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Decorated Female US Soldier on McKinsey PEI

Michael! It has been a real privilege working with you over the last few months.

My Michael Moment occurred early in my training. As an ex-U.S. armed forces member, I had an interesting background. Yet, I was very surprised by the interest Michael took in that background. We spent a lot of time discussing my tours, the things I had seen and the problems I faced. I thought we were spending too much time on this but Michael insisted it was very important for him to understand me.

I never realized the purpose of this intense interest until we started the McKinsey PEI preparations. When I gave an answer, Michael would ALWAYS provide a more insightful and detailed answer using the information from the early sessions.

I realized this is similar to what they teach us in the military. Become friends with the locals and use their information to help them. Michael has purpose in what he does and he did nothing without a reason. This taught me the importance of CONTINUING to use every scrap of information I collected.

It also made me realize how interesting my life experiences could be when told by the right person. Screenplay anyone?

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