This email contains important information for current subscribers to any of our services. There is information here that you must act on within the next 30 days – by 6 May 2015.

1 – What you need to do in the next 30 days?
2 – New account management system

We will discuss each change below using screenshots.

What do you need to do within the next 30 days?

You must go to this link and subscribe again.This is the most important step.

Once you do this, cancel your MyCommerce subscription as per the instructions below.

You would have received emailed invoices from our new account management system, between 5th April and 7th April. You have not been double-billed for anything. The invoices are automatically created when we set-up your profile in the new account management system.

This manual transfer we have performed, moving your account from the old payment system to the new system, gives you a 1-month window from 6th April to 6th May.

During this window, you have access to your subscription/s on the website.

During this time, you will receive emails from MyCommerce to renew your account.

When your MyCommerce account comes up for renewal, you will receive the email below, you must cancel this subscription and resubscribe on the website to keep your subscription active.

If you cancel MyCommerce but do not resubscribe on the site, your access will automatically end.

If you do not cancel MyCommerce, you will be billed, but your access to the Firmsconsulting site will end.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 9.13.01 AM

If you allow the MyCommerce subscription to renew, by ignoring the email below, you will lose access on the Firmsconsulting website.

We, unfortunately, could not close your MyCommerce account and transfer your credit card details to our new payment system since we do not have access to credit cards details in the MyCommerce system. We would need those details to complete the migration.

New online subscription management system

We apologize for the extra work above, but it is the only way we could manage the change without having access to credit card details.

Yet, the benefits will be enormous. Why?

Have you ever tried to cancel a subscription with the New York Times or Wall Street Journal. It is an incredibly frustrating process.

You cannot cancel your subscription online. You need to login to your account, retrieve a customer service number and thereafter call a help desk to request a cancellation, whereupon the sales staff will try to talk you out of the cancellation.

That is not a user-friendly process. Our previous process for managing subscriptions did not require you to call us but was not much more user-friendly.

We have simplified our subscription management process by giving you complete control. On the footer of the website, you will see a link to “Manage your Account”.

This will take you to a clean and simple center to manage your account, as in the image below. Go ahead and click on the link to see the new setup.

Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.59.32 AM

You can easily cancel and renew your account at any time.

You can also see the time remaining on your subscription before it renews, right down to the minute.

You will be able to change your address, credit card and/or payment details.

All of the above can be managed online through this page.


Many clients expense their subscriptions through a university or company training program. 86% of subscribers to the executive program strategy training have the costs covered by a corporate training budget. Therefore, obtaining simple invoices with the appropriate company information is a priority to ensure your expense is approved.

Many of you have requested a simpler way to generate invoices and also asked for more details on the invoices. All subscribers want an easy and simple system to retrieve invoices.

We have, therefore, made the finding and printing of invoices easier.

  1. Once you subscribe and when a subscription renews, your invoices are automatically emailed to you.
  2. Your order details are stored in your account permanently so you can retrieve them for tax purposes, as in the image below.
  3. Firmsconsulting’s registration details in Ontario, Canada will be automatically added to all emailed invoices to expedite processing by expense departments.Screen Shot 2015-04-05 at 8.59.12 AM

Keep us posted on whether or not you find the changes useful.

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7 responses to Important: Did you receive invoices from us?

  1. Hi Mat,

    Yes, the new account system makes things much easier for both subscribers and Firmsconsulting to manage everything. It is a big step forward.

    Our current pricing model is just like Netflix: 1 price + unlimited access per month.

    We are always experimenting with different models, but we are not planning to move to the ability to pay and watch one episode etc. That is the Apple and Amazon model.

    It will always be one price and full access.


  2. The changes implemented are useful, and I hope they will be more user friendly on customer side and less time consuming on FC side.

    From the screenshots it can be inferred, that pricing and access will also vary more than today. It looks more like Netflix, renting less for less – e.g. one episode or video, for couple of dollars for few days. Is this correct?

  3. Hi Jason,

    Yes, you must subscribe on this website – the access you now have is something we manually created and it will last just a few more days. If you subscribe on this site and email us the MyCommerce payment number, we will cancel and refund that order to prevent duplicate billing.

    Hope that helps.


  4. Hello Michael,

    I was billed a second time without receiving the request to renew from “MyCommerce” or updating my address. My billing date is the 30th of the month and I’m a subscriber to TCO only. Do I still need to subscribe on the website? My order number is 8525

    Thank you,

  5. Hi Tony,

    The subscription on the Firmsconsulting website (in the my-account page) is something we created for you and it is NOT billing you.

    If you subscribe now on the website, we can always cancel the MyCommerce subscription for you. Simply send us your order ID.


  6. Hello Michael,

    Right now my “MyCommerce” subscription is valid for another 20 days. On Firmsconsulting website, I have subscription for both TCO and Premium.

    I want to renew to Premium on the next billing cycle. Can I cancel the “MyCommerce” subscription and Firmsconsulting TCO right now, or must I wait until I receive Mycommerce reminder email?

  7. Everyone,

    In response to a subscriber email, we did not update your billing address since our payment system will require the billing address match that for the credit card details.

    We thought it best to leave it blank so you may update it when/if you choose to continue your subscription.


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