Starting a consulting business with no experience consulting

Partners Viewpoint Starting a consulting business with no experience


Let us assume you are starting a consulting business with no experience and it concerns you. You wonder if it is even possible. The answer yes, but there are certain skills you need.

Business Case Analysis

Ethics & Values Business Case Analysis in a Consulting Study


This article shows you the general steps you need to follow to generate business case analysis a client can effectively use.

consulting case study

Consulting Firms Consulting case study: the one thing every consulting case study must produce


The one thing that a consulting case study should deliver. If you can deliver this one thing, it doesn’t matter whether the rest of the case study is missing components or it’s not very clear.

turquoise eyes

Feature Time Sensitive. Turquoise Eyes: A Novel about Problem Solving & Critical Thinking


Turquoise Eyes combines compelling narrative while teaching problem solving and critical thinking skills. Set after a bank begins implementing a new retail banking strategy, we follow a director-general who has received some disturbing news. 

Consulting Firms Starting a strategy consulting firm (ex-McKinsey, BCG, Bain, Deloitte, etc.)


A majority of strategy consulting firms are created by consultants who worked at larger firms. In this article we address one of the biggest challenges they face and how to overcome it.

presentation skills presenting

Partners Viewpoint Presentation Skills: Stand Up and Present with Confidence


The proven ideas in this article, if followed, will greatly help you in improving your presentation skills, as well as your confidence and effectiveness when engaging an audience.

build your personal brand

Partners Viewpoint Personal Brand – 6 Steps to Build a Strong Personal Brand in the Workplace in 2020


You can definitely influence how people perceive you. You need to adjust your personal style to build your personal brand in the workplace and in your personal life the same way as Coca Cola and builds theirs.

business ethics

Ethics & Values Business ethics as a source of competitive advantage


Strong values, the reputation of a person with strong business ethics, will always make you stand out and are vital for your long-term success and happiness in all areas of your life.

strategic planning workshop-2

Consulting Firms strategic planning workshop: 10 warning signs


10 warning signs that a strategic planning workshop or any consulting workshop is going to go wrong when presenting to senior executives.