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"It's like having Secret Weapons . . .

. . . a secret, unfair advantage."

A strategy consulting study is a roadmap. It predicts the potholes and pitfalls. Successful leaders seek out roadmaps to understand the journey ahead. Knowing what other companies experienced in similar situations is incredibly valuable.

What is it worth to you?
To see best practice.
To see a full solution.
To see how others did it.
To have this guide.
To not fly blind.
See the full list below.

Single annual fee.
One of a kind library.
See what has worked.
Use what has worked.

The details


Our KMS is used in over 150 countries across every industry type, including consulting partners, senior executives and government officials.


Reported by a single client in one year by using the blueprint in the operations strategy study.


We have curated and completed full studies showing the trade-offs, analyses and full solutions to a problem.

Change what you read. Change your life.

1. Market Entry Strategy Scan (~305 slides) Editor’s Pick
2. Digital and IT Strategy (~150 slides)
3. Competitive Strategy (~120 slides)
4. Operations Strategy (~350 slides) Editor’s Pick
5. Corp. Strat. & Trans (~600 slides) Editor’s Pick
6. Single Market Entry Strategy (~300 slides)
7. Tech Merger Strategy (~300 slides)

1. Master Proposal Template
2. Proposal Template
3. Feasibility Strategy Proposal
4. Digital & IT Strategy Proposal
5. Infrastructure Sustainability Proposal
6. Pandemic Forecasting & Quantification Proposal
7. Beverage Pricing Proposal
8. FDS DSM Funding Proposal
9. Marketing Proposal
10. Portfolio Optimization Proposal
11. Store Rationalization Proposal
12. Presentation Skills Training Proposal
13. Critical Thinking and Problem-Solving Training Proposal
14. Manufacturing Quick-Strike Proposal
15. SAP Change Management Proposal
16. Industrial Team-Based-Org. Rollout Proposal
17. Industrial Team-Based-Org. Rollout Proposal. Detailed
18. Developing a CPG Product/Marketing Strategy Proposal
19. FIFA 2022 Marketing Sponsorship Strategy Proposal
20. Business Transformation Proposal
21. Tech M&A Phase 1 Proposal
22. Phase 1 Turnaround & Transformation Proposal
23. Reorienting the Business Around Customers Proposal
24. Corp. Strategy & Trans. Proposal 1
25. Corp. Strategy & Trans. Proposal 2
26. Corp. Strategy & Trans. Imp. Proposal
27. Retail Banking Strategy Update & Way Forward Proposal
28. Retail Banking Strategy Update & Way Forward Implementation Proposal
29. Creating a Product Team - The Forum Proposal
30. Implementing the Product Team Model - The Forum Proposal
31. Implementing Portfolio Management Proposal
32. Sellon Proposal

Templates: Executive Update 1 + Executive Update 2 + Executive Update 3 + Executive Update 4 + Time Saver + Time Saver 2+ Charter + Timeline + Project Logic + Problem Statement & Decision Tree + Metric & Target Drivers and Levers + Hypotheses + Analysis Plan + Storyboard + Model 1-Page Description + Model Economic Engine Architecture + Issue Maps + Weekly Update Meetings + Focus Interviews + Case Studies + Mid-Point Review + Benefit Chart + Opportunity Chart + Implementation Plan

You are a business leader tasked with a major challenge. You may be the CEO or manager tasked with the response. It's a daunting challenge. Everything is literally on the line.  

What if you knew there was a consulting study that showed you how another company made a similar decision and managed the transition. You know there is great value in seeing how companies outside your sector handled similar issues. You could see the questions they asked themselves. The analyses performed. The types of charts used to map out their choices. The obstacles they faced. Their funding challenges. The workshops held. The difficulty they faced to convince employees, the board, shareholders and unions to support the strategy, and how they eventually convinced them.  

A playbook as such.  

You could see all the meetings held to convince the company’s leaders, the contents of the meetings, the output and all the presentations as the company sketched out its options.  

It allows you to see around the corners of your own business.  A unique roadmap.

Would you rather read HBR, WSJ, or FT or spend a weekend poring through these documents, making notes and adjusting your thinking to guide your company?   

You know it's valuable. It’s not something you can Google. It’s not available in any book, journal or report. These documents cannot be found in any other place in the world.  

What could this do for the future of your business?  

What is this worth to you? Are you ready to change your future?

