Due to our longstanding relationships at Yale and Berkeley, since several Firmsconsulting mentors are Harvard alumni, our Harvard & Yale clients’ involvement in the development of The Consulting Offer Season 1 and 2, students of these schools receive complimentary access.

This podcast offers some unique suggestions for PhDs and MBAs from these schools to use the material. In particular, 32 Harvard MBAs were intimately involved in testing the program between December 2012 and June 2013. We discuss their experiences and advice for using the material.


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2 responses to Yale PhDs, Berkeley PhDs & Harvard MBAs start here

  1. Hi M, you are right, this is relevant to everyone and we should not link it to just these few schools.

  2. The suggestions on how to plan and watch the videos was very useful. This podcast is probably a great place even for non Yale/Berkeley/Harvard students to start.

    And highlighting the distinction between learning and practicing was a very useful reminder to first listen, instead of trying to come up with the answer yourself – which will invariably distract from learning.

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