The Consulting Offer (TCO) V & VI is now taking applications. That is right! We are in our 5th and 6th highly successful year! We have never failed to place a client per season into McKinsey / BCG / Bain.

This will be an immersive experience where we will work on a complete career, skills, communication and image transformation.

You have an opportunity to be a part of this great program. Not just to learn from it but to be in it, and to change your career trajectory by directly working with some of the most senior consulting partners. Where else can you get a chance for that level of mentorship and guidance?

Here is the trailer to Season II. As you can see, it was an opportunity of a lifetime for Alice and Michael, the participating candidates.

If McKinsey and BCG have declined you before, and you are wondering if taking part in The Consulting Offer V can change things for you, keep this in mind:

Alice in Season II was previously declined at Bain & McKinsey, and through TCO II ended up with offers from BCG and McKinsey New York City.

Sanjeev was previously declined at BCG, Bain and McKinsey, and ended up at BCG Asia after TCO I. He is now a Principal.

Assel came off 5 years of maternity leave, after an audit career, and joined McKinsey in TCO IV.

The Consulting Offer VI is open to applicants pursuing any part of McKinsey, Bain or BCG.

If you would like to apply for this career changing opportunity, this is what you need to do:

Send your resume (any word format is fine).

Send any cover letter you have previously used (you do not create a new cover letter).

Please send us a high quality video explaining why you deserve this opportunity to be trained by some of the most senior partners. The video can explain your life, provide a background of your situation etc., but MUST answer ONE question in detail with examples, facts, numbers, dates and so on: How has Firmsconsulting changed your life so far? What is your background, what is your motivation and who are you as a person? This needs to be sincere and personal, with details. You may include any other supporting material or have colleagues/family speak on your behalf. The more material to help us understand your background, circumstances, life, ambition, and values, the better. Kindly do not include material where you do not have copyright of use, such as photos containing other individuals.

A professional headshot photo of yourself (these may be taken on an iPhone provided they are clear).

If you applied to TCO I, II, III or IV and were declined, you may apply again. We do not take into account applicant history when making a decision.

There is an application cut-off. As soon as we find the candidates we will accept into the program, we cut-off applications. That could happen in a day, week, a month or a few months.

Only current Premium members are eligible to apply. This means you need to be a Premium member to apply. Being an FC Insider is a plus but not a requirement.

Material submitted for your application becomes the property of Firmsconsulting LLC. By applying you agree to these terms.

To submit your application, please do so by emailing your full application package to [email protected] 

A Note From Michael

We expect commitment, discipline and drive in the participants we will hand-pick. We shape the future leaders of management consulting and beyond management consulting. By every objective measure TCO is a successive, with most candidates still in MBB and one has risen all the way to Principal.

This is what you must want to be when you apply to take part in The Consulting Offer. You must want to be the best. You must want to be a great leader. You must want to be an ethical leader who strives to set the right example when no one is looking.

If your goal is to join McKinsey or BCG, leave after 2 years and have a wonderful middle-income life, it is best you do not apply. Do not apply to this program if you are not sure elite management consulting is the best path for you. Do not apply if you are not ready to have your life completely changed and every assumption about yourself challenged. 

If you want to be a Fortune 100 CEO one day, then this is the place for you. If you want to learn the skills to solve mankind’s toughest problems, then this is the program for you.

Expect that every single word and space on your resume will be taken apart, repackaged and re-written. Every single leadership role, achievement and activity in your life will be deconstructed and reassembled to meet the requirements of the world’s most elite consulting firms. Expect us to un-teach all the bad habits you may have likely learned. All participants will go through a meticulous and complete change in the way they answer personal questions, communicate, solve problems, read data, work with teams, communicate data and more.

Our goal is never to just get you into McKinsey or BCG. Our goal is not just to make you a partner. Our goal is to also prepare you for what comes after partnership, to groom you to be a capable, ethical and impactful leader in business, government or academia. You need to aspire towards such a worthy goal.

And we are looking for the next IrinaSanda, Sveta, Kris etc. We take great pride in helping people who have greatness within them but simply need some guidance.

We are unique in constantly maintaining a 50% participation rate for women in The Consulting Offer. Our hope is to do better by expanding our minority and LGBTQP participation. 

If you do not share this passion for greatness and impact, the intensity of the program, over 9 to 12 months, will take its toll. The pursuit of money is by itself not enough to overcome the pain of striving for perfection. It never has and never will be.

You probably understand our philosophy through our programs and the >400 complimentary podcasts and >200 complimentary articles. This philosophy sits at the core of The Consulting Offer. In life, you often get one shot to change your destiny. 

Just one.

Our job is to make sure you are ready to take the shot when the opportunity arises and, to some degree, help you create that opportunity.

Your job is to take the shot.


TCO Season 2 – Memory Lane

Below we share some photos from The Consulting Offer Season II.

We took over the largest conference center at the luxurious Ritz Carlton in Buckhead, Atlanta, in the great state of Georgia.

