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  1. TCO II: Watch McKinsey Director Kevin P Coyne place Alice Qinhua Zhou at McKinsey NYC
  2. Plus all of the programs below.

The Executive Program

  1. M&A Tech Merger Study Program
  2. 1st 90 Days in Consulting with Henri St-Pierre
  3. Business Case Analyses Training

The Consulting Offer

  1. TCO I: Foundational & Detailed Solution Videos: should be watched first during case interview preparation
  2. TCO III: Watch Jen Nwankwo join Bain
  3. TCO III: Watch Zach prepare for cases
  4. TCO I: Watch Felix join McKinsey Europe
  5. TCO I:Watch Sanjeev join BCG Asia
  6. TCO I: Watch Samantha prepare for cases
  7. TCO I: Watch Rafik prepare for cases

The Consulting Offer, Intro

  1. TCO I: Watch Felix join McKinsey Europe

If you need some inspiration…

  1. Kris
  2. Sanda
  3. Peter
  4. Houda
  5. Irina


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