Partners Viewpoint McKinsey Associate Mistake


A McKinsey Associate needs to recognize that joining the firm confers no advantages on them relative to any other McKinsey Associate.

Partners Viewpoint McKinsey Director


Many experienced-hires wrote to us about our recent piece on becoming a McKinsey Principal. While they may appear to be the same, becoming a McKinsey Director requires different skills from becoming a McKinsey Principal. This article will unpack those differences.

consulting resume

Application Process Consulting Resume: How to Edit a Resume That Gets You an Interview


A consulting resume is not a standard interview application document. It must be written to overcome your specific gaps and weaknesses when applying to firms.

Mckinsey Principal

Partners Viewpoint McKinsey Principal


A McKinsey Principal is not nominated by the firm nor is it a role awarded based on the sales value generated for McKinsey.

Mckinsey digital

Application Process McKinsey Digital


McKinsey Digital, the old BTO along with some new capabilities, is the practice within McKinsey that advises clients on everything related to information technology (the old term for digital) and everything related to the movement of data.

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Application Process Start Here with Case Interviews


Start here if you are preparing for case interviews. This is an overview of what you need to know to improve your chances of receiving an offer.

Behind the Scenes Bill Graca, Management Consultant at a boutique consulting firm


In this video documentary you will spend some time with a great client of over 4 years, Bill Graca, and his wonderful family. Bill is a management consultant at a boutique consulting firm and discusses his career journey. He talks about the way he has used Firmsconsulting content to both improve his work for clients and the community, and help his firm become more successful.  

Application Process Case Interview Coaching vs TCO vs Other Coaching


There are multiple FC programs including The Consulting Offer, Case Interview Coaching, Consulting Coaching and Executive Coaching. Here is a guide to help you.

Application Process Consulting jobs prep – FC Insider shares tips and approaches


Meet Ioana, an exceptionally accomplished FC Insider, originally from Romania, who achieved much through hard work and dedication.