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McKinsey associate aims for work-life balance

I had a few Michael Moments over our 6 months rough ride together. The best moment came at the end.

After all the effort, pain, sweat, missed dinners, lost weekends and tough preparation, I finally received my McKinsey offer and sent Michael a thank you note. He sent back a note congratulating me and telling me to take my wife out for dinner. He however pointed out I should not get drunk since getting the offer was not the destination of our plans. We needed to plan my career and think through what I wanted from McKinsey – he was free to discuss that the next day at 7am my time!

I was happy and scared by that. Though it is typical Michael. He takes a long term view of things and I am glad I focused on planning my career with him. Although I did get drunk the night before and postponed my call the next day.

Sorry Michael! You just cannot eat Thai food without good beer! You would know that!

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