How to Reboot a Stalled Career

The steps and strategies we use to accelerate the careers of clients in our executive coaching program.

Bhavin was a 36 yr old EMBA graduate from a NE USA Top-10 program. He was on an H1B visa, with 2 kids and a wife. Having unsuccessfully pursued McKinsey during his studies, he joined the commercial division of a Bulge Bracket Bank.

He believed he had “made it” when he eventually joined the bank’s internal strategy unit. After listening to the program about Andrew and re-learning the fundamentals of consulting he decided he had to be more ambitious.

In this program we explain the steps we took to move Barvin out of the internal strategy unit, why we did it, where we sent him and the strategy we followed to accelerate his career. We dive into the measurable changes we made in his career, team and business unit.

Within 3 years he was promoted to Head of Customer Interaction and thereafter Head of Digital for the division.

Ep 1: Introducing Bhavin

Ep 2: The Career ROI Calculation

Ep 3: 1st Major Career Decision

Ep 4: 2nd Major Career Decision

Ep 5: 3rd Major Career Decision

Ep 6: Reorganizing the New Business Unit

Ep 7: Using Data Analytically

Ep 8: Building His Team

Ep 9: A Big Promotion

Ep 10: The Big Promotion

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Like all our programs, this is meant to teach you the strategy we used so you may apply it to your own career.

The entire program is 10 episodes. This new format allows us to achieve 4 goals.

1 Taking into account very busy schedules of FC Insiders, we want members to be able to finish the entire program in 21 days.

2 We want members to apply what they learned from the program and start achieving results within 21 days (the recommended time to complete all 10 episodes). You need some results within 21 days to build your momentum and thereafter continue building on that success.

3 We want to focus on one powerful skill in each program so you can quickly notice an improvement if you follow the advice.

4 Each program uses a former executive coaching client as a case study to show you how other clients have implemented these skills.

All programs with the “21 Days” sign follow this format.

You may not know this, but while we have an enormous amount of case interview videos, podcasts and articles, and continue to build that library, the largest part of FC & is the content for consultants, corporate employees, business owners and government employees, guiding them in solving complex assignments to accelerate their careers and develop their organizations.

Our programs are streamed in over 150 countries helping some of the world’s largest organizations along with many elite and many more boutique consulting firms.

The content is exclusively available to Firmsconsulting Insiders.

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