Behind the Scenes Scenario planning for consultants

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We discuss what is scenario planning, what are some of limitations of scenario planning tool and how to run scenario planning sessions as part of a consulting engagement.

Behind the Scenes Inner circle member? How to resign without burning bridges

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How to resign without burning bridges, especially if you are a part of the inner circle in your organization.

Behind the Scenes How to Answer a Client’s Hard Questions

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When clients ask hard questions it is easy to get off your game. This article addresses what is required to successfully handle hard questions from clients.

Ethics & Values Grooming Emerging Leaders: Lessons from Sveta

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Lessons from developing younger clients from the Emerging Leaders Program.

Gemini Consulting

Application Process Fees and Rates


We offer two types of services: online subscriptions and personal 1-on-1 mentoring programs.

Application Process McKinsey BTO vs. McKinsey Strategy

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In this article we look at key insights related to joining McKinsey BTO which are often overlooked by applicants.

best practices_city square

Partners Viewpoint Benchmarking “Best Practices” Leads to Mediocrity

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If you get caught in the trap of copying best practices, you are never going to create a unique competitive advantage.

consulting case interview coach_moscow

Application Process How to recognize an effective consulting case interview coach or practice partner

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The best consultants are typically not the best people to guide you through consulting case interview preparation.

Behind the Scenes Industry Analysis on a Consulting Engagement

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The right way to conduct an industry analysis on a consulting engagement and as part of corporate role's responsibilities.