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Never were we more excited about our ability to make a greater impact. Why? Because we know that with the challenges facing many organizations, they need your help more than ever before. Access to SLIDES annual membership will help you have a greater impact.

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What content is launching in SLIDES membership?

The following content is available as part of the updates we already made to our Advanced Knowledge Management System. You can locate any document within SLIDES you want, download only as a PDF, print and use as a reference in your client (internal or external) work (terms and conditions apply).

And, with our members spread around the world leading crucial initiatives for their organizations and countries, FIRMSconsulting will be able to make a greater impact through our members. Click To Tweet

We don’t offer blank templates or generic proposals. All the studies are complete, and the proposals outline unique methodologies—the type of content you have always seen on StrategyTraining.com.

Full Engagements

    1. Tech M&A Merger Strategy Study (~300 slides): more
    2. Market Entry Strategy Study (~300 slides): more
    3. Corporate Strategy & Transformation Study (~600 slides): more
    4. Competitive Strategy Study (Editors Choice)
    5. Operations Strategy Study (~330 slides): Vision engineering, production, maintenance, procurement and inventory, service value analyses, organizational alignment, business case and implementation plan.
      1. A surge in unplanned expenses and additional strain on the operating infrastructure with COVID-19 means companies are trying to do more with less. They are trying to manufacture more cheaply and faster, while increasing overall productivity. If an operations strategy can mean so many things to different people, how does a company decide what to do. In this study for a fictitious company, we follow the steps to help them understand what they could, should, must do to improve their operations and become more competitive. A key part of this study, like all our studies, is preparing for implementation.
    6. Digital & IT Strategy Study: Strategy assessment, Digital + IT skills, processes, competencies and assets assessment, alignment to strategy, project portfolio analyses, portfolio optimization, strategy and recommendations
    7. Banking Market Entry: Market entry strategy, identifying target expansion countries, identifying product strategies and the long-term business case


    1. Master Proposal Template
    2. Infrastructure Sustainability
    3. Pandemic Planning and Impact Forecasting
    4. Digital & IT Strategy
    5. Feasibility Strategy Study
    6. Pricing Study
    7. Marketing Study
    8. Funding Study
    9. Portfolio Optimization Study (Editor’s Choice)
    10. Location / branch / store rationalization Study
    11. Presentations Program

Layout Guides

    1. Executive Update 1
    2. Executive Update 2
    3. Executive Update 3
    4. Executive Update 4
    5. Layout Guide 1
    6. Layout Guide 2
    7. Charter
    8. Timeline
    9. Project Logic
    10. Model Architecture
    11. Problem Statement & Decision Tree
    12. Metric & Target Drivers and Levers
    13. Hypotheses
    14. Analysis Plan
    15. Storyboard
    16. Expectations Exchange
    17. Model 1-page description
    18. Model economic engine architecture
    19. Model process
    20. Study Staffing & Structure
    21. Study Governance
    22. Project room layout
    23. Issue Maps
    24. Weekly Update Meetings
    25. Focus Interviews
    26. Shadow Study
    27. Benchmarks
    28. Case Studies
    29. Financial Analyses
    30. Mid-point Review
    31. Team Temperature Check
    32. Benefit Chart
    33. Opportunity Chart
    34. Quick Wins
    35. Implementation Plan

What does each engagement contain?

While each engagement is different—averaging between 150 and 500 slides—they are all structured as a series of updates to the client so our members can see how the engagement developed. FC Insiders will be very familiar with our unique approach to structuring engagements from StrategyTraining.com. Each engagement contains most of the following sections, though there will be some differences between engagements.

Executive Update 1

      1. Objectives
      2. Timeline
      3. Engagement logic
      4. Analysis structure
      5. Executive Summary
        1. Focus Interviews
        2. Focus Groups Interviews
        3. Initial Hypotheses
        4. Initial Business Case
          1. Financial decomposition
          2. Benefits levers
      6. Supporting Appendices

Executive Update 2

  1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
  2. Executive Summary & Initial Findings
    1. Top-down business case
      1. Financial review
      2. Value gap analysis
      3. External benchmarking
      4. Internal benchmarking
      5. Total opportunity
  3. Stream findings
  4. Stream hypotheses

Executive Update 3

  1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
  2. Bottom-up benefits case & Initial recommendations
    1. Finding per stream
    2. Opportunity charts
    3. Benefits charts
    4. Cumulative benefits
  3. Implementation Plan
    1. Engagement plan, logic, timelines and resourcing
    2. Stream charters, timelines and resourcing
    3. Pilot

Executive Update 4

  1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
  2. Recommendations
  3. Pilot implementation
    1. Initial quick win results
    2. Next phase of the pilot

What does each proposal contain?

