how to prepare for a recession

Editorial How can you prepare for a recession 2020


How can you prepare for a recession? You need to be skilling up and making yourself an indispensable asset, preparing to help your organization and use this crisis to transform your career.

change management McKinsey Organization Practice

Ethics & Values Change Management (Global leader of McKinsey Organization Practice)


Leading large-scale change at your business is urgent, but how do you overcome the challenge change management presents? 

case interview math mental math

Application Process Case interview math (mental math) tools, formulas and tips


Get guidance on how to practice/improve your case interview math skills. We cover key case interview math formulas, top tips and powerful paid and free tools.

Getting results. How Denise became an all-star sales manager of the year

Ethics & Values Hot to elevate professional skills and get your team to number one across the US


If you come across this video it means you want more out of your career, out of life and you're looking for ways to elevate your contribution. This is a program that will absolutely develop your skills and deliver that value.

It can be frustrating, especially if you are communicating correctly and the benefits of your idea are very clear.

Partners Viewpoint How to Stop Being Ignored


Have you ever been in a discussion and had an important and useful idea to share but found the audience shutting you down or ignoring you? Often you just do not have the audience's permission to be heard. So how to stop being ignored?

Partners Viewpoint What is productivity and how can it be increased?


A competitive strategy is a plan to deploy a competitive advantage to increase productivity. A company essentially pursues one of two strategies to increase productivity: focusing on the output value or focusing on the input costs.

business case study corporate strategy case study

Partners Viewpoint Business Case Study Research: The Pernicious Mistake Made


When doing a business case study research don't fall for the trap of just asking experts about the best companies in the sector. Figure this information out yourself by asking the right questions and benchmarking their practices.

leadership challenge management consulting engagement

Consulting Firms Leadership Challenge on a Consulting Engagement


How to approach leadership challenge on any consulting engagement, balancing pure traditional consulting intervention where you have to fix the hard problem, with the human side.

McKinsey Networking consulting

Application Process McKinsey Networking / Consulting Recruitment Events in a Group Setting


What to do when you network in a group setting as part of your consulting case interview recruitment process. We will primarily focus on McKinsey networking but the information is also applicable to BCG, Bain, Deloitte, etc.