Stellar ratings

A track record of client satisfaction over 10 years and counting

Five star ratings
for our iTunes channel



Download / share finished reports as PDF files.


Watch the explanation of a slide on StrategyTraining.com (where available)

Highly rated

Our curated content is highly rated by our customers

Our private knowledgement management system

Use the very same material our partners use. Unrivaled and curated.

Easy to use.

A library that does not exist anywhere else

Designed for leaders who want to learn from the best

Curated for quality. Success is not a volume game.


Read strategically rare and fundamentally useful roadmaps aka consulting studies, that could save your company and shareholders billions of dollars. Jobs could be saved and created. It could allow you to see what should be done and lead with confidence and potentially reposition the business for growth in the face of incredible challenges.


The ROI is clear. The cost of inaction (COI) is clear.


If you have more questions, reach out to us at
[email protected]
We are here to help you.

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  1. $6,500 / year/person. We allocate a few discounted pricing slots on a first-come-first-served basis for loyal members in emerging economies who are experiencing financial difficulties.
  2. Prices are locked as long as a subscription does not lapse.
  3. Contact [email protected] for group pricing.


Limited Spots
We have limited spots for this opportunity for two reasons:


  1. This is our internal knowledge management system, which gives access to the studies, proposals, and tools we have used over the past decade and that we continue to use. We are only admitting our most loyal and most supportive members to access our internal knowledge management system.
  2. It is an expensive system to build, maintain and continue investing in, and our costs depend on many variables, including the number of annual users. This means we will have limited spots available.

What is the FIRMSconsulting Advanced Knowledge Management System?

  • This is a service for business leaders who understand the significant value that comes from reading what other companies in similar circumstances have done. They understand that innovation comes from adopting best practices from outside a sector. Leaders are not siloed thinkers. They make time to learn from other sectors and bring in new ideas to disrupt their sector.
  • Completed strategy studies.
  • Winning >$1 million consulting strategy proposals.
  • Workshop tools.
  • Consulting templates.

May I see sample content?

This service is only available to FC Insiders, who can view similar studies on StrategyTraining.com, and therefore know what to expect in the KMS.

What is available?

All the studies are complete, and the proposals outline unique methodologies—the type of content you have always seen on StrategyTraining.com. See the full list above.

How does it work?

This program is for leaders who understand the value of being able to read and understand how peer companies have tackled difficult problems.


Imagine the value of being able to understand the complete analyses and processes a company used to respond to attacking competitors?


Imagine being able to see the proposal that led to a series of multi-million dollar consulting studies? What would be the impact on your career if you could use our proposals to do the same?


Download the PDF deliverable and share it with clients and colleagues.

Everything is archived online in one place.

What does each full study contain?

  1. While each engagement is different—averaging between 150 and 500 slides—they are usually structured as a series of updates to the client so our members can see how the engagement developed. FC Insiders will be very familiar with our unique approach to structuring engagements from StrategyTraining.com. Each engagement contains most of the following sections, though there will be some differences between engagements.
    1. Executive Update 1
      1. Objectives
      2. Timeline
      3. Engagement logic
      4. Analysis structure
      5. Executive Summary
        1. Focus Interviews
        2. Focus Groups Interviews
    • Initial Hypotheses
    1. Initial Business Case
      1. Financial decomposition
      2. Benefits levers
    2. Supporting Appendices
    1. Executive Update 2
      1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
      2. Executive Summary & Initial Findings
        1. Top-down business case
          1. Financial review
          2. Value gap analysis
          3. External benchmarking
          4. Internal benchmarking
          5. Total opportunity
        2. Stream findings
        3. Stream hypotheses
      3. Executive Update 3
        1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
        2. Bottom-up benefits case & Initial recommendations
          1. Finding per stream
          2. Opportunity charts
    • Benefits charts
    1. Cumulative benefits
    1. Implementation Plan
      1. Engagement plan, logic, timelines, and resourcing
      2. Stream charters, timelines, and resourcing
    • Pilot
    1. Executive Update 4
      1. Engagement overview including objectives and timelines
      2. Recommendations
      3. Pilot implementation
        1. Initial quick-win results
        2. Next phase of the pilot

What does each proposal contain?

