unemployed to big 3

Application Process Career Opportunities for Insiders


We recently announced a program where FC would serve as an executive recruiter for eligible Insiders. These are examples of the opportunities in the recruiting program.

unemployed to big 3

Application Process Important Change: 1-On-1 Case Interview Coaching & Executive Coaching With Partners


Change to 1-on-1 case interview coaching with partners: clients who apply after 1 December 2016 are expected to interview in 12 to 15 months after they are admitted.

Behind the Scenes Why Value Chain Analysis is at the Core of Strategy Consulting

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Strategy is an integrated set of activities to help companies achieve a sustainable competitive advantage and value chain analysis is a tool to help companies determine such set of activities.

Behind the Scenes Business Unit Strategy: Core & Critical

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Business unit strategy within broader corporate strategy study is about first understanding which business units stay and which go, and only then about developing business unit strategy for individual business units.

Business Case Example

Application Process Case Interviews: EMBAs / Experienced Hires


Follow this unique 110 episode series, prepared for the Darden EMBA program, to help experienced hires and EMBAs successfully prepare for their McKinsey, BCG and Bain interviews.

Ethics & Values How to implement the client-first rule

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We receive many emails from readers wanting to implement the client-first rule. Too many readers make a single tragic mistake when implementing this rule.

Application Process TCO III, Case Interview Training Program – Intro


What to expect from The Consulting Offer III. Tips and guidance on how to use TCO, the world's largest and most successful case interview training program.

Managing a Firm Why Value-Based Fees Rarely Work in Consulting

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Why value-based fees are widely misunderstood and often fail to work. The key insight is about the forces of supply and demand.

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Behind the Scenes Effective Practice for Building Client Relationships and Driving Sales

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We discuss an effective practice for building client relationships and driving sales. This is a critical article if you run a smaller boutique consulting firm or running a weaker consulting practice and trying to conduct more impactful studies.