how to motivate yourself

Self Assessment How to motivate yourself

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You can motivate yourself with an aspirational or deficit model, based on how you are hardwired. The key is to figure out which model is right for you.

Behind the Scenes Should business development be part of your agenda?


A framework to think about business development in management consulting and how to approach selecting business development initiatives.

McKinsey interview

Application Process Withdraw from the McKinsey interview process?

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Before withdrawing from the McKinsey interview process, understand for whom you are making this decision and carefully examine the trade-offs.

Behind the Scenes Brainstorming technique used by consulting partners

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The 2 steps brainstorming technique that will help you excel at brainstorming during consulting case interviews and in actual strategy engagements.

Gemini Consulting

Behind the Scenes Vote: Operations vs BTO vs Big Data Disease Management?


An update on our plans for 2015, w.r.t. Big Data, so you know what to expect and how we are keeping to that schedule.

Application Process The power of unconscious signals in a consulting case interview

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How to influence an interviewer's opinion of you formed during the first few minutes of the consulting case interview.

Ethics & Values Stanford MBA fired with cause. Can he pursue McKinsey?

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Revealing our decision making process to determine if a Stanford MBA fired with cause by a prestigious investment bank should join McKinsey and BCG.

Behind the Scenes Storyboard Development in Strategy Engagements

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What is a storyboard, where it fits within a strategy engagement and why the elite strategy firms always develop a storyboard at the early stages of a study.

Ethics & Values Ethics is Shaped by Your Social Network

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Ethics is about judgment. Your social network shapes your judgement, determining how ethical or unethical you choose to be or even could be.