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Senior McKinsey partner on the most important skill you should develop

Senior McKinsey partner on the most important skill you should develop

We trained our AI system on our proprietary information. It’s like having access to our brains 24/7.

That said, you might still run into challenges. Maybe you ask a question and don’t get the response you want. This is very common with LLMs.

This boils down to something called prompt engineering.

And that is how do you ask the system the right questions or what kind of prompts you put into it. It’s a sequence of questions to tease out what you need.

Liz Hilton Segel, senior partner at McKinsey, said the most important piece of advice she gives people in the firm is to learn to become a great prompt engineer.

Recently, I interviewed Mike Maples Jr. for the Strategy Skills podcast. He is a distinguished seed investor in Silicon Valley. He was an early investor in Twitter and Twitch. He passed on being an early investor in Airbnb but then learned from it and was an early investor in Lift. And I asked him which pattern will be disrupted in management consulting. And he said that a lot of cognitive tasks in consulting will be done by AI. It is essential to understand that this is the future and be prepared for it.

So, as a business leader, you have to become good at prompt engineering because the world is going to change very fast, and you need to stay competitive.

Other LLMs have not been trained on the data to give consulting or business strategy advice because the valuable and useful consulting data to train LLMs is not public and is very expensive to acquire. Most organizations (consulting and businesses) will never be able to build this knowledge.

Our platform allows you to have an AI that is RIGHT NOW (not in the future) trained specifically on world-class non-public business strategy and management consulting IP. And we will keep training it.

The good news is that you don’t have to spend months researching how to do prompt engineering and get a degree in this.

We will make it as easy for you as possible. 

We have been testing this out for months. We figured out some of the best practices for designing prompts and some of the best prompts to use. We also continuing to master the best way to design and optimize prompts for our system.

We did the hard work of figuring out what works and what doesn’t work, and we will continue to evolve our recommendations. This is because we will continue to update our AI platform on a weekly and daily basis. It’s an ongoing process since we produce so much material, a lot of which we have never before shared with clients.

If you enroll this week by July 6th, we are going to share with you our best practices for prompt engineering, designed specifically for our AI system. If you already have experience with AI, this can take you to the next level in using our system. And even if you have never used AI before, if you have never heard of prompt engineering before, this training will walk you through the best practices we use to get the most out of our AI system.

And, if you have access to our memberships, you will know the kind of IP that is available within our database, and it will make it even easier for you to know how to design prompts since you will have a much better idea of where the gold is buried.

And we also encourage you to experiment, to have fun, to test out different things. You might discover a cool new thing this software can do that even we don’t know yet about.

Enroll this week by July 5th and you will receive access (while you are using our AI platform) to our prompt engineering best practices bonus.


Take care,

Kris Safarova

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