Elite firms can, and usually do, produce simpler proposals. The brand recognition of the firm typically leads to the sale, not because the proposal is unique. Our proposals are different because we have many boutique firm clients who need proposals with distinctive methodologies to differentiate themselves from larger firms. Therefore, where possible, our proposals contain:

  1. A distinctive approach/methodology
  2. Timelines
  3. Suggested pricing/resourcing based on a premium practice in the US

What’s coming to SLIDES?


  • Financial Services Product Strategy Study: Building the segmentation model and country product strategy, and overall strategy
  • Postal Turnaround & Restructuring Strategy Study: Short-term survivability assessment, viability assessment, options assessment, turnaround design, asset carve out and turnaround execution
  • Multinational Industrial Restructuring Strategy Study: Product line management assessment, strategic market plan, sales optimization, supply chain reorganization, invoicing and collections, customer support and aftercare service strategy
  • Petrochemical Restructuring Strategy Study: Management scorecard development, sales and marketing top-to-bottom audit and strategy, finance and administration reorganization, procurement and supply chain strategy and distribution planning
  • Bulk Chemicals Restructuring Strategy Study: Channel review, product assessment, sales force optimization, overhead and cost analysis, quick wins, strike teams and full business case
  • Bulk Chemicals Restructuring Implementation Program: Product strategy and pricing, implementation pilot, building an integrated customer service center, business management processes, quick strike teams, service value analyses and benefits tracking
  • Board and Executive Leadership Alignment, 3-Day Strategy Intervention: Develop new strategy, align new strategy, gain agreement, culture assessment, leadership vs. management, conflict management, personality style management, how/what/why to delegate and executive action plan
  • Port Expansion and Restructuring Strategy Study: Organization design, market segmentation, support services analysis, capacity planning, port rationalization plan, skills and competencies assessment and business case
  • Banking Wealth Management Strategy Study: Market sizing and potential, market structure and regulations, competitor strategies, customer needs, product analyses and gap analyses
  • Multinational Industrial Salesforce Effectiveness Strategy Study: Targeting and forecasting, sales planning, needs analyses, quoting, order generation, ERP systems planning, invoicing and collections, callbacks and follow-up, and relationship management
  • Investor Relations Strategy Study: How to analyze shareholders, Segmentation model, Shareholder views, understanding value in a sector, shareholder vs. company needs, what is value? What is value for this company?
  • Infrastructure Funding Strategy Study: Capital structure impact, financing requirements, optimal capital structure, recommended funding instruments, cost of funding and business plan
  • Marketing Strategy Study: Brand equity analyses, customer segmentation, brand charter analyses, segment prioritization and strategic levers, communication strategy, marketing plan, budgeting and business case
  • …and more


  • Portfolio Management & Restructuring Proposal
  • Product Optimization Proposal
  • Infrastructure Funding Proposal
  • Retail Rationalization Proposal
  • Marketing Strategy Proposal
  • Product Pricing Proposal
  • Manufacturing Strategy Audit Proposal
  • FIFA 2022 Marketing Strategy Proposal
  • Implementation High-Performance-Teams Rollout Proposal
  • Implementation Proposal
  • Change Management Proposal
  • Cost Reduction and Turnaround Proposal
  • Strategy Proposal
  • …and more

Layout Guides

  • Sales
  • Marketing
  • Client Communication
  • …and more

If you are applying for access to SLIDES, please let us know what your top priority releases are from the list above.


The cost for access to SLIDES is $6,500 per year per member for qualified and approved FC Insiders. Selected members must have an active FC Insider status throughout the duration of SLIDES membership to access SLIDES.

This price does not reflect the value and ROI potential. What is the value of securing a seven-figure engagement? What is the value of being promoted ahead of your peers? What is the value of enhancing your firm’s reputation and brand? What is the value of growing your firm versus closing your firm? What is the value of skyrocketing your career versus being counseled to leave as a weak performer?

However, we are trying to make this accessible, specifically for FC Insiders who are based in developing countries.

There will be a 50% discount (Special cases only. Very few discounted spots are possible given the cost we incur to offer this opportunity) for a small number of spots if one of two conditions are met.

