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What is TCO

What is it: The Consulting Offer (TCO) is the video/audio subscription streaming program through which we train subscribers to prepare for case interviews. You will see/read/hear the acronym a lot.

The Consulting Offer (TCO) is a case interview training program where we admit REAL participants and train them using ex-McKinsey, BCG et al partners using the techniques we developed in our 1-on-1 coaching programs where we have an 80% placement rate for just McKinsey, BCG, and Bain. The placement rate is close to 100% when we include other consulting firms, PE and VC firms, and technology companies. We either audio and record the entire TCO process, edit it and release the program to our subscribers. You can see real participants go through the entire interview process all the way to an offer for the best performers.

The show is now in its 6th season. We usually admit 2 to 4 participants per season. TCO is an elimination based-training program. We admit clients with the expectation that only those who meet the standards of the program and can keep improving, may continue to the end and be placed at McKinsey, Bain & BCG.

There is NO other program in the world with real candidates being trained in real time with the results made public.

Firmsconsulting LLC owns the worldwide rights.

Disclaimer. TCO is a paid subscription-only streaming program. We offer so much information about TCO because it is the primary program we use to teach case interviews, in addition to our free blog, podcasts on iTunes and videos on Youtube. TCO is also the largest case interview training library of audio-visual content in the world. If you would like to receive access to any of the content on this page or the pages below you would need to subscribe to the Premium service. If you believe this service will help you, then you are welcome to subscribe. If you choose not to subscribe, you are most welcome to use our extensive free content, which includes the #1 ranked podcast series in the world for strategy, case interviews and management consulting. All our content is produced by ex-partners of McKinsey, BCG et al.

What we did: Across 6 seasons, 7 years and counting, we brought together 16 candidates from 12 universities and 9 countries (USA, Morocco, Kazakhstan, Russia, France, Armenia, China, Canada, and India) to train them primarily for US offices. The TCO program runs every year with new participants.

TCO 1 Felix: McKinsey Offer
TCO 1 Sanjeev: joined BCG
TCO 1 Rafik: joined a Boutique
TCO 1 Samantha: joined Industry
TCO 1 Solution Videos (most popular case interview program)
TCO 2 Alice Qinhua Zhou: joined McKinsey (Trained by ex-McKinsey Worldwide Strategy Practice Co-Leader Kevin P. Coyne)
TCO 2 Michael Klein: joined Industry
TCO 3 Jen Nwankwo: joined Bain
TCO 3 Zach Steinfeld: joined Deloitte S&O
TCO 4 Assel: joined McKinsey against Great Odds
TCO 4 Tom: Experienced Hire Case Interview Program
TCO 5 Ritika Mohan: joined MBB Midwestern USA

TCO contains the training footage as we prepare participants for case interviews with McKinsey, Bain and BCG in New York, New Jersey, Munich, Hamburg, Paris, Perth, Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai, Toronto, Johannesburg, Boston, Atlanta, Tokyo, Singapore, Dubai, Moscow, London, Chicago and other major cities.

How successful is TCO?: TCO alumni are successful by every objective measure. In every season we have placed participants in McKinsey, Bain or BCG and we have placed all participants in management consulting firms or internal business units when other good firms like Deloitte S&O are included. One TCO participant is a principal having joined as a consultant. Only one participant has left McKinsey to join another firm where she is on a partnership track.

What does TCO contain?: Subscribers receive access to all the audio/video coaching sessions and solutions videos. Where they were recorded, the video diaries and networking calls of the participants are captured, including there resume editing process etc.

There are an estimated 600 hours of video training footage and over 500 cases covered.

Season 1: Felix, Sanjeev (BCG), Samantha & Rafik

Season 2: Alice Zhou (McKinsey) & Michael Klein

Season 3: Jen Nwankwo (Bain) & Zach Steinfeld (Deloitte S&O)

Season 4: Assel (McKinsey)

Season 4: Tom: Experienced Hire / EMBA Program

Season 5: Ritika Mohan (MBB Midwestern USA)

Season 4: Franciso (Coming Soon)

Season 4: Sizan (Coming Soon)

Season 5: (Coming Soon)

Season 5: (Coming Soon)

What will you receive: Streaming access to all the content. This is a self-taught program without email-based teaching. Questions posted in the comments will be answered in our Top-10 ranked podcast channel for careers: Case Interviews & Management Consulting.

How were candidates selected?

In Season One 812 candidates from 64 schools worldwide applied. Yale sent the most applications.

30 candidates were selected for 1st round screening: video screening and compatibility tests.

15 candidates were screened in the 2nd round: communication skills.

8 candidates went into the 3rd and final screening round.

5 candidates went through an extensive background check.

4 where admitted.

In subsequent seasons we had narrower application criteria to reduce the number of applications received.

We select between 2 to 4 candidates per season using the same process above.

“The Consulting Offer” and “Firmsconsulting” are registered trademarks of Firmsconsulting.

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