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Mentor The Next Steve Jobs

In search of a proper mentor for a talented young girl.

Recently Wired Magazine did an incredible story about a brilliant Mexican child who posted the highest score in her country-wide mathematics exam. The writer, Joshua Davis, with whom we have been in contact, heralded her “the next Steve Jobs.”

We want to help

I saw this magazine for a second on the newsstand, was going to rush past, and yet immediately had the following hypothesis: it is likely that Paloma Noyola Bueno, the much heralded student, will get some positive attention but probably will be only slightly better off once the story fades. I decided to test that hypothesis.

We were less interested in the systemic education issues, which will take much time to fix and there are probably far smarter and capable people than me to do that, and were more interested in what happened to Paloma. I fervently believe that one person matters and one person can indeed change the world in his or her unique way. Everyone has a destiny and they owe it to themselves to find that unique role they can play.

How are we helping

We noticed that Wired Magazine has generously, and correctly, donated time, effort and funds to support the teacher and school who developed the unique teaching style applied to Paloma and her peers. Yet, what had happened to Paloma?

We learned from Davis that Paloma is now in middle school, remains very much interested in mathematics though she has less time to dedicate to it and could strongly benefit from the type of long-term, dedicated mentoring we provide. We made this offer to Davis and have subsequently admitted Paloma to our Emerging Fellows program for outstanding young students.

How you can help

The one challenge is that Paloma only speaks Spanish and no one at Firmsconsulting does. This makes the mentoring a little difficult.

Therefore, we are making a special request to see if there are any talented mathematicians, doctoral math students or advanced math teachers who speak Spanish fluently and with an interest in working with myself personally to help mentor and guide Paloma’s overall career and development.

Given Paloma’s special skills in math, I think someone with a deep understanding of the subject and an ability to relate the subject to younger students would be ideal. That said, if you speak Spanish and believe passionately in applying our leadership philosophy then please contact me.

We have done this before and have some ideas on how to make this work and will be happy to discuss the details with anyone interested.

Please spread the word of searching a mentor

I would urge you to think of anyone you know who could join us and forward this to them.

Resumes are not necessary, but feel free to contact me at [email protected] if you would like to become involved.

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