CONDITION 1: A 50% discount is applicable for FC Insiders who have participated in FC Insider documentaries.

CONDITION 2: If you have not taken part in FC Insider documentaries (referring to documentaries with Nerses, Daniel, etc. where FC Insiders share how FIRMSconsulting help them in their career), you may qualify for a 50% discount by taking action before the deadline and while spots are available, and provided you have a strong track record of supporting FC. Special cases only. Very few discounted spots are possible given how valuable the intellectual property that is available to SLIDES members.

The pricing for either condition is $3,250 per person / year. Very few discounted spots are available. Only rare cases.

The standard pricing of $6,500 may go up for SLIDES members who will miss this SLIDES intake.

If you need access for your team (at least 5 people), please contact [email protected]firmsconsulting.com for pricing and eligibility information.

Limited Spots

Access to SLIDES is not available for application/purchase year-round. We will be allowing access for new SLIDES members ~2-3 times per year. If you are eligible and miss the launch period, you will be placed on a waitlist and emailed when a new spot becomes available.

We have limited spots for this opportunity for two reasons:

  1. This is our internal knowledge management system, which gives access to slides and tools we have used over the past decade and that we continue to use. We are only admitting our most loyal and most supportive members to access our internal knowledge management system.
  2. It is an expensive system to build, maintain and continue investing in, and our costs depend on many variables, including the number of annual users. This means we will have limited spots available.

Selection Process

SLIDES was created for our hard core most loyal and supportive FC Insiders. Those members know the value of our intellectual property and the potential ROI it offers their careers and organizations, if they put in the work required. First, we are looking for FC Insiders who have a track record of supporting FC via:

  1. Book reviews
  2. iTunes reviews
  3. App reviews
  4. Referrals
  5. Comments on forums
  6. Comments on social media
  7. Purchasing access and books for their teams
  8. Years of continuous membership
  9. FC Insider documentaries

Second, we are looking for FC Insiders with a track record of good intentions and professionalism who are focused not only on building their careers and making money, but on making a positive impact for their organizations and the world through their work. We believe every role allows that opportunity.

Reserving Your Spot

Not an FC Insider? Apply to join here as SLIDES and FC Insider annual member.

Already an FC Insider? Email [email protected] informing us that:

1) You would like to pay to become a member of SLIDES.

2) You have read and accept our terms and conditions.

3) In your email, please include a short, paragraph-long description of how you have supported FC (including links to any activity where you supported FC (eg via reviews) to assist our team in reviewing your application), how you intend to support FC going forward, and how you intend to use SLIDES to help make a bigger positive impact through your work for your organization and beyond.

Payment is required for us to review your application as spots will be allocated quickly, on a first-come-first-served basis. To make the payment please email information above and ask [email protected]com to send you an invoice.

We will try to approve every request from FC Insiders in good standing who have a track record of supporting FC and a track record of good intentions and professionalism.

We will review all applications and inform all approved FC Insiders.

We Want to See Your Success Story

This is a significant step for us to share our powerful intellectual property with some of our most loyal members. But we feel we can do something unique. Think about us spending this amount of money, time and effort each month building out SLIDES. There are much easier ways for us to generate a lot more revenue. The full disclaimer here: we want to see your success story. We want to see what happens for you. We want to show it to a marketplace: if you have the right toolkits, playbooks, templates look what these people can do. And so, we are doing this also as a highlight community. We want to see you become very successful and we want to highlight you and your organization across our platforms. We also want to see you making a meaningful impact for your organization. We want to see this group to grow and succeed even though it makes more sense for us, from revenue generation perspective, to invest in other initiatives like coaching 7 figure CEOs and building out businesses within our private equity portfolio.

What does it take? Hard work, discipline, and showing up. We can’t guarantee your specific results. But we can guarantee that we will show up and deliver. SLIDES offer access to intellectual property that can help you really stand out, to help you grow your career and business. You will have access to advanced strategies to make the next 12 months your year of growth.

Get yourself signed up ASAP. I believe if you can step into this opportunity, this new reality of 2021, get somebody credible who can guide you, get access to full studies, proposals, if you get how huge this moment is you got to have access to SLIDES.

This is going to go fast. We would love to see you in there.

So, apply right now: email [email protected]com.

Kindly note that our standard terms and conditions apply for this new service and continuous access to SLIDES is contingent upon remaining an FC Insider in good standing.

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