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Partners Viewpoint Freelance Consulting Online: a Beginner’s Guide


Do you need to replace your income with online freelance consulting revenue? If you are a business consultant or work in corporate and recently lost a job or about to lose your job, this article is for you.

Opinion Overcoming Imposter Syndrome: a Detailed Guide


Have you ever felt that you achieved your successes by luck, timing or due to other external events, instead of your effort and abilities? Imposter syndrome is real, and if you have it and do not manage it, it is likely holding you back.

the confidence myth confident

Opinion The Confidence Myth: How to Succeed Despite Low Self Esteem


You don’t need confidence to succeed in life. What do you need instead? Play the cards you were given NOW and get things done.

reduce decision fatigue willpower

Opinion How Willpower Works: Decision Fatigue and 10 Ways Reduce It


Have you noticed as the day progresses you become mentally tired, something happens to your willpower and it is harder to make good decisions? This happens because of decision fatigue and its impact on willpower. We share 9 ideas to help you reduce decision fatigue.

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Opinion The role of a leader in a recession 2020


If you are stuck in your career, if you are stuck in your life, if you are stuck in something that you don't want to be stuck in, 10-20 years from now when you look back at this moment you will realize that this is the time you could have made major changes in your life. A good leader never lets a crisis go to waste.

how to motivate yourself

Self Assessment How to motivate yourself

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You can motivate yourself with an aspirational or deficit model, based on how you are hardwired. The key is to figure out which model is right for you.

Books Like Blue Ocean Strategy strategy books

Ethics & Values Best Business Books Like Blue Ocean Strategy


Reading books that are similar to the ones you love definitely helps in finding impactful books. Here are our handpicked recommendations if you are looking for best business books like the Blue Ocean Strategy.

key business terms

Consulting Firms Business terms glossary – A to Z


Learning basic business terms is vital to improving your business acumen. Fortunately, you don’t need an MBA or another business degree to master key business terms.

broadcaster media strategy

Partners Viewpoint Broadcaster management: new media strategy is needed


The age of homogenous state broadcaster living off a guaranteed television license is not only over, but the license itself has stymied productivity, innovation, and creativity.