Application Process The power of unconscious signals in a consulting case interview

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How to influence an interviewer's opinion of you formed during the first few minutes of the consulting case interview.

Ethics & Values Stanford MBA fired with cause. Can he pursue McKinsey?

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Revealing our decision making process to determine if a Stanford MBA fired with cause by a prestigious investment bank should join McKinsey and BCG.

Behind the Scenes Storyboard Development in Strategy Engagements

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What is a storyboard, where it fits within a strategy engagement and why the elite strategy firms always develop a storyboard at the early stages of a study.

Ethics & Values Ethics is Shaped by Your Social Network

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Ethics is about judgment. Your social network shapes your judgement, determining how ethical or unethical you choose to be or even could be.

Consulting Firms Why A Billable Hours Model Does not Work in Consulting

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Billable hours are a key metric in consulting, which leads to more harm than good. 5 reasons why billable hours model should not be used in consulting.

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Managing a Firm Implementation Study & Toolkit


Do you want an implementation study and toolkit?

Consulting Lifestyle Up or Out Policy in Consulting – 6 Insights to Help You Get Promoted


Navigate the up or out policy in management consulting with these 6 insights.

Ethics & Values Ethical Standards are No Small Matter for McKinsey

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Ethical standards has never been more important for McKinsey. Learn how to make ethical decisions.

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Partners Viewpoint Can a boutique beat BCG, McKinsey and Bain?


Can a boutique firm compete against BCG, Bain and McKinsey on a major study and secure the privilege of serving the client without competing on price?