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19 McKinsey, Strategy

Session 19: Random Full Case & Random Drills

Candidates should now be in the interview process and/or practicing with colleagues. The candidate needs to be become skilled at applying the case techniques with as many different interview styles as possible. They should be practicing and networking at this stage.

We select cases testing their ability to handle any type of problem.

In the session descriptions which follow, we are using one description for 4 different candidates. Yet candidates do not perform the same, and while the descriptions are mostly accurate, there will be some differences as a few cases are brought forward, others moved back or candidates fail to prepare adequately. While these differences are minor, they sometimes occur.

Cases questions taught in the session:

Felix’s cases recorded in the session; Talk me through how you are leading the lab to meet the obligations to the Pharma partner (Fit Question), Clinical trials hypotheses development, Brainstorm options available to the Pfizer CEO to reduce the cost of clinical trials, Clinical trials investment case, Brainstorm why the government of Mozambique would allow clinical trials to take place, BCG Healthcare sector data interpretation & one-sentence test & Insurance article discussion.

Sanjeev’s cases recorded in the session; Talk to me about how you guide your current CEO in decision making (Fit Question), Healthcare trend hypotheses development, Brainstorm options available to the CEO in the previous case, Engineering start-up profitability and strategy case, Lemonade investment case, Oil & Gas article discussion, BCG Healthcare sector data interpretation, One-sentence test, & Contraceptive pricing case.

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