Elite firms can, and usually do, produce simpler proposals. The brand recognition of the firm typically leads to the sale, not because the proposal is unique. Our proposals are different because we have many boutique firm clients who need proposals with distinctive methodologies to differentiate themselves from larger firms. Therefore, where possible, our proposals contain:


  1. A distinctive approach/methodology
  2. Timelines
  3. Where possible, suggested pricing/resourcing based on a premium practice in the US

Will the KMS be updated?

This is our private KMS system that we use and make available to eligible FC Insiders. It will always be updated.


We do, however, encourage members to not focus on the volume of content. It’s not about how much you go through. It’s about the impact you have from understanding one document.


Pick one study or proposal and understand it. If, for example, you are helping your company develop a digital and IT strategy, it will take time to understand the full study we loaded – you will have to work through it more than once, determine how to implement the thinking in your teams, and achieve a result. Your business is unlikely to be using the advanced methods we have. It will take time to roll this out within your business.

Know your outcome. Your outcome is not to just be well-informed. The outcome is to change your business and career in a materially significant way.

That said, this is a sample of what is coming…

  1. Financial Services Product Strategy Study: building the segmentation model and country product strategy, and overall strategy
  2. Banking Market Entry: market entry strategy, identifying target expansion countries, identifying product strategies, and the long-term business case
  3. Postal Turnaround & Restructuring Strategy Study: short-term survivability assessment, viability assessment, options assessment, turnaround design, asset carve out, and turnaround execution
  4. Multinational Industrial Restructuring Strategy Study: product line management assessment, strategic market plan, sales optimization, supply chain reorganization, invoicing and collections, customer support, and aftercare service strategy
  5. Petrochemical Restructuring Strategy Study: management scorecard development, sales and marketing top-to-bottom audit and strategy, finance and administration reorganization, procurement and supply chain strategy, and distribution planning
  6. Bulk Chemicals Restructuring Strategy Study: channel review, product assessment, sales force optimization, overhead and cost analysis, quick wins, strike teams, and full business case
  7. Bulk Chemicals Restructuring Implementation Program: product strategy and pricing, implementation pilot, building an integrated customer service center, business management processes, quick-strike teams, service value analyses, and benefits tracking
  8. Board and Executive Leadership Alignment, 3-Day Strategy Intervention: develop new strategy, align new strategy, gain agreement, culture assessment, leadership vs. management, conflict management, personality style management, how/what/why to delegate, and executive action plan
  9. Port Expansion and Restructuring Strategy Study: organization design, market segmentation, support services analysis, capacity planning, port rationalization plan, skills and competencies assessment, and business case
  10. Banking Wealth Management Strategy Study: market sizing and potential, market structure and regulations, competitor strategies, customer needs, product analyses, and gap analyses
  11. Multinational Industrial Salesforce Effectiveness Strategy Study: targeting and forecasting, sales planning, needs analyses, quoting, order generation, ERP systems planning, invoicing and collections, callbacks and follow-up, and relationship management
  12. Investor Relations Strategy Study: how to analyze shareholders, segmentation model, shareholder views, understanding value in a sector, shareholder vs. company needs, what is value? What is value for this company?
  13. Infrastructure Funding Strategy Study: capital structure impact, financing requirements, optimal capital structure, recommended funding instruments, cost of funding, and business plan
  14. Marketing Strategy Study: brand equity analyses, customer segmentation, brand charter analyses, segment prioritization, and strategic levers, communication strategy, marketing plan, budgeting, and business case
  15. …and more

Can I invite my team to use SCR-Advanced?

This is an individual subscription. Sharing subscriptions is against our terms of service. However, team subscriptions are allowed. Please contact [email protected] for more information.

What can I download and how can it be used?

You can download anything and everything in the library, in PDF format.


Downloaded materials can be used for deliverables for your clients and your organization. However, it cannot be used for resale, publications, courses, teaching videos or competitive service offerings. If you need to use slides for purposes other than deliverables for your client or your organization please contact [email protected] to request written approval, subject to our discretion.

How do I cancel?

You may cancel your renewal at any time, before the renewal goes through. For any questions please email [email protected].

How do I get reimbursed by my employer?

In most countries, subscriptions to any of our programs are tax-deductible since they can be classified as a training/career placement/search expense.

Download this sample reimbursement request and make the necessary changes. Most large organizations, and many smaller ones, will reimburse tuition for professional development.

This sounds very useful for my firm. How can I subscribe?

Fantastic. Please subscribe below.