For the next few podcasts what I decided to do is to go back to the visioning workshop part of the study and re-capture some of the most important points you need to remember.

There were two reasons why I decided to do this.

First, in speaking to the clients who are Executive Program or Premium members and have access to the full material, I realized that people often misunderstand how the visioning workshop is meant to work or they skim through concepts and miss some of the key elements, even though those members get access to far more detailed training videos. I realized that if they misunderstood concepts, then many of our podcast listeners, with access to less material, most likely make similar mistakes.

Second, people watching the complimentary videos through the Strategy Skills channel asked for more clarity.

So I decided to put this together. However, I do want to stress that the full study, a live study which is being updated right now, is scheduled to have over 700 videos and over 5,000 slides. It will likely have more but once you pass 5,000 slides in a study there is no point to keep counting. Therefore, clearly what you see here is just a snapshot of the study and will not be sufficient for you to fully appreciate and run a visioning workshop. But it will help you understand the general principals.

One of the most important things you have to understand when it comes to running a visioning workshop is the structure or the layout of the workshop. And that is what I want to do in this podcast. It is a short podcast but an important one.

Click here to see the full study and here to see the merger study and market entry study.

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the visioning workshop


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