We spent an entire day converting the room into an elegant production set.

Candidates, Alice and Michael went through every aspect of a McKinsey final round interview, including the closed-list dinner.

Kevin P. Coyne, who co-led McKinsey’s Worldwide Strategy Practice, led The Consulting Offer Season II. Candidates received personal one-on-one mentoring from Kevin.

Non-participating guests watched the entire event and had an opportunity to have detailed discussions with the candidates and coaches while watching all sessions live.

The coaching, discussions and mentoring continued well after the cameras went dark, which speaks to the commitment of the ex-partners.

The Consulting Offer 2

All of this culminated in the world’s most successful case interview training program. Now back for a 5th season.

The Consulting Offer 2

Training by ex-McK, BCG et al. Partners

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6 responses to The Consulting Offer V & VI (5th & 6th Season): Applications Now Open

  1. Hi Bashir,

    The case coaching program is very different from TCO.

    TCO is where you are recorded and we work with you over about a year to get placed. The case coaching program costs $10K-$12K and is limited to a fixed number of coaching sessions only. TCO is all recorded and it usually goes on to 30 to 50 sessions and longer if needed. TCO has no costs to the participant. They are different programs with different expectations and even contracts. So for TCO only:

    a) You can send any resume and it need not be school-blind and it can be any format

    b) Any format is fine.

    2) Yes, the questions are exactly the same.

    3) Yes, we want to see why consulting but especially learn about your life journey.

    4) No, we are worried about those sub-questions so please do not submit them unless you feel it will help you.

    5) One or several smaller files is perfectly fine!


  2. Hi Kris and Michael,
    Thanks again for the feedback on my questions regarding the application process to TCO VI season.
    1) Could you please tell me about the correct CV and Cover Letter format for TCO VI application? I am asking this since the individual case coaching program requires SchoolBlind Resume format. But in TCO V application process your requirements were:
    “a) Send your resume (any word format is fine).
    b) Send any cover letter you have previously used (you need not create a new cover letter).”
    So I need to get some clarity on this aspect.
    2) Since the guide for TCO VI has not come out yet, I want to know if the format of the response to questions is still the same? I mean is the central question the same (e.g., How did the Firmsconsulting change your life so far?)
    3) I know that you have already outlined this to some extent, but could you please tell me what side of the candidate you would ideally want to see?
    Am I right to say that you want to have a blended view of the profile where the person is clear about the fact that why he/she wants Management Consulting instead of Investment Banking and Multinational Leadership?
    4) Apart from the critical question (if that is: How did the Firmsconsulting change your life so far?) would you say that you have specific questions in your mind(s) that you want my answer such as any of these or any other you have in mind:
    Describe a situation where you led a team to overcome a challenging obstacle?
    Why McKinsey/BCG/Bain?
    What is your most significant accomplishment?
    What is your personal background? Divested view of someone’s personal history as opposed to blending with the professional situation.

    5) The other thing that I am trying to get the picture of is to understand a structure I should prepare my video files:
    a) Should I split my information into several video podcasts where I accurately answer your questions by linking to my individual situations?
    Or the second option b) Should I give you one video on my profile where I talk about everything but in combined fashion answering your questions.

    Option (a) perhaps would be a bit lengthier than the second option, but then again it might serve your needs better than option (b).
    Thanks for your time,

  3. Hi Bashir,

    The guide has not come out yet, but it is the same as for TCO V, except that you can be applying to any part of McKinsey, BCG and Bain and it need not be digital.

    Send it to [email protected].


  4. Hi Michael,
    Thanks for very quick answer. I tried to find a link for the same information about TCO VI, but I was not able to find. So I have quite a few questions regarding the application to TCO VI:

    1) I was wondering if you could send to me the same information link about the application guide to TCO VI?
    2) If this information does exist, can I assume that you are asking for exactly the same content at the application and you are still focusing on the same practices at McKinsey, BCG and Bain(McKinsey Solutions, McKinsey Implementation and/or McKinsey Digital)?
    3) To whom shall I send my application package?

    Thanks for your time,

  5. Hi Bashir,

    TCO V is finished, all recorded and now being edited along with TCO IV. But TCO VI (6th season) is now taking applications and you can send it along. You can assume we are always taking applications because when one season ends, the other begins!


  6. Hi Kris and Michael,
    I am referring to the news article published by FirmsConsulting Quarterly about the intake of new candidates for TCO V named as “APPLICATION PROCESS THE CONSULTING OFFER V: APPLICATIONS NOW OPEN”.

    I was wondering if you are still accepting the applications for this program?
    My current assumption is that I am probably late for the application, because of the information given in the article about the start :
    “There is an application cut-off. As soon as we find the candidates we will accept into the program, we cut-off applications. That could happen in a day, week, a month or a few months. Shooting for The Consulting Offer V will begin in December 2017 or sooner.”

    Looking forward to your feedback,
    Kind regards,

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