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Canadian undergrad. on supply / demand cases

Did you enjoy the program? If yes, how?

Yes. Overall, the entire program is top tier.

Client Case Videos

I found them to be very well structured and organized. As I went through the weekly videos, I was able to understand how each piece built upon another. At the end of the videos, I was quite confident that I had the right skills and technique to practice cases.

The comment section for the videos is also extremely helpful. I was able to get my questions answered VERY quickly and was able to see questions other candidates had.

I would have liked to see more videos that run through an entire mock case. I understand that it can always change and very dependent on the interviewer, but it would be good to see a few video were all lessons are tied together from top to bottom in a single performance.

Skype Sessions -> Will talk about in Q7 below.

Did the program meet your expectations? If yes, how?

Yes. The cost of the program is very high, my friends and family thought I was nuts to pay for something like this. In all honesty, I wasn’t sure where my expectations should be when I started.

Although there are a lot of podcasts and articles on FirmsConsulting, after I went through the interview and was accepted, I still wasn’t completely sure the details of the program. I didn’t know how it was structured and why it was done in this way and why I should have confidence that it would work.

However, after watching the videos on Week 1, I was sold. I knew the approach was unique and correct. Now, there are a lot more free content that didn’t exist before so I think new candidates would be able to get a better feel for the program and whether or not it is worth the hefty price tag.

What was the most important learning’s from the program?

How consulting programs are actually done and the process they use. This helps you get an idea on how a case should be structured.

Do you feel the program provided an advantage for you versus your own/other preparation? If so, in what way?

Yes. I did a lot of prep myself before with many Skype partners and found that we don’t really know what consultants are actually looking for. Blind leading the blind. Having a structured program that brings you through all the core skills really helps you get an idea how a project is structured. Also, all the extra material such as books, PDFs, podcasts, paint a full picture of the industry.

Can you recall any memorable moments?

When I watched the first video on estimation and was introduced to the supply/demand side approach. I thought it was ingenious and knew right away this is the correct approach from everything else I have seen.

What would you like changed in the program?

Can’t seem to come up with one right now but See Q10 below.

Do you believe your coach was effective?

Yes. Very open. Easy to contact. Straight up answers that I appreciate.

I think Michael is very sharp on picking up weaknesses and coming up with the proper solution. I remember I was having issues with pulling a case together when I went to practice myself. I always got lost when I was doing analysis and had no idea why. Michael quickly realized that I started analyses without knowing what I was looking for. Just a small point that bad a huge difference. After I heard that, I hit the next 10-15 cases on the head.

Too bad they weren’t interviews.

Do you personally believe the sessions were tailored for your own development?

I believe so. I was always able to speak up about where I think my issues are and Michael is able to change the course and spend the rest of the time trying to figure out a solution with me. I was always impressed with that.

What are your thoughts on using former McKinsey/BCG worldwide practice leaders to coach clients?

Senior partners are great as long as they are willing to understand candidates. I think senior people who have worked with a lot of analysts are probably the sweet spot. The person should be able to understand candidate’s weaknesses and insecurities and be able to address them quickly.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

One thing I feel is missing is a case partner that been through the same program. I’m not sure how this goes with the way Firmsconsulting is designed but perhaps a pool where trained candidates can practice with one another. It is really hard to find a good practice partner out there.

We have published the most useful client feedback. Our commitment to confidentiality prevents us from disclosing the identity of our clients and other confidential information, and we may alter details to prevent such disclosure. Some client feedback may be lightly edited for grammar, spelling or prose, though we never alter or remove any information. Clients in our consultants coaching program are forbidden from sharing sensitive client data with us.

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