Why Candidates Fail to Succeed

The Consulting Offer Why Candidates Fail to Succeed


This is an important and wide ranging podcast around the theme of why candidates fail and some key observations from Felix in The Consulting Offer Season 1.

This podcast will discuss three major points.

Why people fail: to succeed you need to have two types of energy. Think of this energy as the currency flowing through your body. The first is ambition and the second is physical energy. If you run out of either, you are pretty much going now where in life. I see plenty of fit and healthy people with zero ambition. They have the physical ability but not the inclination to achieve anything. On the other hand, I see lots of smart people, who completely mismanage their lives and burnout, at worst, or just do not create the time to pursue their careers.

Mind & Hand: This is a derivation of the above. It is not enough to be the smartest person in the world, you actually need to do something about it. We see a lot of truly talented people who refuse to act on anything since they are afraid of failing. I know someone who once took 2 years to even apply to McKinsey even though she had the best possible resume. This delay costs them. On the other hand, we see some very average thinkers who act too soon and should spend more time thinking as they execute their career moves.

Innovators Dilemma: I borrowed this from Clayton Christensen. I don’t think he will mind. This is also a derivation of point one above. We see clients with 4.00 GPAs investing even more time and effort to bolster their GPA since this is what made them successful in the past, but they fail to realize that at a certain point, a higher GPA has little to no return. So, should that person accept a lower GPA to invest in a skill like networking or simply invest in what has worked thus far even when it is not helping any further? This applies vice versa as well.

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10 responses to Why Candidates Fail to Succeed

  1. Great Jojo,

    The changes are ready. We are simply testing them right now.


  2. Thanks Michael, that would actually be really great. I honestly try to do some of the isolation thing myself, in certain cases I even try to convince people around me to be more ambitious (sometimes successfully, other times, not so much).

    Looking forward to the interaction feature.

  3. Hi Jojo,

    Thanks for the comments and compliment. I do try to share as much of my thinking as possible: as unfiltered as possible.

    I think even if you are really ambitious and astonishing, your immediate environment will eventually dull you. It is a hard struggle. You are ultimately going to pick up some of the traits of the local environment. It is hard to change.

    One thing I do is pretty much isolate myself from the local environment and only interact with clients. 70% of my interaction is with corporate clients and 30% is with other clients. All my friends are corporate clients. Now, my local environment is not bad since I live in the financial district of Toronto, but there is some good and bad with that and I try to isolate the good only.

    We will soon make it much easier to find and interact with the “best” members on the site.

    Hang in there Jojo.


  4. Michael, I think the “replenishing ambition” by being exposed to successful/ambitious people is a great point. I consider myself to be pretty ambitious. However, there is a fairly significant difference in my day to day level of ambition, if you will, that depends on the kind of people in my immediate environment. While the impact may seem trivial, for me it has been anything but. My overall productivity, amount of learning, initiative levels etc are all impacted by my immediate surroundings. I continually struggle to come to terms with this mentally, because at some level I think you’re either ambitious or you’re not and your immediate surroundings shouldn’t really effect who you are. I guess that’s one of the reasons why I like your podcasts. You help me keep myself motivated.

  5. Hi Gudipati, Yes we will definitely do this. I have been travelling heavily and still and still am, but will load the new podcasts shortly. Michael

  6. Michael, are you still planning to do the podcast on being comfortable at not being comfortable? It is a persistent challenge, since change and transition are constant.

  7. Thanks Aamir. I will take that as a compliment.

  8. This podcast is going to close Deepak Chopra’s shop. Please don’t make it public!
    Thank you Michael

  9. You are welcome William.

  10. I found this to be a very insightful podcast. Thanks for sharing.

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