Ethics & Values How to implement the client-first rule

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We receive many emails from readers wanting to implement the client-first rule. Too many readers make a single tragic mistake when implementing this rule.

Application Process TCO III, Case Interview Training Program – Intro


What to expect from The Consulting Offer III. Tips and guidance on how to use TCO, the world's largest and most successful case interview training program.

Managing a Firm Why Value-Based Fees Rarely Work in Consulting

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Why value-based fees are widely misunderstood and often fail to work. The key insight is about the forces of supply and demand.

Why go into management consulting

Behind the Scenes Effective Practice for Building Client Relationships and Driving Sales

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We discuss an effective practice for building client relationships and driving sales. This is a critical article if you run a smaller boutique consulting firm or running a weaker consulting practice and trying to conduct more impactful studies.

Self Assessment How the need for external validation can compromise your performance

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Seeking external validation is a losing game. It becomes a tool to manipulate you, or worse, make you change your strategy.

scenario planning consulting

Behind the Scenes What is scenario planning and how to use it

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We discuss what is scenario planning, what are some of the limitations of the scenario planning tool and how to run scenario planning sessions as part of a consulting engagement.

Why go into management consulting

Behind the Scenes Inner circle member? How to resign without burning bridges

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How to resign without burning bridges, especially if you are a part of the inner circle in your organization.

hard questions consulting

Behind the Scenes How to deal with hard questions from a client

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When clients ask hard questions it is easy to get off your game. This article addresses what is required to successfully handle hard questions from clients.

Ethics & Values Grooming Emerging Leaders: Lessons from Sveta

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Lessons from developing younger clients from the Emerging Leaders Program.