience, while preserving your voice).

If you want to write the chapter yourself but need help in deciding which knowledge/experiences to share, you can apply for an optional service at extra cost, a strategy session with Kris Safarova who is an author of multiple #1 bestselling books, to help you pull the right knowledge out of your head and select what to focus on in your chapter, while following outline guidelines.

I don’t think I’m that successful.

You are more successful than you realize. If you have insights and stories that can help others, you can build your professional brand by becoming a published author. Your experiences and insights are useful to many people around the world. You don’t have to be a former CEO of a major company, a former McKinsey/BCG senior partner, have an MBA or Ph.D. or be a millionaire entrepreneur. You just need to want to inspire and help others by sharing your knowledge and experiences.

I’m not ready yet.

You’ll never be ready! Successful people jump at opportunities and then grow and improve along the way. Don’t let perfectionism hold you back. Don’t miss out on rare opportunities. Learn along the way. We also may never do another intake for this pilot program so the time to take action is now.

In just a few months:

  • You can become a co-author of the book on Firmsconsulting’s author Amazon page.
  • You can differentiate yourself from your competitors and colleagues … big time.
  • You can build your professional brand: your authority, visibility, credibility, and earnings.
  • You will get to share your message/story with the world.
  • You can see new opportunities and doors open up for your business.

Take advantage of this pricing:

This program is not for everyone. The participation in the next multi-author project pricing is as follows:

$5,497 (save ~$850)

or 4 payments of $1,587/mo

Written chapter guidelines will be provided to all participants.

Optional service at extra cost: strategy session 

The strategy session is intended to help you, a new writer, pull the right knowledge and experiences out of your head so that you can position yourself in the best way. The optional fee is $997 per one hour session. You can apply for multiple sessions to help you pull the right knowledge and experiences out of your head for your chapter. However, one session is generally going to be enough for you to gain much more clarity on the best content to include in your chapter, based on your knowledge and experience.

Optional service at extra cost: wordsmithing

We record an interview with you capturing your knowledge and experience and guiding you on what to include. Kris does the interviews for this first book. And we then do the wordsmithing work to prepare the first draft of the chapter for you, based on an interview with you, while trying to preserve your voice. You can then edit the chapter to ensure everything that is needed is included.



Click here to pay the base fee for the program, to apply to participate in The Published Author Program.

Need to pay the base fee in installments, as per above? You can pay the base fee in installments here.

Add strategy call as optional add-on.

Add wordsmithing service as optional add-on.

If we can’t accept your application we will refund your payment within 3 business days. We will try to accept every application from a member in good standing who displayed a high levels of professionalism.

Any questions? Email [email protected]

We’d love to potentially work with you.

Naturally, we have LIMITED SPOTS AVAILABLE for the next multi-author project. If you are ready to apply follow the steps above.

Access related course: Transform Your Professional Brand Through the Author Program

Access related workshop.

Access a video about the program.

FC Insiders Update January 2021

Over the last 3 months we moved to monthly FC Insider updates, versus weekly. As an example, in November we launched the entire Competitive Advantage with Kevin P. Coyne program (44 episodes plus 13 additional Q&As).

In December and January we launched:

– How to Solve Big Problems with ex McKinsey senior partner Kevin P. Coyne (full program was released)
– How to be Successful, Influential and Make an Impact with ex McKinsey senior partner Kevin P. Coyne (full program was released)
– How to become a McKinsey partner with ex McKinsey senior partner Kevin P. Coyne (53 out of 56 episodes were released)
Lessons from Start Ups (4 episodes were released)

And more is coming, including Advanced Competitive Strategy with Kevin P. Coyne is scheduled to be released by the end of March and 2 new seasons with Bill Matassoni, ex McKinsey and BCG senior partner, are scheduled to be released by the end of May. Plus a number of other programs/updates to current programs.

FC Insiders will remain our number one focus. And a lot of the work we do (e.g. SLIDES, books) is done to serve FC Insiders.

Our Advanced Knowledge Management System/SLIDES was launched after multiple requests, over many years, from FC Insiders to find a way for them to have access to our slides including studies, proposals, templates etc. To keep costs unchanged for all FC Insiders we introduced this new service as an optional add on and only FC Insiders are eligible to apply. This is an incredibly expensive offering for us, with heavy ongoing costs, so introduction of SLIDES is not a departure from our efforts to serve FC Insiders but a way to give selected FC Insiders who asked for this service more resources and tools to succeed at a higher level and save a lot of time.

Over the last few years another consistent top request from FC Insiders was requests for written supplemental materials/books. It takes a lot of resources to create and publish such materials. So to avoid raising the price for all FC Insiders we launched written materials as books to a broader FC community to subsidize the cost that otherwise FC Insiders would need to cover to make such offering sustainable. This way FC Insiders can get access to books at a very affordable price.

And our books are gold mines. They are packed with incredible value versus most books I buy or get as a gift these days. We are not messing around. If we are doing something we do our best to do it right. The books we released so far include:


As of this moment all of our books are available in Kindle format at a special price of $9.99. This is an incredibly affordable price, especially given the value, even for poorest developing countries.

Monday Morning 8 a.m. was introduced to offer weekly guidance to FC Insiders on insights from what is happening around the world. This is another common request from FC Insiders, who missed a version of this we used to have on the old FIRMSconsulting.com website.

We made this FC Insider newsletter and corresponding audio episodes available to a broader FC community, but it is designed for FC Insiders. And that is why you see so many references to various FC Insider programs and SLIDES resources, as we are guiding FC Insiders and SLIDES members where to dive in if they would like to learn more about a specific topic/approach/skill.

FC Insiders also have seen many new programs being launched but not completed yet. This occurs because we are trying to accommodate requests from all FC Insiders. It is a diverse group from managers at top consulting firms all the way to senior partners at top consulting firms and even executive board members of major organizations. Some FC Insiders run their own consulting firms. Others are executives within giant, most elite technology companies or other major organizations. So because of the diverse make up of FC Insiders they have various interests and needs. So it takes time to populate all the programs until completion but we are tirelessly working at it and you can see it in the amount of new content we release for FC Insiders on a monthly basis.

So while we are doing a lot things to serve our entire community, FC Insiders are our hard core most loyal group who are our primary focus, and we are developing a lot of resources for them and finding a way to make such new resources accessible in a way that does not raise a price tag for all FC Insiders.

You may ask why are FC Insiders our primary focus given we are a private equity firm and building multiple high income potential businesses (higher income that FIRMSconsulting educational resources can ever offer)? Because the mission of FIRMSconsulting is to solve mankind’s toughest problems. And there is only so much impact we can do through those other businesses. Our greatest impact is made through FC Insiders from all over the world being armed with skills to get meaningful results and change the trajectory of their organizations, industries, families, countries, and the world.

Thank you FC Insiders for your trust and for putting in the work required to not only learn but apply and get meaningful results. We value each and every one of you very much and can’t wait to see the big things we will do together in 2021!

This is an excerpt from Monday Morning 8 a.m. newsletter, issue #10. 

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