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Firmsconsulting moved to Las Vegas, Nevada

Firmsconsulting moved to Las Vegas, Nevada

We promised big changes for our clients and here it begins …

Firmsconsulting is proud to announce that we have been incorporated in Las Vegas, Nevada since November 2015. We have since moved our entire legal basis, team and physical operations to the state.

In choosing our new location we considered the entire world, including New York, Silicon Valley, Austin, London, Moscow, Singapore, Budapest and even Dubai.

Nevada stood out. The state has been particularly bold, ambitious and even innovative in encouraging some of the most promising technology companies to invest. They have actively sought out investors and built an environment conducive for business. We have seen a culture of excitement and possibility during our visits. We believe in the future of the state and find its promise appealing. We look forward to investing and joining technology pioneers who have chosen to build a substantial presence here.

The above sentiment applies equally to the entire USA since Las Vegas will serve as our base for the country.

November 2014 was a turning point for Firmsconsulting. We made significant changes to invest deeply in understanding and deploying technology to solve critical client problems. We began changing many things and have essentially mirrored the changes in management consulting. Moving to Nevada is the logical next step in our evolution towards applying technology, including big data and machine learning, to better solve complex business problems in educational pedagogy, healthcare, space exploration, mining, banking, renewable energy etc.

We will, as always, teach you step-by-step how we completed those studies so you may improve your leadership, consulting and analytic skills.

As BCG and McKinsey, in particular, expect their engagement teams and consultants to use more analytics to serve clients, so do we need to change. We need to deepen our ability to train our clients to become generalist consultants who can thrive within a data-intensive consulting philosophy.

We remain a significant feeder to both firms and want to continue as such.

Our goal for Firmsconsulting does not change. We have always had, and will continue to have, one goal: finding and nurturing the next generation of leaders in business, government and academia who want to solve mankind’s most pressing problems. Yet, how we achieve that goal is already changing in an exciting way.

Despite all these changes, we are narrowing our focus. We will do more in fewer areas. We are not expanding past our core vision.

We are, as usual, going to take the long view. What we are doing now will generate payoff and other benefits years in the future. We must always guard against values erosion by the desire for short-term gain.

None of these changes are about us. Uprooting a successful firm, and its people, to move to another country is not easy nor encouraged.

We are, therefore, doing this for you because we can do more for you from our new base. And we must always follow our own advice.

We always encourage our clients to be bold and pursue their biggest dreams. We insist that you aim high, dust off defeat, ignore the cynics and take the shot, whenever it may come. This move demonstrates that we are making major changes to help you accomplish your significant goals.

You may very well be reading this in some isolated town in a poor developing economy. You may have no network, mentors or reasonable path out to something better. You may be divorced, broke, raising a child alone and/or have made some terrible mistakes. No one may believe in you. You may even have made peace with what you have.

Yet we know that there is a better life and career with your name on it somewhere. We know this not only because the majority of our clients fit this profile, many of our partners do as well. We have had to overcome tremendous odds and understand what it takes.

It does not matter who you were or who you are right at this moment. You may have earned your current predicament. Yet, the greatest thing about humanity is that you can be a new person tomorrow and create a new future. If not now, when? If not you, then who? And if not right here, then where will you take a stand?

Life is not fair. Incredibly talented people are born into horribly desperate situations. We can easily name 100 clients who started there. We could also name 100 clients who swept aside those constrictions. You have to keep moving forward. Speed is your enemy in these situations. Stamina is your friend. Don’t aim to be fast. Prepare to stay the course. Believe in yourself.

The investment you should make is not in the stock-market, bonds or property. The investment should be in you. That is the only investment you can control with almost 100% certainty. Property may appreciate 5%, 30% or even 100% if you are lucky. Yet, the return on your abilities can easily exceed these numbers.

We can speak this way because of our belief system. Many professionals are inspired to work hard for the sole purpose of spending time with their families, taking their children to the movies or living a pleasant life. Many companies are inspired to provide that life for their employees. Those are fine goals, if that is your end game in life.

Yet, we aspire to something greater.

We do not work to live a grand life. We could do that. It would be easy to do that. We could work 2 hours a day and lounge around the rest of the time.

We see profits as a byproduct to be pushed back into the firm.

Where others see business as a series of transactions to make money to spend tomorrow, all we see are huge problems to be solved today.

And is there any greater problem than finding a way to harness the full potential of every single person who aspires for more than what society had intended for them? I can assure you that if we get that part right many other problems in the world will fix itself.

How do we accomplish this goal?

We have personally mentored/mentoring 904 clients. Of those, just over 600 have joined McKinsey, BCG or Bain. We work to build long-term relationships with clients that span decades, and even with their families. To us a spouse is an extension of our client. And we are accomplishing that goal since we maintain very long-term and deep relationships with the majority of clients.

We strive to make ourselves available and always offer advice that places the clients’ interests first. We impart our value system to clients and we hope they impart this value system to their colleagues and families. We need to do this because the stakes are high. And this is the critical part.

Getting into McKinsey, BCG et al is, for many, a step to add another accolade on the path to riches.

One needs to see past the short-term impact of joining McKinsey to understand the long-term impact of a consulting engagement gone wrong. Management consulting is an unregulated profession. That must mean something. We influence presidents, CEOs, stock markets and pension funds.

Yet, on a study, no firm, and certainly no partner, has the time and resources to watch everything you do. We must trust that you have completed an analysis correctly and trust that you have been diligent in drawing the right conclusions. We must finally trust that your parents raised you such that you will push forward the right viewpoint even if you are the minority among far more intimidating peers.

And at the end of the day, business is simple economics; there are always more needs chasing a very finite amount of capital. In every single study, no matter how simple it may seem, someone is going to lose in the short to medium term. If you recommend stopping a product launch suppliers may need to retrench. Families will suffer. Children will lose opportunities. Generations will suffer. Our role is to make sure we get the division of spoils right.

If you think that is hyperbolic take a drive through the sand states in the US Southwest and see the devastation wrought by poor decisions made my banks, regulators and ratings agencies. Many consultants comforted themselves in thinking they did not mean to cause trouble when an ill conceived product was approved. Yet, aren’t many terrible ideas forged on the crucible of noble intent?

With the stakes so high, how can we trust young consultants, or even partners, to do the right thing? We can know the next generation can be trusted if they have the right values. It is with the right values that we can, with certainty, know that in the absence of detailed rules, the right actions will be taken. We can know that even if we disagree with the decision, the right principals were followed.

Therefore, our role is not to produce the next generation of leaders at McKinsey, BCG and business in general. Our role is to mould the right leaders for these firms.

Remember our vision? We talk about both finding and nurturing future leaders. We take the part about finding talent seriously.

You may not even realize you have potential. You may not even want more. That has never stopped us before. We have talked plenty of clients into achieving goals they had assumed were impossible. We will keep looking and we will find you.

All we ask is that you keep believing, even if only because you know, with absolute certainty, that we will not stop believing in you.

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