Application Process How to Build MECE Hypotheses Using a Decision Tree

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To ensure your hypotheses are MECE, follow this hypotheses-with-decision-trees approach to structure your case during an interview or consulting study.

Consulting Firms 32 Reasons Why MBB Rule Consulting


32 criteria which shed light on why MBB (McKinsey, BCG and Bain) are ranked as the top-tier of management consulting business.


Partners Viewpoint HBR vs. News in the Battle to Improve Reasoning

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Reading HBR to develop a critical thinking ability is a flawed approach. We explore why this is the case and what you should do instead.

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Application Process Bain rolls out new ADC bridging program


Bain & Company recently rolled out a new program similar to Bridge to BCG and McKinsey Insight. All the details can be found in the flyer they began distributing.

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Managing a Firm Firmsconsulting in Sandton, Johannesburg


Firmsconsulting partners will host a special event in Sandton, Johannesburg to discuss our recent work across Africa in the power, healthcare, aviation, transport and logistics sectors.

consulting project

Behind the Scenes Managing travel expenses on consulting projects

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How to manage travel expenses during a consulting project?

Mckinsey management consultant

Partners Viewpoint Should this management consultant sue McKinsey?

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The 4-step decision making process we deployed to help this McKinsey consultant decide if she should sue McKinsey for racial discrimination.

find a sponsor consulting career

Behind the Scenes How to find a sponsor to fast-track your consulting career


11 ideas to help you find a sponsor and nurture the relationship to fast-track your advancement within the consulting firm.

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Behind the Scenes Important: Did you receive invoices from us?


We have rolled-out a new way to manage your subscription online, print invoices and manage your profile.